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    Emptiness reacted to Sycopata in Buy order for industry machines please   
    Just add a way to recicle thinks and get partial resources back, for this kind of situations were items become useless why, exists more than market going need in ages.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Arctic_fox in Buy order for industry machines please   
    No. Bot orders should be entirely removed.
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    Emptiness reacted to Zychov in How to turn off Chromatic Aberration   
    NQ. Thank you very much for option to deactivate it ! 
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    Emptiness reacted to Ethariel in Roll Back   
    What broke the economy?

    Ships with 3 territory scanners and maganodes.
    Take those two away and progress would have been slowed right down as the raw resources would not be available in the bulk needed to go nuts, but no, they reward the rich and kick everyone else in the nads.
    I love to play, craft mess about - everything on my starter pad i built from the ore I dug up, now it's useless.
    Good luck to all who can be bothered to stick about. My Un-sub won't mean anything till Jan 2021 but then, heck im just another statistic that does not fit in with thier deluded vision of the way forward.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from SGCam in Some serious questions for JC   
    Hey JC, do you actually play your own game?
    How much of your castle did you manufacture yourself?
    How much of the materials for your castle did you mine yourself?
    Have you ever mined T5? How much T5? Did you feel that mining T5 was enjoyable?
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Mordgier in Some serious questions for JC   
    Hey JC, do you actually play your own game?
    How much of your castle did you manufacture yourself?
    How much of the materials for your castle did you mine yourself?
    Have you ever mined T5? How much T5? Did you feel that mining T5 was enjoyable?
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    Emptiness reacted to Mornington in NQ - You're doing it wrong.   
    in case of any doubt 'Johnny', if that is you...
    “You,” “Your” or “the User” refers to the person who uses or visits Our Website.
    If you thought forum bans related to fictional entities that have no legal status then I suggest you seek professional psychiatric help. 
    If, on the other hand, you think NQ's rules just don't apply to you, then a 'member of the community' is not what you are.
    At least not a respectable one whose word should mean anything. 
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    Emptiness reacted to BobbyTwoShakes in Roll Back   
    This game does not have enough content to support this current update. The idea was a correct step but executed prematurely. 
    This game has a lot of potential. Was really enjoying it with groups of friends that havent found a common game to play in a very long time. 
    Its a shame really but this patch just took the wind out of the sails.. 
    The only solice of content was the ability to make creative builds. There really wasnt much else going on. 
    On top of this from what I have seen in response to this update is that developers are not listening to their player base. Which i see as detrimental and destructive to the future of the game. Ive seen this path travelled many times. 
    I understand that it is your vision to create. But there is always the customer to consider. 
    Personally I would of considered this patch or better yet a (different concept to create the same effect) but much further when there was more foundation support it. Like more content in general. 
    Best of luck with your future aspects of the game. Don't turn deaf ears to your players. Perhaps i will check back on this game sometime in the future. 
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Supermega in Some serious questions for JC   
    Hey JC, do you actually play your own game?
    How much of your castle did you manufacture yourself?
    How much of the materials for your castle did you mine yourself?
    Have you ever mined T5? How much T5? Did you feel that mining T5 was enjoyable?
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    Emptiness reacted to JoeKing in Addictive to tedious in one move....   
    I’m a new player, I started about 2 months ago as a way to escape the drudgery of the current endless Covid lockdowns.
    When I signed up for Dual Universe, I was inspired by the idea that I could take the game at my own pace and build a world for me, in the way that I wanted, that I could explore space and build amazing things.  I don’t class myself as a gamer, I’m not interested in PvP or combat, but I I love sci-fi, enjoy escapism and being able to create.
    Your game seemed to have everything I wanted, and although some elements were a bit tedious – mining, unrelenting crashes whilst learning to fly and the subsequent repairs to name a couple, I persevered because I was progressing. It felt that possibility was always within my reach, I just needed to do a little bit more, work a little harder, and that’s what kept me reaching and growing.
    This new patch has, in one stroke, removed all the joy, possibility, fun and scope for new players like me.  I don’t want to be part of an Organisation – I was sold the idea that ‘I could be anything I wanted to be’.  But that’s simply not true anymore.
    I implore you NQ – PLEASE think about the experience for new players, this game had such possibily and was truly inspiring. I have absolutely loved playing it and even though I couldn’t compete, or wanted to, with the big orgs it was truly great to immerse myself in this world.
    You’ve created a perfect storm for new players:
    Building your first ship is now out of reach. Even if you manage to build one, core & component damage now means learning to fly a ship will be impossible. Travelling to and from markets is long and dull with your free speeder as there are no territories near any markets on Sanctuary with a shuttle. Even if you do want to spend ages trailing backwards and forwards, you cant carry much. Blueprints are ridiculously expensive, so now you cannot invest your money in industry to convert your ore into usable money, as all the lower price blueprints will produce products that will no doubt flood the market, have little value, and therefore have no profit. Assuming you can get off planet, you have hours of flying to reach anywhere with ore of any significance, assuming you make it there and back in one piece now warp drives are so utterly unreachable. I didn’t sign up to a space-mining, economics simulator game -  I wanted to engage with what was sold to me through all the marketing; and that’s certainly not hours of doing nothing interesting to get nowhere.
