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  1. Hi @Kormolos! Local channels are made for short range exchanges, like a tile for example. In your case, you can create a private channel with /join <channel_name> and share it with your teammates even if they are not from the same organization.
  2. Hi @Jeronimo! There is a difference between loading only the positions, and loading all the elements, the construction data, the environment data for any kind of elements you might want to control. It's not just about positions, but also about things like loading, control, concurrency race, environment, etc. It would be exactly like having your client at each position of your target build and wanting to get control/data at the same time And that triggered by script. If you have a detection zone, if you have a radar, a telemeter, if you have engines, industries ...etc you have directly more and more data to load, as if you were there. To close this subject, it's not something we could keep under control, and would be very heavy on many points. It do not mean we do not consider to have higher range emitters, or higher range radar (which are a totally different problematic), just means that we can't keep things loaded constantly for control, or data get for all of your constructs...etc
  3. Hi @Wolfram Indeed, thanks for your comment! It is indeed a tricky implementation to set up. We would like to add a lot of things you know, but sometimes it takes more time or sometimes it needs a restriction to save the security aspect or the server data exchange ...etc. This is one of the main reasons why we prefer not to promise things, but to check with you your wishes in order to be able to design a solution adapted between our constraints and your wishes. As far as the user interface goes, I'm less in the business, but we could add something, like a price reduction rate by tens or something like that; we'll think about that and discuss it with the team.
  4. @Gottchar If we're able to implement the API as I would like, should be able to do that by using the PB to set the content of the batch from the screen , yes no issues on that. However, in absolute, I can't promise you that it will be possible, there are still some points to study. But that's the goal. And as usual, if we implement it, I will publish a code example to do that.
  5. Hi everyone! For those of you reading this thread later, this requested feature has been added to Athena Update 0.29.
  6. @Yoarii First of all, the links are a mechanic made to limit things, and even though you can use a lot of programming boards ... etc, it's still not as convenient, and so it pushes players to not have too much of that. Simplifying things is going to push more people to do it, and the people who were already doing it, are going to be able to do it even more. That's why I said server requests. And then we don't want to, by gamedesign, have control over everything without using links. On that point, it's a no-no. Even though we might consider adding subscription to events in Lua, links are still needed to limit players in DU for now. I can understand the frustration, believe me, but it is an essential part of the game. So, on that note, we will keep that link requirement. On that note, I remain firm sorry. And for the tag on dispenser ; only one per dispenser, it's used to be able to group dispensers together and make that if you have delay set for example, it will prevent the player to take a batch on other dispensers of the tagged group.
  7. And in addition @Yoarii, for the getTag and setTag, not all elements have tags. And it's not the same thing here, than engine tags for example.
  8. Hi @Yoarii @Gottchar ! So to answer to remarks : Have access from the core, and not via link : Not for in fully honesty, firstly because it could push people to use more and more dispensers and so generate a large amount of server requests on changes. Secondly, if you could be able to change the price, batch ...etc you would no longer need a soo large array of dispenser, no ? Activate / Deactivate : Sorry if I explained it wrong, the point is simply that there is no state. If we want to add this enable/disable feature, it just means we have to add it. My goal here is mainly to make sure I have a clear vision for you on what can be done, what needs to be done if we want to do it, and for me to make sure I understand what you want.
  9. Hi there ! Just for people who may come to this thread in the future, this problem has been fixed on the Athena update.
  10. Hi there ! We considered the text rotation, but was not possible some aspects. So we added full layer transformations support on Athena update, so you can use that to rotate your text.
