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  1. Indeed, it was a pretty obvious joke. But it did give @NQ-Nyzalter the opportunity to provide the response that was needed here.
  2. I think the best way to solve your problem is to post it on a public discussion board.
  3. If alienated, I will certainly pay 1 month subs to pass my 12 DACs to someone to keep the debt alive 😜
  4. Had exactly the same experience with the final link. The issue stems from the fact that the machine is running the recipe before the last link is made. If you stop the machine (takes an age too) and then put the last link down before restarting the machine, it works ok. But yes there's something wrong here that needs fixing.
  5. Patience young padawan. NQ clearly aren't in a position to say any more right now, so people getting frustrated and nagging on the forums won't make anything happen any faster. For the AvA/DAC/wipe discussion - I think we've had the wipe "devblog" discussion already: NQ brought it forward early - this thread (and probably in more detail than they originally intended).
  6. Its almost as if you hadn't spent any time reading the well reasoned arguments for no- or partial-wipe in this thread (in addition to full-wipe) that have discussed exactly these things, and decided to state your own fixed opinion repeatedly, just based on "because I think so". Really the situation is much more nuanced than you imply, regardless of which way NQ decide to go.
  7. When enough people have come to make this link (and very many people have), then it becomes a real and actual thing for the business to deal with, regardless of whether they (or anyone else) understand where it comes from.
  8. Replying to a bait posting, I should know better 🙂 But for me, no I'm not looking forward to it. For me the game is the things that I do once I have gotten myself to a place where I have enough quanta and materials to be able to do things, without having to worry about where the quanta/materials to do it are going to come from. Getting the materials for me is the chore I need to do in order to be able to play the game. Each time a major gameplay change comes, I need to spend time adapting to that (more chore), before I can settle in again to play. I'm just about over Demeter. So do I want to repeat the grind process again over another year (I play slowly), just so that I can get to where I am now to let me actually (gasp) play the game? Absolutely not.
  9. Why do people think that anything about a wipe is related to "fairness" (of new versus veteran players)? A wipe is purely marketing to sell subs at Launch, nothing more. This is why your "fairness" arguments are just going round in circles, because they don't hold up. Be informed, people!
  10. I've been thinking about this a little more, and would like to discuss the "Legacy/New Server" (terrible name) in more detail, as I think it has the best overall chance of win/win/win for new players/old players/NQ launch needs. Apologies in advance for the potentially long post. I hope that some people read this. The outline proposal (Helios + New Star Systems): Create a new star system far from Helios where "new" (under whatever definition) players start fresh (under whatever definition). Old players can remain in Helios keeping all of their stuff (no wipe), or choose to "wipe" and start fresh in the new system. The systems remain unconnected (see below discussion) for a period of time (until the difference between wipe and no-wipe players is acceptably reduced), after which the systems are connected by the construction of "stargates" by players to enable between star system gameplay. The Pros: The obvious split between varying degrees of wipe/no-wipe in the current playerbase is circumvented. Players will choose which system they wish to play in, all players will be mostly happy, they will continue with their subscriptions and (more importantly) will act as ambassadors for the game in their communities in the lead up to Launch and beyond. New players (and fresh start old players) can join at Launch in an environment where they are not behind the existing players, markets are young, the "best" tiles are not taken, the "best" mining locations are not yet known nor occupied, and other players talents are also at low levels. For NQ this option represents the best opportunity to generate huge goodwill with the community (old and new), and bring in the largest combined number of players at Launch (which we all agree is critical). Combining the star systems at a later stage allows huge opportunity for in-game narratives, pulling the whole community in both star systems together to build the tech to join them. This should be hugely marketable externally, and be another opportunity to push for an influx of new players (e.g. at the 1 year post Launch mark) as the star systems are brought together. Constructing the stargates in game can be expensive and absorb large amounts of legacy quanta/materials, bringing the equity levels of players in each system closer together (which could be an explicit aim). Similarly, the time before the two systems are connected (1 year?) can be taken by NQ to properly develop and implement the finer details of multiple star systems