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    Jeronimo reacted to NQ-Wave in DevBlog r0.16 Alpha 2 Piloting Improvements and New Zero-G Gliding Feature   
    Hey guys! NQ-Wave here, and today we’re going to talk about the changes we’ve made regarding ship and character movement that are upcoming in Alpha 2 of Dual Universe.
    In Dual Universe, players will be flying all kinds of constructs; from small hovercrafts roaming the ground to huge spaceships floating in space, from atmospheric planes to ambivalent atmo/spacecrafts. These very different configurations mean experiencing very different sensations. As you already know, we’ve always wanted to take a more realistic approach to how we handle space travel, especially with a ship’s inertia within a dragless void. 
    We were quite happy with how ships translated differently in atmosphere and space, but we hoped to add an improved sensation of weightlessness. And now it’s done! Now when trying to manoeuver a ship while in the atmosphere, you should experience the true dragless feeling of space and the effects of air upon a ship’s hull. Even if you only have a few adjustors, you’ll still be able to rotate your gigantic battlecruiser if you give it (a lot of) time, whereas, in the atmosphere, drag will keep you immobile.
    Also, in the sad event of a collision between your ship and whatever hazardous object floating about in space, you’ll really feel something! But we’ll let you try it for yourselves! (Though we don’t really suggest it.)
    There is something else we want to tell you about moving around in this scary, nearly empty void. Let’s say you’re enjoying your nice space travel, gliding frictionless at a few tens of thousands of km/h. Suddenly, you realize that you don’t have enough fuel for deceleration, and maybe because of a small lack of planning, your fuel tank is inaccessible from inside the hull! Don’t blame yourself, that happens to everyone eventually. If you want to decelerate, you’ll need to refill! You have two options here. You could just ignore this small problem and pray before going down in a fiery blaze upon the surface of your destination planet.

    3, 2, 1, 0 G!
    But since crashing on a foreign planet is probably a player’s last resort, let’s approach this differently!  We bet that you wished your Nanosuit would enable you to make an extravehicular trip to reach this fuel tank. Well, now that’s totally possible!
    As of Alpha 2, your Nanosuit contains a jetpack that allows players to glide around in space! To try it, you just need to be far enough from any planet. Keep in mind that this jetpack is not powerful enough to compensate for high gravity. Once you open the airlock of your ship, just jump into the great unknown! 

    Once you begin floating in space, you’ll hear the familiar, yet reassuring sound of your jetpack. To control it, you can use the WASD keys to move horizontally. The Space Bar and C key will give you vertical movement. And since there is no gravity to hold you down, you can roll your character with A and E keys.
    Due to the physics of empty space, only the acceleration is controllable. When removing your hands from the keyboard, your character will continue to glide along at a constant speed! But maybe you’d prefer to better stabilize for precise control. That’s why we’ve added a brake in your Nanosuit which you can use to nullify your speed. Just press CTRL to activate it!
    Of course, because of how physics work, you’ll be able to manoeuver around an immobile space station as well as around your small fighter traveling full speed in space. And we’ve even heard that you can use this jetpack to jump from one construct to another when they are doing a fly-by. But here again, maybe that’s not the best idea for your survival. We can’t say we didn’t warn you! Now, get out there and enjoy your extravehicular activities!
    Enough about space! Let’s put our feet back on solid ground for a minute. There is other stuff to talk about.

    I’m Like A Bird!
    When you’re on the surface of a planet that is lucky enough to have an atmosphere, you’re used to moving your ship through use of ailerons, using air to provide lift and sustain your ship in altitude. Ailerons are very useful both for lift and drift compensation. You were also used to stabilizers; elements that enable you especially to compensate drift.