  11. HI Yoarii ! I just saw your topic yesterday, so replied on it To summarize your post : Trigger controller from a container event : The main problem I see for this, is that this analog signal will start the controller, ok, no problem here, but will not provide any data because it will not trigger a potential event like onAdded for example, so lose interest no? Adding a Lua event providing the interacting player, or the added element ... etc has a strong potential, but the logical signal, not sure. 🤔 Reverse dispensers, as answered on your topic The forgotten Dispenser API , it would need a new dev on it to add it. So it may take some time. Adding a smaller dispenser: means a new asset to design and a lower dev but still to do. And logically a limitation on one aspect, because otherwise it will make the "classic" dispenser useless; to be considered. Multiple containers per dispenser : Can be a tricky point, because can lead to an high server cost on container change subscription. Not sure can be done 🤔 However, I hope this answers your question. And remember, I can't give any promises, we have a lot of work to do and some things you would like to see, and I would like to see, can't be done for a long time.
  12. So ! First point, do not hesitate to ping on thread about the Lua. I can't spend a lot of time on the forum, because we have a lot of work to do, but even if I can check on time a week, it let know interesting and even useful threads about Lua Else I totally miss these thread and reply weeks (and month here 😅 later) Secondly, so, I do not promise anything, but just would check your proposals about the dispenser API. So to sum your posts : SetPrice(price) / GetPrice() - I don't see anything against that. Activate() / Deactivate() - There is no state on dispensers currently, you activate ou deactivate it. GetContainerId() - Would be the local id, the id of the container on the construct. HasBatchContents() - If we add a function to get the content of the batch, this functions would be useless. BatchesAvailable() - Can be a bit harder to be done, but indeed could be a nice to have. getPermissionDebit() - No RDMS control on Lua yet, so not possible. getPermissions() - Same as previous For reversed dispenser, it require to add an other and specific element with so a new dev on that. So to summarize, it would be (no promises guys huh 😉) ?? setBatchPrice([float] price, [bool] notify) : Set the price of the batch and if you want to notify the player (only if the price is 0). [float] getBatchPrice() : Return the batch price set. setDelay([float] delay) : Set the delay between two batch claim. [float] getDelay() : Return the delay set between two batch claim. setBatchLimit([int] limit) : Set the limit of batch per player. getBatchLimit() : Return the limit of batch per player set. setPlayerBeneficiary([int] pId) : Set the player with the given ID as beneficiary. setOrgBeneficiary([int] oId) : Set the organisation with the given ID as beneficiary. setTag([string] tag) : Set the tag of the dispenser. [string] getTag() : Return the tag of the dispenser. setBatchContent([table] content) : Set the batch content for the table in format {{id, quantity},{id, quantity}, ...} [table] getBatchContent() : Return the batch content as table of pair itemId and quantity. [int] getContainerId() : Return the local id of the container. [int] getBatchAmount() : Returns the amount of batches available in the linked container. [event] purchased([int] pId) : Emitted when a a player claim a batch. The lack of an entity/portfolio API can be a hindrance to adding a distributor API, to designate the beneficiary. The item API was a requirement to consider the dispenser API addition.
  13. Hi @Dakanmer Let me reply to your proposals in order of your list : Get docked construct name by ID This is a gameplay choice, we always wanted to keep this aspect of needing a sensor to get information outside the construction. Just like a telemeter for example. So the use of a radar is a gameplay choice. However considering it's "docked" construct ... potentialy 🤔 Get docked construct position/orientation by ID Same that the first point. Get active waypoint Can be a privacy/security issue to get the waypoint of the player, could be used to track other players destinations. 🤔 Even if we put that on explicit use only this issue still relevant. To consider ... A category for "database" in the codex Will see if we can add it to the codex (which is auto generated and do not parse Lua libs). Categories for other function types that aren't listed but can be used, if there are any others (like database), or updating existing categories with functions that aren't listed but exist Same, I see the point as Navigator ...etc Same than the previous point. Warp drive API Setting the warp destination is a bit complex, considering it's not a position but a warp beacon or planet. It adds some consideration as "How the player get the destination ?" "How do we designate a destination ?" ...etc An other point is automation on that point. Getting warp destination, same issues, but not really for the automation, but for the "How". Warp cell cost ? Absolutely nothing against on that point ; a function getWarpCost, getWarpAvailableCells (or something like that 😅 ) Deactivate ... automation possibility 🤔 Warp beacon API and/or perms RDMS API is a complex subject. What do you expect as API ? There is no action to do on the element without Lua, so we don't see what to add on Lua. Clear waypoint Hmmm, no real problem in mind. So it could be added. Do not hesitate to ping me, else I can miss some useful topics like that
