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  1. I actually assume that automining will be slower in terms of what 1 player can do in 1h but my main interest is the automining ore not to be injected in the market and monetized. Use it as you want to defend or construct anything you dream off, just lock ore/item from market and trading.
  2. We all know somewhere in the future we will get automatic mining. One of the solutions i have for automatic mining (passive, machine, drones) not to impact the market that much is the resource to be locked and forbidden from selling on market. You can mine in 24h on X tile which has 1000kt of T1 at the speed NQ wants but the resource MUST be locked and forbidden to be sold on market. A new locked tier of items has to be added to the game where Locked T1 > processed locked T1 until final product is forbidden to go on the markets. What can you do with it? Of course, use it for pve or pvp p
  3. What exactly do you know about the mechanic of automatic mining because i dont know anything ? Which game offers passive mining to a level that thats the nr1 source of income, because i play games for 20 years and the most auto thing a game offered was BDO's system where u can afk slow, very slow fishing with pc open. Which other games had passive slow income?
  4. Every month players are leaving, joining, coming back so on and so forth. The game is about the players who are playing the game. The mechanics of the claimed tiles, prices, etc are not in game atm. These tiles you see claimed atm will change in the future. There will be some kind of upkeep for the amount u have.
  5. Very good post. I really like that there are still people out there who understand when you join a new game after release there will always be the core of that game that was there before you. Do you want to be part of big things? Join Them, do a little research and find an Org that worth your time and trouble. o7
  6. And here we are playing since September 2020 and we managed to get past the frustration learning curve puts on us.
  7. We dont need new players NOW. We need to retain new players, old players, etc. The game is going into a direction THEY want. Their vision, their project, their money, etc. Old players are here or around here, dont worries :)
  8. Why do you care how others play the game ?
  9. No. It doesnt make any sense for 1 player to farm 1 week so he cant respawn on his ship if something happens. Cities are awesome when you have more players driven by the same goal who wants to play in a specific environment (planet, biome) for whatever goals they have in mind. Go and ask TTC and other dudes living outside why they're playing togheter and why they will defend togheter their city placed on a pvp planet. Because goals i would say. Res nodes are working as intended and it should take sometime and resources to take down a ship.
  10. 10/10 they've played the best card :))))))))
  11. Last time i have checked JC 1: Correct. Not even i with 10k+ survival ffa hours in games like Ark or Rust want another survival/ffa mmo. 2: That linked forcefield will be a thing. Tiles with the same sinergy will have bonuses to defense.
  12. What are you trying to achieve with this posts and what do they have to do with development of DU ?
  13. Schematics are just fine. Some lucky industrialists were blessed by the Gods. The others got the 2nd wave of bot orders. Nothing to complain here!
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