    We’ve now unified the behavior of those elements. You’ll now find them in the ‘Airfoil’ category, and be able to choose between ailerons, stabilizers, but also traditional fully functional wings. These elements work in similar ways and can be used for lift and drift compensation. The controller of your ship will automatically use them for one of these goals depending on their orientation.
    These elements have different characteristics, however. Ailerons do not produce a lot of drag, but can stall easily. You must make sure that the angle between your aileron and your current speed is not too large or you’ll stall and won’t get any lift! And crash — probably. On the other hand, stabilizers are very forgiving in regard to stalling and can be very useful to compensate drift during a sharp turn, but they induce a lot of drag. Finally, wings offer a tradeoff between drag and stalling. We’re sure that you’ll find the Airfoil element that best fits your purpose.
    Speaking of piloting, we’ve also made some wanted changes in this area. First of all, we decided to have varying behaviors of ship control depending upon the situation. In the past, hovercraft planes and spaceships used to be controlled in a similar way, and we wanted to change that to better adapt controls for the type of ship you are building. When piloting a hovercraft, you don’t care as much about your roll than when piloting a spaceship, for instance.

    Some Va-Lua-ble Insights
    As you may already know, the behavior of a dynamic construct is controlled by its Lua configuration. When you create a dynamic construct and place a control unit on it, the Lua configuration of that control unit is automatically done for you. You don’t need to tweak a single thing! This is the autoconfiguration of your ship, and the behavior is chosen depending upon the element you use as a cockpit. A hovercraft seat will use a ‘hovercraft’ autoconfig scheme, whereas a fighter cockpit or a commander seat will use the ‘airplane cockpit’ autoconfig scheme. You can also manually choose the autoconfiguration you want to apply to your control unit by right-clicking on the element and choosing ‘Run default autoconfigure’.
    At its core, Dual Universe is about customization. As we previously mentioned in our last DevBlog, we’ve made several improvements regarding Lua in general, and made it possible to change select behaviors without requiring code. You can do that by right-clicking on the cockpit of your ship, and choosing ‘Actions for this element’ > ‘Edit Lua parameters’. This opens a window where you can change the control parameters of your ship. Once you have autoconfigured your ship, you can use this panel to choose the rotation speed, for example.

    Through this same panel, you can also change major behaviors of the airplane cockpit control scheme. (Try changing the autoStabilizeRoll and rollInducedYaw parameters to experiment advanced control!)
    One last word, if you want to dive a little bit more into the arcane of piloting configuration, don’t hesitate to try and modify the new autoconfigure scripts of your constructs. We made significant strides to give you easier access to your ship’s control and allow for easier experimentation. Try it out! Just right-click on a control unit and choose ‘Actions for this element’ > ‘Edit Lua script’. Hint: A lot can be done in the system -> flush event.

    Don’t be afraid of giving something new and creative a whirl! You can safely try all sorts of things here without being a total code nerd. And if by mistake you break something and your ship becomes uncontrollable, just re-run the autoconfigure, and your construct will be good as new.

