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  1. Well, I think you'd better launch soon. Sooner the better, sounds like. We need to be in a place where we know our things that we're paying for aren't going to go bye-bye. I'm new to the space genre. If wiping things you work hard on and pay for is done on the regular, it's a shame that such a nice program of voxels with wonderful tools has been placed into it. These agents work spectacularly awful against one another. The things you're saying will be put in/implemented sound great. We'll see. Thanks for the communication, above all!
  2. Effin Great! Patch, today! Love it.... Well done! and thanks NQ. ~ just a pilot, Sej.
  3. Can I just keep my pocket rocket and one of the ships I bought, please. I'm just not a ship builder and I love all the ships I bought from the creators. Picking one will be super hard enough on me. I love piloting and I never ran more than one mission, ever...
  4. Welcome NQ-Nyota! Looking forward to interacting and communicating with you!
  5. They do respawn, just very slowly and I would suggest that NQ will not release surface nodes that look like these. Probably look more like underground mini tiny nodes that are 2d on surface, I'd think. Remember, this is in beta, and, upon release, the worlds will have to have a massive overhaul if they would want to enjoy today's gamers to subscribe. /wave Mr. Cain.
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