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  1. I understood that there would be no more wipes. I know it doesn't change anything to anyone but if they make another one this time I won't come back.
  2. But the point remains. - people won't spend hours patrolling a planet while their friends dig and have fun - no one will stand guard at a base for hours waiting for some fleet to attack. - there will be no armed escorts of players wandering around the solar system traveling at non-warp speed hoping to be attacked to break the total boredom Or ... it will happen. But only if all these situations become truly profitable. That is, services paid for in quanta and converted into real money. And well ... I wouldn't even object to that. It would even be a good opportunity to create new work situations. But then favoritism to individuals or orgs becomes something unmentionably gross. The comparison with RPO is supported only in case DU becomes a source of real money exchange through virtual services. Otherwise it's just fantasy. And it would look good on me. But even the fantasy needs a structure to support itself. And the structure we're going to is already wobbling.
  3. it helps them calm down private lenders
  4. It is quite unlikely that whoever did this actually transported the ship to the pvp zone. Too situational, cumbersome and not economically convenient. I will not explain how to do it. Only if NQ asks me. I discovered it by accident and "the whole" ship exploded, not just the core. In the case we are talking about, they have claimed the territory. 15 min, in the meantime they brought what is needed and set up the thing. As soon as they completely claimed the territory, they blew up the ship, repaired the useful parts, dismantled and threw the rest. It didn't take them hours. Too risky. What if the player returned? If was inside the ship? They had wasted a lot of time and resources for nothing. Don't be naive. Anyway, are all useless talking again. Its an exploit. Explaine how its irrilevant. Safe zone must to be "safe". Any other consideration is frying air
  5. Flying pig in DU? Too easy Mate... really: destroy a core in safe zone without go in pvp zone are really easy. 5 minutes? 30 seconds. In a tile owned.
  6. Exploit. Clear and limpid. It is not a bug. It is not a glitch. But an exploit yes, and it has already been amply explained why. The "safe zone" must be "safe. It is not" safe zone but be careful ". It's "safe zone" and that's it. Sanboxes have always been full of these things and will continue to be. There will always be those who play by the rules and those who play by exploiting the rules. Regarding this specific act: it is useless to talk about it. Many answers are only trolling. Report and hope they change the mechanics as soon as possible.
  7. Anyway, you dont know. Its only a your supposition. Cant know situations.
  8. I am not an expert. yet it seems so damn easy to understand that DU's graphics are inferior to that of any contemporary game because the other games are all pre-built 3D models, while the voxel doesn't work that way. the game is tough because the possibilities offered are gigantic. At least when it comes to creating with the voxel. You really have no idea what you can do with the voxel, if you did you would immediately understand why there is such a difference. And anyway DU has great graphics Need only a lot of optimization, ok. Will arrive. We are in beta. Keep calm and patience.
  9. Yes. I understood. but it is superfluous at the moment. With a few more clicks you get the same result. Mh. Easy exploitable. I can understand you. But voxel dynamics could transform a feature in an exploit. This should apply to everything. Current tools are rather ... anti-intuitive. But they still allow you to do whatever it takes. Understood. I think 😅 Yeeeeeeesno. You can create a template of voxel portion inside or in another construct, copy and paste or modify when you need. Sure.
  10. No. If you want a better place for building, build a shipyard. You can to do already: copy and mirroring. Only voxel. Mmmh... maybe. No feels need. Not understood You can already. Axis rotation depends about refer surface Yes. This should be very helpful. Not understood. You can alreadt copy from a core and paste in another construct No feels need
  11. technically, $ 5 or $ 500 makes no difference. If they have agreed to the refund, they are right to be bothered by the delay. If, on the other hand, he has asked for a refund and they have not answered him, it is different. But pointing out how much 5 dollars is is wrong: not only at the change from country to country that money can change a lot, but also subjectively you cannot know how much it is worth for that specific person.
  12. Im not sure where search this on discord. So im here. Looking a specific voxel library, the '2d voxel board", laser version, by Stan - NRD Anyone can help me? Or tell me who can help me?
  13. No. I'm right instead. And the reason is very simple: it is atavistic. Man acts on emotions. Whatever choice he makes will always be based on the emotions he feels. Even if you think it's rational, it's because going in that direction will give you a pleasure to do it. It is not something you choose whether it is so or not. That's it. If you want to pvp it is because you are convinced that doing it will preserve the pleasure you feel in playing DU. Let me talk to 100 leaders if you think: the speech is always the same. Emotions. Anyway my answer was not specifically aimed at people who want PVP to preserve the other things they like to do in DU, but to those who want it as an end in itself and especially to those who mock those who do not want it with the 'adduction that "they want to save their pixels", which is a childish motivation, provocative and unworthy of adult reasoning.
  14. I would like to try to understand why people who want indiscriminate pvp (and precise - indiscriminate - because pvp itself is certainly not bad, if regulated) keep saying that those who don't want it are worried about pixels. What should it be? A provocation I guess. I refuse to believe that you can be convinced of such a stupid thing. The concept is very simple. Those who pvp do it because they like it. In this sense it means that it causes him positive feelings. Assuming this, it is impossible that one cannot understand that since pvp is a subjective activity, there are people who like these emotions and others don't like them. And for those who wanted a pvp game, it has already been clearly stated several times: this game will have an open pvp as part of the game, not the primary activity. PS: what is the name of the repair module? this is very interesting
  15. The BP allows me to recreate from scratch a structure of which I made a blue print. But not to repair damaged voxel sections. If I have a construct, be it static or dynamic, filled with complex details made with the Voxel, unless I have missed something very important (and if so, please tell me because it changes my life! LOL) there is no tool that allows me to restore parts of that voxel, but only to replicate the whole construct. So I would have to, in order to "fix it", completely dismantle the previous construct and reuse the BP. Unless I organize myself with a second construct made only of the voxel form of the first to be used to "copy and paste" on the first. But even then it wouldn't work effectively and voxel handlers know that it's not enough to copy and paste the voxel to place it well. Welcome to you too The fact that I play alone does not mean that I "am alone" But thanks for your concern. If in the future I find myself seeking shelter and the people I work with are no longer available, I will certainly consider leaning on orgs. Or just drop the game. Some say it as if it should be a threat, or I don't know what ... if something that created me pleasure becomes disturbing and I can keep it from bothering me by simply not doing it, I generally don't do it anymore. The problem isn't what I'm going to do though. The problem is that many will do so. But I'm not hiding by saying that a pvp or pve mechanic is necessary or not. I'm interested in having fun. DU is beautiful at the moment. I like it. I relax and it's fun. The PVP part doesn't interest me. They say it is very lacking and still needs a lot of work. I am unable to speak about what PVP would need. But I am quite capable of understanding what it would cause and my fears are the same that have already been expressed and emphasizing or repeating them makes no sense. We'll see.
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