  14. Hi everyone! Well before starting, I would like to thank you for your feedback, whether it is positive or "less positive". I will try to answer your questions in a general way, hoping to bring the hoped answers. First of all, I must respond to the critics: I can totally understand that this aspect of the game is secondary for you, and it's normal, not all players are interested in Lua, just like not all players are interested in pvp, or industry, voxelmancy ...etc. But remember that in a studio, not everyone is working on the same thing at the same time. People who work on Lua, and myself, are multi-tasking but not necessarily working on pvp, or content, or art...etc at the same time, or even just for some like me, pvp/content/art is not in their work domain. It do not means that there is nobody working on these aspect when we do some Lua changes. Core to core data exchange & elements LOD This aspect is really complex, when Lua is run locally by the client, it always has to interact, get data from elements or control them. So the more access you want to add, the more data you have to constantly load/request. This can be very tricky on the server side. Imagine, having the ability to get rangefinder or radar data from a building at a distance of 10 SU (for an absurd example), you have to get ALL the buildings around the target, terrain voxels...etc! That's a lot of data to query, load, update, etc. And on top of that, even with all the good will in the world, it is really complex to keep everything loaded all the time. That's why we've even added a build limit setting, to allow players to adjust it according to their bandwidth and computer configuration. Anyway, even if we could, I say could, rework systems for receiver transmitters, we will certainly not be able to allow the loading of a remote construct and the proximity environment ... etc. So to answer, say, really complex problem. Static image URL I didn't saw this thread @Juvenius Drakonius (do not hesitate to tag me on Lua related stuff, even if I will not reply every time obviously, it let me know the subject and let you know that I saw that). 😉 It's an idea, something to consider 🤔 Potentially, if we could add a way to update an image on the "upload image" page of your profile, it could do the same thing. I'll discuss this with the team. No promises, we'll see. But one point is the validation process of the image, it means it would have to repass by it to be sure the player do not upload a forbidden image. Industries, dispensers next ? As you may have read at the end of the devblog, we've outlined the fact that we think the item API approach can be good and would like to get your feedback on it since we could then apply it to other aspects of the game. So, the aspects affected could potentially be, if the item API formula works: industries, containers, elements in general, and dispensers ...etc. That's one of our goal behind the item API, so potentially if you feel this approach the good one 😉. Camera direction function not working ? Don't worry @Modgud,it's not a bug, it looks like you're using the wrong function for what you expect. Indeed, getMasterPlayerForward returns the front vector of your character, not the camera. To get the forward vector of the camera, you should use getCameraForward() or getCameraWorldForward () depending of the coordinate system you want to use (These links reach the awesome online CODEX made by a community member, it can help you a lot). An other word Finally, I'd like to address this word; keep in mind that we'd like to do a lot of things too, and a lot of which come from our players' ideas, but there are multiple issues and constraints; both human in terms of available resources; Lua remains a secondary feature, as well as community; some want to push the dev on this, or want this or that freedom, there are multiple opinions similar to yours and multiple opposed to yours. Especially on Lua, some would like to not hold back from breaking a good part of the API to improve it, and others are totally against it because it would break their scripts. That's why it's important to tell us what you think about these devblog threads, so that we can know if a majority prefers this or that approach. Anyway, thank you all the same for welcoming the evolutions we make on the Lua and for sharing your ideas and desires. 🙂
  15. Hi @Mncdk1, Construct speed loss We are well aware of this problem. When we don't speak up yet, it is usually because we are still analyzing the problem. We need to find out the reason of the problem and how to solve it before promising any fix or date. However, if it can reassure you, as @NQ-Deckard announced on Discord, we think we have identified the problem and have a fix in the pipeline. See below the full announce posted on Discord.
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