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  1. The game feels more empty without the additional planets.
  2. My corp are waiting for the old planets to be reintroduced so we can rebuild our base. When’s it going to happen? Can you confirm it will happen at all? Any kind of general timelines available? Right now we are in a limbo, and loosing players in our corp as we just wait.
  3. Fighting people at the edge of the safe zone is pointless, no one can loose.
  4. I’ve spent the past 6 weeks trying to find pvp, there’s virtually none to be had, am I missing something? I don’t care about balance if there’s no encounters.
  5. I’ve don’t a huge amount of pvp in DU. If your concern is your mass, then delete the ore. There’s tonnes of ways to defend yourself.
  6. Then go to the unsafe asteroids. Simple.
  7. I disagree, if anything schematics have been dummed down too much.
  8. Am I correct in saying it doesn’t show radar?
  9. I agree with his reply. It’s a sandbox, the towers have been restricted in higher to 1km, just be careful when approaching and dropping below that threshold. this really is the most ridiculous reason to quit the game, it’s beyond ridiculous
  10. Is it possible to build a DSAT on day 1? Surely not
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