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  1. If you die, you probably won't be logging in any more though, right?
  2. The mechanics of how this will work have been known for several weeks. There won't be instances, technically, but on accepting the mission you will be teleported to the region in the open game world where your target is, and returned when you complete the mission (or die). This will likely be very, very far from anything else. So effectively an instance, but technically not.
  3. Deckard posted this image on the DU Discord 3(?) weeks ago. A week later he gave further information about the factors under consideration in the PvE implementation (after being asked by players). There was nothing locked in as final as there are many issues to consider and resolve, which is why the information in the conversation hasnโ€™t dispersed more widely.
  4. As mentioned above, if you HQ'd the tiles, the tiles are still yours. But the constructs are almost certainly gone.
  5. The HQ tiles will still be yours as NQ hasn't coded in that they go abandoned yet. Any constructs on the tiles will still be yours IF you are within 3 months of an active subscription. If more than 3 months have passed, then any constructs not on Haven will have gone abandoned, and very likely everything will have been looted. The first round of abandonments happened in the last few weeks (of those who played for a month since launch, then didn't sub for a second month).
  6. Will Maintenance Units work on dynamic constructs? One obvious use case is to strip down abandoned constructs, which will be difficult if a static/space core is required.
  7. Each tile that you have that is not on Haven (or Sanctuary) needs a fee of 500k quanta paying each week to keep the tile active, which permits mining units to run. If you donโ€™t pay this fee, then your tile goes inactive. If your tile is inactive for 2 weeks without the 500k quanta fee being paid, the tile will become abandoned, and someone else can claim it (and requisition your constructs). If you make your tile a HQ tile (right click on your tile on the F4 map), then this will prevent the abandonment 2 weeks after the tile has been inactive, thereby preventing your constructs from being requisitioned. Industry units still work on inactive tiles. Mining units do not. You can have 3 HQ tiles per account. You need to understand this, or you will lose another base ๐Ÿ™‚ How to get enough quanta to continually pay for a tile is a different question. But note you can afford the taxes for at least one tile by doing daily login award and daily challenges (though the challenges get boring fast). Getting resources is a different question again ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a lot of tiles early after launch, but I sold most of them to avoid the taxes (which frankly are a bit of a grind for nothing), and now I have a handful which I can support with less grindy gameplay.
  8. People who only played for a month at launch and then immediately quit have only just had the timer come up on their constructs in the past week. Even in this case, HQ'd tiles are still owned by them as the abandonment mechanic for them isn't working yet. The issue for OP can only be that the tile went abandoned as the tile fees were not paid. If being away from your account is potentially an issue, pre-paying tile taxes up to 13 weeks ahead of time is a good idea. Making a critical tile a HQ tile is an even better idea, as then constructs wouldn't be lost for 90 days after subscriptions lapsed. This would have saved the OP in this case. However, this doesn't remove the issue that DU has a punishing mechanic for unsubscribing, that doesn't help people return to the game.
  9. Filtering what you see doesn't remove the "scam" which is when one accidentally sells to one of these buy orders. And of course if NQ disallowed 0q buy orders, you'd just see 0.01q buy orders.
  10. I've dropped almost all of my automining tiles (due to the tedium & tax required to maintain them at the expense of gameplay), and am using asteroids as my primary source of self-gathered ore. Of course I'll use the market for anything I need above this. While there is still work involved in hand mining, its very different to the terrible automining that I've been forcing myself to do since it was introduced (and now just can't tolerate any more). Asteroid mining also conveniently has no taxes, so I can do it at my own pace, and not need to produce each week to cover costs. One thing that could be improved here though is the size of ore nodes, particularly of T1. Mining hundreds of kL of T1 from asteroids is fine in itself, but doing it in multiples of 5-6kl drags it out a little. It would be a QoL step to have T1 (only) have a random distribution of node sizes, say 5k, 10k (rarer), 20k (rarest), so that there's a bit of efficiency gain for T1 mining, as well as that tiny bit of anticipation when finding a new node, whether it is a bigger one or not. This was one of the fun parts of planetary underground mining - finding a node, start mining it, and then finding that it Just Keeps On Going! ๐Ÿ™‚ This would make a really nice addition to asteroids, and limiting it to T1 wouldn't affect balance elsewhere. We don't need meganodes, but some variety would be nice.
  11. Such drama - its there for all to see. A player run round table that NQ were invited to, and kindly attended on their days off. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1700627641
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