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  1. Ok fair enough, but my first post in this thread was on 24th Feb - it was clearly not a matter of your free time (which I acknowledge you have put into this thread), so I reposted to avoid misinformation spreading further.
  2. You have the ore gained as "1% per level so up to 5%" for this dredger mining talent. This is wrong. AFAIK no-one has collected and reported (see above link) actual data on this except for me and billy boola. There is ZERO ore added, not 1%. At least make your list accurate or you are defeating the point in having it!
  3. Given the way you have written your post, I would say: please don't join this game.
  4. The OP says the territory the ship was left on was claimed by them so this doesn't fit your explanation.
  5. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/22123-mining-efficiency-5-talent-likely-adds-zero-per-level/ Also: The daily quanta login screen blocks the "back to the surface ..." event from triggering. This means that if you fall through the surface on login, and the daily quanta screen is up, you will continue to fall until you click "ok". The effects of this can be interesting: if you continue falling, then by inspecting the altimeter and speed you can see that you will eventually oscillate around the centre of the planet (no interaction with the planet "core" that is in
  6. Ok, but really, why do you really care? This seems to be more bashing just for the sake of it - trying to find an "issue" somewhere to latch on to and have a dig. Sometimes its better just to shrug, get on with your life, and be at peace.
  7. Please send me your stuff - this is the only way I will ever get AGG! 🙂
  8. Maybe try changing some of the post-processing graphics effects until you get the one you're looking for.
  9. We know that the Mining Efficiency +5% ore extracted talent isn't working properly. Other threads have reported this, and NQ have said via twitter that they changed the talent. However they didn't say what they changed the talent to, even after persistent asking. Could it be +1% or +0.5% per talent level? It still says +5% in game, which is quite unfair to players who choose to train this, and who are unaware that it doesn't work. In another thread in these forums, there were many wild ideas about what the talent did. So after rolling my eyes at this, @Billy_Boolaand I decided to d
  10. Unfortunately this is not the case. I've been at Tier 4 of this skill for ages. The reported scanned amount (for easy-to-monitor high tier ore nowhere near edges of the tile) can be both substantially under and substantially over the actual mined amount. Really, the only conclusion that I have is that the reported ore in the scan is just plain wrong, as I never get a consistent mined-ore/scanned-ore proportion. So we can't even tell if its +5% ore, or +1% ore or even -1% ore per tier. Very unhappy with this skill in particular and the number consistency in the game in general.
  11. At some point you would think that people would consider the amount of outright rudeness in their posts. If people have nothing constructive to say, then please don't bother.
  12. Can confirm I scanned about 50 tiles last week, rhodonite was on around 1 in 4 so I got about 120Kl, cryolite was on 2 ...
  13. Well done Yamamushi. This totally screws with your playing the game, unless you always planned on going lone wolf(?), but the upfrontness about the restrictions is welcome. If we didn't know NQ had passion for the game before, we certainly do now!
  14. discordauth:GJUzPcORcFZvZR6RAzPpSI4tTioxQ7cubVdHWWCMwDQ=

  15. discordauth:GJUzPcORcFZvZR6RAzPpSI4tTioxQ7cubVdHWWCMwDQ=

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