    That’s all for today! We hope you’ll have fun playing with this new way to pilot ships in Dual Universe, and the new jetpack. As always, don’t hesitate to give us your feedback regarding these new changes, and thanks a lot for your support.
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    Jeronimo reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Can someone explain it to me?   
    Hi everyone,
    As an exceptional case, we are replying this topic, even if it’s closed, to avoid any misunderstanding. As an exceptional case, as the involved user has explicitly asked for public explanation and the customer support agrees with it, we are in a situation where both parties agree to make it public, so it doesn't break the confidentiality policy. We also want to share this as an example that things don't happen for no reason (and in the case of an error, we are ready to fix it).
    Just to put things in perspective:
    - Emtec3PL account wasn't suspended regarding the game (the account has never lost his rights to play the game when the time will come).
    - Emtec3PL account wasn't suspended on the forum and was still able to contact Community Managers in private.
    - Emtec3PL account was suspended on Customer Support side.
    The situation:
    - Emtec3PL pledged 1 euro as a symbolic donation during Kickstarter campaign (in which case it was clear it was a donation, with no rewards attached to it).
    - Emtec3PL pledged then an Iron Founder Pack after the Kickstarter campaign, which has been upgraded as a Silver Pack shortly after.
    - As explained in the news on our website here the access time, depending on the founder level, was pretty clear and self explanatory: 
    All Kickstarter Founder Backers get access at Alpha 1.  Post-Kickstarter Founder Backers get access at the earliest at Alpha 2. Emtec3PL becomes a Founder Backer after the Kickstarter campaign, first as an Iron Founder, than as a Silver Founder, so he's rightfully considered as a Post-Kickstarter Backer and will get access Alpha 2. Emtec3PL contested that fact and asked repeatedly to Customer Support for an access to Alpha 1. Novaquark Customer Support denied the request and explained why. The last answer from Emtec3PL to the Customer Support was the following:
    Emtec3PL sent this reply because he will have access to Alpha 2 (as planned), and not immediately (as he wanted). Obviously there was no possible discussion anymore, and as part of the process for harassment prevention, the account has been suspended on the customer support side. If Emtec3PL is willing to come back to a more constructive discussion, the account can be unsuspended.
    This example might be useful to put in light how we manage customer service here at Novaquark. Globally there are two schools of customer service:
    The old school: "Customer is king."
    This vision implies that no matter how the customer behaves, the customer service agent needs to endure and gives satisfaction to the customer. In our eyes, this way of doing things is relevant as long as customers and customer service agents behave with mutual respect.
    However, with internet promoting anonymity and online interaction, a growing number of customers started to consider mutual respect as being optional and/or lost focus that the customer service agent at the other end of the line is a human being, not a machine, and he/she is there to help, not to endure someone else's anger or frustration. Having daily customers being rude or threatening can damage a team morale, especially when rudeness or threat is undeserved. 
    Customer Support is not an outlet for customers to let their frustration run wild.
    It's a place to answer customer questions and help them when they have a technical issue.
    Some people would easily throw there: "Hey it's part of the job. If they can't handle it, they can find another job" or the famous “HTFU” (which is perfectly fine in a game where a part of the fun is to compete to see who is the toughest guy. It’s less fine when it applies to your real life where you can’t log out) Our answer to this is "No, it's not part of the job, unless it has been decided that way by the company. It's not up to the customer to decide this part." 
    At Novaquark we value Customer satisfaction as much as Employee well-being. 
    The reasons? We don't want the job of anyone becoming a chore because we aren’t interested in burnouts and high turnovers, and also because we are convinced that, having people less stressed and less harassed than the average in the industry will benefit indirectly to the Customers themselves. So we won't encourage negative behavior from some customers, quite the contrary, by applying consequences to this kind of behavior.
    To put it simply, we are following the other school: 
    "Customer is king... but even a king has its limits."
    We will always do our best to satisfy a customer as long as:
    - the request/demand is reasonable and motivated by common sense.
    - the request/demand is made in a respectful manner.
    Best Regards,
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    Jeronimo reacted to Mod-Meldrik in Can someone explain it to me?   
    Thread locked for inflammatory discussions.
    @Emtec3PL, please stop making threads discussing this matter, this was already explained here. Consider this a warning. Please resolve this issue between Novaquark and you, privately. More topics like this will lead to more sanctions in your account.
    @Lethys, please stop playing moderator on the forums. Report the topics and move on. Don't engage in responses that can be seen as moderator-like. Consider this a warning.
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from Sekmeth in Forum modifications   
    no more pink
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from DarkTemplar in Forum modifications   
    no more pink
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from Gojo_Ryu in The big log on / log off question   
    How about your game crashes?
    During a light speed travel? will you relog alone in the space at same position where you loged off?
    In the case you precisly described, there is no question to it but yes you might respawn at same exact location that you logged off, and with a smarter algorithm you will spawn at the limit of the land that has been just claimed,  and your ship will be there in the wild.
    Probably nothing can stop anyone from building around your ship, walls and ceiling, to troll you, but nothing can stop you from destroying this at relog
