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  1. Each of us has a different reason for playing video games. I can tell you why I played with it: to vent my creative vein, my need to build and see my aesthetic sense and inventiveness realized, my hobbyist design skills and amazed by the artistic solutions found by others. Yes, I am from that part of the players who played DU for his creative ability. PVP and commerce have never attracted me. I liked to build. And I still do, in other games and even out of games. I don't know what "all adults" are doing to play a video game. Everyone has their own reason. There is no more valid
  2. Pvp will change absolutely nothing. What will happen will be that those who want to enter the PVP zone will do so with armed ships and the pirates who now enjoy shooting unarmed ships will be blasted by heavily armed cargo ships. The pirates will arm themselves more and it will all end in a search for small lonely targets to attack. Which will be few. And alone they won't make any difference to the economy. There will be some movement at the start for the arms race. Then everything will stop. PVP is a pillar of the game. But "ONE". NOT "THE" column. It all has to work toge
  3. I played with a new group of players who joined DU for the first time after the release of 0.23 Just one / two days later. I felt their fantastic enthusiasm die a little at a time crashing into bugs, optimization completely absent (one of them has a PC for work with which he runs Cyberpunk at ultra and fixed 60fps: DU snaps them ...) countless ships destroyed by docking mechanics, lethal manouver tools, endless loading and handling of game problems ... nonexistent -> impossible to reach markets. When the technical assistance put the umpteenth ticket of one of them on hold indefinit
  4. I also thought that the only way to make him understand how serious the situation is is to counter-advertise him by activating streamers and social channels on which to show the real state of the thing. They shouldn't be able to block the account because the NDA has dropped and no wrong information is being given. it doesn't seem to me to violate any TOS. Otherwise they should block the account of everyone who made YT videos.
  5. you are absolutely right. I think... This is not the problem though. The problem is that I, and many like me, am a gamer, not a mathematician. If I read "+ 5%" for every time I activate the talent, for me it is a sum, not an equation. I'm not incapable: it is NQ who expects me to understand, without explaining it, that I have to make a calculation that has nothing to do with the gameplay. Like many other things in this game, the way of communicating is done by programmers to be understandable by programmers, or other people with math / logic mind. Only this is a game.
  6. in my language "+ 5% ore extracted" means that what I get is more than those who don't. Or is a bug - talent dont works correctly. Or is it an impression (possible ... I hope ... a ninja nerf to a basic mechanic is already wrong and a very unpleasant thing). Or whoever wrote it really meant a speed boost and the description needs to be changed (and lost 2kk of talent points and 2 weeks of subscribtion for something different).
  7. in a week the new group of players that I have found and that I am comfortable with have blown their ships, S / M-Core, about 10 due to the lag, the docking and the stupid way in which it has been changed maneuvering tool. Even I, who have a good gaming experience, managed to detonate one of mine because I hit the ground with my bow while using the manouvering tool (WTF !!!). One of the players had just bought 20kk of stuff at the market and the ship exploded while he was standing still, making everything he bought disappear. A year ago I met a group of compatriots. In love with the pot
  8. I reinstalled the game last week, on a different hard drive than the one I had kept it on from the beginning, due to another glitch, and ... I'm continuing to play. If they are an exception, I am happy to be, but for the moment the game works. If he stops doing this soon I will consider as if you have brought me bad luck :P
  9. The idea of making parking areas very far from the terminals you buy from would be ideal. A teleportation system will bring your avatar to the terminal and then you will indicate in which parking tiles to place the purchased resources, so that you can easily return to the parking lot and through another terminal unload the parking containers in that of your ship. If the parking areas were, for example, one every two tiles along the perimeter of the Ark zone, the traffic would already be greatly diluted, all the various markets could also be eliminated by centralizing everything in a singl
  10. I have Windows 7 and play from Alpha1. If the game doesn't work at release, I'll see what to do, but currently, it works. I also strongly advise against switching to Windows 10: for about 8 months there have been overt problems with Nvidia drivers that cause crashes and disabling glitches. Just go to the Nvidia forum to read the discussions for yourself. Obviously it is not something that interests all users. But the fact that the problem has persisted for a long time already encourages me to continue using Windows 7.
  11. The suspicion that NQ does not play their software as a player (but only in godmode, perhaps on a separate dedicated machine) is becoming more and more a certainty ...
  12. It really depends on the ship. Generally I prefer the third person to fly and the first person to land (in the third person I can't really determine the distances between the ship and the landing point). But if we are talking about a very large ship, things could change.
  13. All those who cannot see evil in the creative mode. It's very simple. Although others have already explained it. I want to add a few things. I am a ship designer. I do small and medium-sized ones. That's the only thing I'm interested in doing in the game. Industry and mining are just annoyances that get in the way between me and ship building. But they are necessary things inserted in the game context, precisely because they are not pieces unrelated to each other. If they put creative mode on, I won't be in the game anymore. Never again. I will not spend hours designing m
  14. First they say one thing. Then they make another one. It happens once: patience. Turn up your nose but ok. It happens twice ... already not good. Then you hear stories, rumors about the behavior of the devs and the privileged treatment verses some ... you give us little weight but then the most defended promises over the years begin to waver. The game changes, so much so that you wonder if you are playing or watching a social simulation. It should have fun. All. But it is becoming self-congratulatory. The realization of a vision, which however is bowing to the laws of money month after m
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