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  1. Favourite thing: ship buidling Most hated: no roadmap
  2. Sounds like you guys didn’t setup RDMS properly, and/or shouldn’t have made that person a legate.
  3. They don’t have to put timings on a roadmap at all, just a list of what they’d like to achieve, and an order in which they’d like to do it. Frankly I don’t even need that, a simple statement of the games direction and priorities would suffice.
  4. I remember and liked that post, it indeed gave the kind of steer I’m after, but that’s 6 months ago, and prior to release. A statement reaffirming those aspirations would really help.
  5. I’m an eternal optimist with DU, no other game has the potential it does so I’m happy to stick around for as long as it takes, regardless of the pace of change. However, the lack of any kind of long term roadmap gives the impression that change/development isn’t even planned. This really kills any motivation to play. I’ve cancelled all but one account because I have no idea if there is a future. I realise NQ don’t want to commit to anything long term, and only want to announce specific short term changes. But all that would be needed is a statement of intention/desire on the games direction, that would keep me (and I’m sure many others) engaged with the game. Are there others in the same boat?
  6. Am I imagining things, didn’t this post say talemai was being released?
  7. The game feels more empty without the additional planets.
  8. My corp are waiting for the old planets to be reintroduced so we can rebuild our base. When’s it going to happen? Can you confirm it will happen at all? Any kind of general timelines available? Right now we are in a limbo, and loosing players in our corp as we just wait.
  9. Fighting people at the edge of the safe zone is pointless, no one can loose.
  10. I’ve spent the past 6 weeks trying to find pvp, there’s virtually none to be had, am I missing something? I don’t care about balance if there’s no encounters.
  11. I’ve don’t a huge amount of pvp in DU. If your concern is your mass, then delete the ore. There’s tonnes of ways to defend yourself.
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