    Unfortunately, you’ve made it utterly dull, with the potential for fun so far out of reach that its honestly not worth the time or money for me.
    I really hope you fix this – it had huge potential, and I honestly cant remember a game I enjoyed as much as this, but I think you’ve just shut the doors on new players and shot yourselves in the foot.
    I genuinely, genuinely hope you listen to everyone and you make a success of Dual Universe, it is (was) special, I’m just gutted its been ruined for me.

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    Emptiness reacted to BaconofWar in How Can I Create In This New Crappy Industry Punishment?   
    NQ: "Oh no, you've got level 3 in most refining and smelting and almost was tier 3 at all industry but that's worth absolutely nothing because today, today we've lost our freakin' minds and opted to make you train that industry ALL OVER AGAIN and dump HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of credits into the market just to make the same stuff you could make and skilled up to make faster and more efficiently yesterday." 
    Honestly. Yesterday I could happily build ship parts to build ships to build blueprints to give away for free. Yes, I run FELD.
    Today, I have to not only buy schematics for everything I need to build to build ships, but I also need to "train up" to the correct level of industry to actually build the schematic. And to refine ore. And to smelt the actual mats to make the parts. PICK ONE! Either train or schematics. I am being punished for wanting to design and build ships now. I'd not minded schematics as that didn't require me to work with the terrible training queue. (Move to TOP/Highest Possible button please!). Now I need to fish through the markets, spend what little UEC I have, and hope I can find what I need to continue making free and better (yep, no design is perfect) designs for FELD.
    But NQ did both. Which is pretty lame since TRAINING only slows down industrial player's OTHER training by about 3 months so they can train in the higher tiers of... industry.  If NQ wanted to stop everyone training for 3 months then NQ should have just paused everyone's training queue for 3 months.
    AND WHERE IS THE PUNISHMENT FOR THE MINERS? Really - they just OCD raw ores all day with ZERO cost and ZERO need for industry. They have ZERO training to do to know how to mine ores. They have ZERO things to buy to actually mine the ores. They just sit back and reap profits. That's been my biggest beef with this whole thing - miners have strip mined almost ever l of t3+ ore out using multi-boxing to run multiple scanning rigs and mining alts that the prez of NQ ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO DO.  If I want to get T3+ ore via mining as a single boxer I am forced to scan areas in hopes I can find something that strip miners have missed or deemed "not worth their effort."
    Toss in that this just means multi-boxers just need to set their alts to train the new skills and wow, no way for any soloist to compete even as a niche industrialist.
    Well thank you, NQ. It all adds up to a major excuse not to play. I am debating just not playing. I liked to build stuff and give away the designs but now it's just work and doing what I hate most - WAITING for something that should be nothing to get done.
    The only gameplay I am thinking about doing now is scrapping everything, freighting it all to my plot on Sanct, and uninstalling.  Industry is just to punitive now.
    I might revisit in a few months to see if NQ came to some form of reality.
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    Emptiness reacted to blazemonger in So, now that the patch has arrived ..   
    I still feel some of the changes are too  soon.
    The removal of Fetch will be causing more tickets
    The industry changes, as I have said before, by themselves are good but I feel schematics are too expensive and could have been brought in at half their price which would have been better IMO.
    The patch it self, sorry NQ but this is a terrible sloppy rush job. Very obvious unfinished text, variables that have no value so are showing. No creative thinking on how a schematic collection with limited numbers is implemented, not properly lined up buttons and there's more..
    The skills gating the industry elements is something I feel is a good balance option to allow players to get a somewhat even start. Yes, big orgs will have industry set up but only T1 and they will need to train into using higher tiers and then build them. Smaller orgs can start collecting ore while these skills train and make enough to get the elements and schematics they may need.. It's not perfect but fair enough and it did somewhat "mellow" my opinion on this.
    The autoconfig being broken is a big issue and needs to get fixed quickly
    Converting all blueprints to core blueprints in player inventories is a massive mistake and oversight.  You just gave everyone who bought a construct from a player a core blueprint of that construct and they can now copy and change it as they see fit.. very bad and this alone should have been addressed immediately with  a rollback of the servers after a fix. The creators in the game deserve a better response by you.
    Why was it decided cores can't be restored? that is such a bad choice to make IMO and I see no reason why this should be a thing.
    I would have preferred a wipe and expected to see a talent point reset to allow players to rethink their specialization. Some may decide to move away from industry and now have many points in that area. You should really at least refund any industry points or do an overall refund and allow players to respec.
    I still have doubts and question on the choices made but am willing to give the patch a try but please.. get to work on fixing the many sloppy left overs and oversights in the next week or so and certainly close the blueprint loophole asap. IMO the latter should already have happend but should be done by tomorrow at the latest.
    Please, NQPlease, do not be you and let this patch go into Xmas break like this.. show us you are committed to make this work and fix the most obvious and glaring issues in the patch..