    What about our ships? (if it is in the wild and you didnt had time to find and and in a secure zone)
    Will it despawn at same time you log off?
    Will anyone be able to ride it and take off with it?
    Will anyone be able to destroy it? Recycle it, gathering matter from it?
    Maybe there could be a time (1month, 1 year, indefnitly) before any contructions enters an abandonned state?
    Maybe there could be a claiming disability range around your ship when you logged off?
    Alpha will be full of issues and rebounds for sure
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from Gojo_Ryu in Planets Atmosphere thickness and flight experience   
    After beeing stunned by last presentation video there are still some little gameplay details that bother.
    The planets atmosphere thickness is for me (at the present moment of the demonstrations) a lot too thin, and seeing mountains top reaching the space, or a ship quiting the surface of a planet in 10 seconds, breaks the height realism and the inimaginable infinity of the voide. 
    I "personnally" think the atmosphere thickness is a very exiting moment when you get through it, from both sides
    Either from a planet where you switch from the palpable to the intangible
    Or from that little cockpit in what we could have spend weeks without seeing a moskito, to the real ground and its beauty, with that moment where your ship is shacking as hell and flames blinding you.
    For now, impatiently waiting how this experience will be dealt with
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from Aeon_II in WHAT ONLINE GAME DID YOU COME FROM?   
    thought the topic was about online games
    u got one wrong answer lol
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from ShinyMagnemite in Forum modifications   
    no more pink
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from Majestic in Forum modifications   
    no more pink
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from VioletBanana in Forum modifications   
    no more pink
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    Jeronimo reacted to Astrophil in Your characters looks and styles :D   
    An entire customizable outfit and character creator. Even more advanced than EVE's. Maybe even an actual mesh creator inside the game so you can design outfits however you want. Something like Marvelous Designer. Of course just false hopes here.
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    Jeronimo reacted to Fitorion in Here's an idea - Google Translate Element   
    I like the way FFXI and FFXIV have their translation system set up.  I just wish it had more words and phrases in it.
    Basically they have a dictionary... a very limited dictionary of game terms and useful phrases that they've translated into all the localization languages they support. 
    To use the system you just start typing a word in chat and hit tab... a list of potential translated options appears based on what you've typed so far.  So you can select from the list and string translated words and phrases together.  The words will appear in chat as what ever language you have your client set to.
    For example
    I type:
    And hit tab... a list shows up:
    Please Help!
    Please leave.
    so on and so forth. 
    They could ask us to submit words and phrases we think would be most helpful to have and build a nice list of things for their localization people to work on.  Doesn't have to be a release feature... could be a spare time project.  and the submission process could continue after the game is out to... as new social interactions and game systems are added new phrases would be needed. 
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from VerZalj in Damage types, resistances, weapon statistics...   
    my qote directly come from star wars lol, blue vs red. where all weapons using lazers...
    for sure an icy attack wouldnt look good if it is tinted greenish, so maybe only lazers should be color customized?
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    Jeronimo reacted to Anaximander in Death and all its consequences, food for thought? (Continued with latest info)   
    That's why I hate to love you, ye scallywag, you pick up on nice comesbacks (some of the times).
    And it's a secret. Lucky numero uno is a secret
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    Jeronimo reacted to Lethys in Gravity/magnetic/boost pads   
    Would be a broken mechanic if you just could repel everything....
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    Jeronimo reacted to Falstaf in Specs on Market overview   
    Yeap and to make things fun we should encourage ship builders to participate in racing games. The winner would sell loads of ships.
    Just like how it worked for the car industry.
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from Leonis in This kickstarter needs YOU! Updated.   
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from [ Ψ ] rmhenn in NO MONTHLY SUB. PLEASE!!   
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from wizardoftrash in NO MONTHLY SUB. PLEASE!!   
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    Jeronimo reacted to Dhara in New Comic Book - The Outfit - Beginnings   
    We are telling the story of the Outfit from the very beginning in our new comic book!  Introducing The Outfit - Beginnings - Episode 1

    We also thought this would be a great opportunity to help advertise for the Kickstarter.  So please share freely as there are three different kickstarter ads in this episode and only ten days to go!!

    Many of our members had a hand in creating this comic.  We hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it.


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    Jeronimo got a reaction from Dhara in Forum modifications   
    no more pink
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    Jeronimo reacted to ATMLVE in Tactile Elements Display Screens   
    You got some cool ideas here. While this would of course take some time, I see no reason why this couldn't be added down the road. I know JC already said that the screens inside cockpits would be customizable, so maybe this wouldn't be far behind!
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    Jeronimo reacted to Falstaf in Dev Diary Building Tools   
    Damn it Twerk!
    Pink was horrible enough but now this?!
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    Jeronimo got a reaction from Wilks Checkov in Forum modifications   
    no more pink
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