within the game. I.e. the time pressure for NQ will be lessened. The Cons (as identifed by NQ): Split community. From the above, this is temporary, but of course it is critical to keep the playerbase united until the systems are connected, and give them the ability to play together as a whole and with their friends. Community cohesion can be achieved by carefully selected (and well thought through) ways. Some possibilities (though I haven't fully thought these out yet) could be: "Global" community in-game chat (Discord is also always there.) NQ (or player) run events that can be equally undertaken by both groups. (Perhaps there could be friendly competitions between the two systems, reflected in the eventual rewards.) There is a lot of scope for community building and friendly system rivalry here. Potentially allowing VR travel between the two systems. Absolutely this needs serious thinking about to identify if there are clear loopholes/exploits here. But connecting the communities by VR allows for joint participation in Org and player group events (talent-free) that may otherwise be split across the systems. Technical implementation from NQ's perspective: Only NQ know the detail of this. But in principle, from an outside only view, "simply" creating a new system at a substantial distance away from Helios (it can have the same skybox star!) would achieve most aims, perhaps within the capability of NQ's current setup. (Yes there are some considerations, see below). Considerations: How to stop players gaming the system Moving from Helios to the new system is one-way, irreversible. No transfer of funds between players/accounts in different systems. Orgs are an issue here as they could be used to circumvent this, but one solution is to have different balances/accounts for each system (possibly annoying to implement), or anchor each org to a specific system with no financial transfers to/from the org for members in the other system (obviously this gets removed once the systems are connected), or Orgs are system specific with no members from other systems (though this will have the greatest problems to resolve when the systems are joined, and it doesn't bring people to play together). Similarly no ability to interact with markets in the other system (even if VR-ing into the system). Will it be possible for players to slowboat between star systems? If so, this is something that will need to be looked at (as say old players could slowboat all of their stuff to the new system). Restricting between-system travel to the stargates would avoid this (raising the question of how). But if it is possible to slowboat, then you can bet that someone will try it. Pure distance between the systems (with it taking >1 year at max speed to make the crossing) is the simplest option. There are almost certainly some other things that I've overlooked. Important to implementation would be the ability to log player activity, so that if an exploit is found NQ are able to either roll back, or trace/identify/punish/ban the perpetrators. NQ needs this ability anyway, so it would be an investment. Summary: For me this Launch option is perhaps the most ambitious (in that just resetting everything is certainly easier), but it has by far the biggest potential payoff in playerbase both in the short and longer term, which is critical for NQ. It also makes almost everyone happy (shock!) and potentially playing up to Launch. The costs are systems and tech that NQ need to build anyway, so little developer time will actually be wasted in the long term. Thanks for reading (if you did).
  11. There're several things to pick up on in this DevBlog/Post, but the one I'd like to most highlight (as I think it relates to the best solution) is: Here "Would split the community" is only a temporary thing. Everyone who has proposed this as a possible solution has suggested that the split be created with new players (or those wanting to start anew) spawning in a new star system (including Haven), with the legacy server continuing in Helios, with no connection between the two systems. The temporary nature of the split is resolved after (say) 1 year, when players in both systems work to construct the "stargates" (or whatever mechanism NQ wishes to implement) to bring the two systems together, from which point everyone is on the same server again. (Or rather, they always were, but the start systems were not connected.) This process could require lots of quanta/materials from Helios and the old players that have more than the new ones, and it creates a very big in game event with huge publicity. The only down side here then, relates to the "number of new issues server-side", which we are not privvy to. But as we know multiple systems are intended anyway, this is a problem the dev team need to resolve at some point. And the benefits of doing so early (keeping all players very happy, including new ones, publicity etc) might outweight this effort.
  12. Ok, well don't hold your breath there then. Player Markets are a definite post-Launch thing.
  13. What NPC's are you talking about? There are none. (Edit: There are likely no schematics there either, as these count as "bots" too.)
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