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  1. What? You put the ship in AGG level at 1000 and you fill cargo with whatever you want. Problem fixed! We use AGG in DU when we want to do this. I hope you dont have in mine to fly off Alioth with 50.000kt
  2. Thats the thing. That small% of dedicated pvpers wants to kill those that are learning how to do things right...and its not ok! The game as we want will be the one we will have release. Meanwhile we are here to adapt to changes and learn to have fun at a slower pace.
  3. For me its obvious some people dont understand that nothing will happen until we get Warp Interdiction because Mission system is nearby and whatever you have to move you can move through a mission or dont buy warp cells and hire pvp escort. Dont pay 100% Warp cell price, pay 50-75% Warp Cell cost to pvp cargo and pew pew have fun there chasing haulers with escort behind :)))))))) Warp off wont change anything, not one single thing! Your camp boats will die in 1 shot when you will meet pvp escort.
  4. What i can tell is that ive mined for a week without lvl 5(5%) values and i had no idea why i am so slow :)))) than i realised i have not fully specced again in mining after 0.23
  5. Because it is 5% I understand but i dont care how formula works as long as it works. 5% more ore scooped per level according to whatever i scooped/tradined and i am ok with that. I dont need to know basic values as long as i want to be full miner, right ?
  6. -5% time to reach max sphere size skill. - Bigger sphere size will scoop more. That means Way Many More Times to scoop per hour, its like eating faster :))) +5% max sphere size = Bigger spoon. TLDR: Overall....The plate is the same. You eat faster and with a bigger spoon
  7. NQ said they want to players to play togheter I dont see how they can release another system pve only The safe zone is already HUGE! Lets not split our community into different instances!
  8. It is 5 x 5% ore extracted = 25% faster mining not more ore(extra ore). If you find 2000KL in the tile when you scan it, thats what you get no matter what skill you have. No nerf here.
  9. https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/304455542162587649/786691507334938625
  10. Awesome and Crappy tile patch is coming in the future
  11. @Sunshadow "- Inspect mode to show names of parts" 1: when you aim at on element or voxel press H. It will give you info about it or voxel model. 2: for Visual info we have alt+v than toggle on/off with "V" what you want to see. 3- more basic voxel layouts (like rounded corners) There are in game libraries which you can deploy that have some basic/advanced shapes that you can use. CrazyHenky on discord has this offer. He sells bp+voxels so you can instantly deploy it. you can contact him. https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/748581946979909683/797540499807666206 4: - hand mining gets boring soon, I hope there will be mining vehicles in the future. automated mining will also come but i can speculate that it will be slower, like a passive reward. 5: - no buildable different voxel types of the same material with different textures. It would be way more comfortable to place an iron voxel and choose between a set of available textures before or after placing it. Trying out all the types after building them is annoying. YOu can drag and drop voxels in menu (right side of screen) and switch between them during build. Also in vr visit BSC warehouse to see different colors of voxels. 6: you can sell from inventory as long as u can carry it. press CTR+i to switch between container and nanopack. PS: pro tip. check controls in game. some hiddens gems are there HUD is here: https://github.com/Dimencia/DU-Orbital-Hud Other goodies: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dqmvSw6pGhrxYn8NUDHAHEtLJgGdubgz95tPdVVrris/edit#gid=531217013
  12. mine and sell ore to market, to bot orders, player orders or create one Sell Order for the price you want.
  13. Its called Parasocial relationship and its not healthy. We are NQ's customers. We pay for a service. We can provide constructive feedback and they can make DU how they want BUT not according to our needs or feedback but according to their vision. As customers we should keep NQ close but still at distance, otherwise we have high hopes and expectations that they will make the game how we want it. It happened in the past and it might or might not happen again in the future. All games have problems, some have major problems after 10+ years so maybe its time to look at the other side of the glass at least that is what i am doing. So many posts are coming out of nowhere where people are unhappy and frozen, unable to write some constructive feedback so NQ and other readers understand why they are not happy.
  14. A relationship with a game? abuses? playing victim card? ? Come man! Its a game....a great game actually
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