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  1. Unfortunately this is not the case. I've been at Tier 4 of this skill for ages. The reported scanned amount (for easy-to-monitor high tier ore nowhere near edges of the tile) can be both substantially under and substantially over the actual mined amount. Really, the only conclusion that I have is that the reported ore in the scan is just plain wrong, as I never get a consistent mined-ore/scanned-ore proportion. So we can't even tell if its +5% ore, or +1% ore or even -1% ore per tier. Very unhappy with this skill in particular and the number consistency in the game in general. Really, if NQ can't even be bothered to inform us what the talent actually does, the only way for us to know is to collect mined-ammount/reported-amount & skill level for a large-ish number of tiles (of non-edge ore), and see what we get. The data won't lie (and data recording like this has busted errors and lies in other games).
  2. At some point you would think that people would consider the amount of outright rudeness in their posts. If people have nothing constructive to say, then please don't bother.
  3. Can confirm I scanned about 50 tiles last week, rhodonite was on around 1 in 4 so I got about 120Kl, cryolite was on 2 ...
  4. Well done Yamamushi. This totally screws with your playing the game, unless you always planned on going lone wolf(?), but the upfrontness about the restrictions is welcome. If we didn't know NQ had passion for the game before, we certainly do now!
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  7. Reading through the other threats on this topic, it seems that the only currently planned ways of getting more currency into the system is the arrival of new players(!), and selling materials to vendor bots. I'm not sure if this is viable for an in game economy (i.e. solely mining driven), so can we expect any other faucets? EVE Online has missions, but I don't feel that DU wants (or should) go in that direction.
  8. Hi Merwyn, Many thanks - especially as much of the questions I had are discussed in the second link you gave! :-) Though it is a year old now, so maybe things have moved on a little by now. Thanks again, DistinctMint
  9. I can see how currency will leave the in-game economy (through tax on market listings and sales), and it will move between players through such sales and payment for other services, but what are the faucets for currency coming into the game? There are no missions (as far as I am aware) to generate new currency. Or is it all IRL cash conversions (in which case every currency unit is very valuable)?
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