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    Emptiness got a reaction from hdparm in Dec 7 Twitch Q&A - Let's Discuss!   
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    Emptiness reacted to Aaron Cain in We now know why...   
    Seeing all these remarks i think we are missing the most important part.
    Apparently there are players, as seen before, that are tipped by interns at NQ about stuff ingame, updates and glitches so they can get profit from it.
    If this is the case it is serious and well, this could end a game even before it starts. Even rumours about it are damaging to a company and a game.
    Who will play a game where some players are informed about how to work around updates and glitches by someone in the company while all others must struggle?
    Since there will be no wipe, any advancement now will be enormous in a few years, but some seem to forget that.
    Remember the enourmous Quanta some got, nooo no issue that will fade away, now we need to buy schematics with quanta......
    Not to go to the conspiracy corner, its simple there should not even be the thought that some players are treated different then others. But then again, we will see
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    Emptiness got a reaction from calewars in Update and my concerns   
    That he's never played in at a player level. Everything he's done has been with creative mode / cheat codes.
    Please, prove me wrong.
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    Emptiness got a reaction from Mordgier in Update and my concerns   
    That he's never played in at a player level. Everything he's done has been with creative mode / cheat codes.
    Please, prove me wrong.
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    Emptiness reacted to blazemonger in Update and my concerns   
    The big problem here is that NQ is pretending the game is in beta when changes like these are clearly not something which you would see in beta at all. It just confirms the game is at best early alpha in actual development state. And in that context, a wipe would be pretty much a given.

    I think these changes may well have a much worse fallout than a wipe would have at this stage and by wiping, NQ would provide a level playing field where yes, a larger org will have advantages for sure, but everyone gets to have a chance to build their position in the game after major changes, unlike now where overnight the "haves" get more and the "have nots" are going to have a _much_ harder time to get anything.
    NQ at least has the sensibility to not also bring in their linked container nerf which I am guessing would have nerfed range to something like 250-300 meters at full talent skills. The justification for this nerf is absolutely mindboggling and just underlines NQ (and from how he spoke on the QA I feel JC especially) is totally disconnected from what  the player base wants or does. NQ is creating JC's sandbox and we get to play in it as long as we do as he envisions we do.
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    Emptiness reacted to Kruzer in Dec 7 Twitch Q&A - Let's Discuss!   
    I take it you've been too busy updating your resume and Linkedin profile to get to the questions?  Probably a good idea.
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    Emptiness reacted to Umibozu in Dec 7 Twitch Q&A - Let's Discuss!   
    Dont forget , how many KL of tier 5 ores  has JC mined, has he ever done the tutorials, how often he visits markets like the rest of us?
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    Emptiness reacted to Maxim Kammerer in NQ - You're doing it wrong.   
    The problem is not just ignoring the player base but always trying to fix issues from the wrong end. This is just another example. NQ realized that players don't use the markets as much as expected (this is the good part). But instead of fixing the markets they are nerfing the industry (and maybe even mining if I read the previous posts correctly). That's an awful idea. Fixing the industry because the industry is broken would be OK. But it is actually is one of the very few working gameplay loops. Yes, there is a small chance that both, the industry and the markets will be saved. But it is more likely to lose both and in the result a lot of players. Good luck with civilisation-building without a population.
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    Emptiness reacted to HangerHangar in NQ - You're doing it wrong.   
    I’m one of the people waiting for an exciting update.   Saying a slow game is now slower is not exciting.
    haven’t logged in for a while.
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    Emptiness reacted to GraXXoR in NQ - You're doing it wrong.   
    @UnclePaulie “Betas aren’t for everyone.” Condescending, much?
    How about ditching the passive-aggressive and just saying it like it is: this game’s new direction is not for everyone. 
    That was always a risk I’m 100% prepared to take every time I back a project. As a kickstarter/ Indiegogo backer who has also backed independent projects to the tune of >$25,000 over the last seven years, with virtually no failures so far, I’m well aware of what a beta is, thank you very much. 
    I backed this game initially but have not put another dollar into it beyond the two contributer packs (gold or whatever they were called) back in 2016/2017 or something.  

    I found this game fun and have probably got my money’s worth (about 1000 hours played for less than $1000 is a bargain in my book)
    so I’m quite happy to say to DU: “Thanks for the fun. Good luck and maybe see you again if things turn out how I want and envisaged.”
    Finally, considering every single game I’ve ever played since I got my first proper gaming PC rig in 2013 I first played as an alpha or a beta (without exception) I’d say you are dead wrong. 
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    Emptiness reacted to Mordgier in Dec 7 Twitch Q&A - Let's Discuss!   
    I would like to know for next Q&A how many meganodes JC found and mined out before coming to the conclusion that mining is too easy and linking to containers need to be nerfed.
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    Emptiness reacted to Mordgier in NQ - You're doing it wrong.   
    We didn't start out with the idea of building a megafactory in DU.
    We wanted to PvP - but it was awful - so we decided to play the game that we got even if it wasn't what we really wanted. 
    We build up our industry. With all the hell that is - with the awful hundreds of transfer units, system errors, horrific lag when you whip out the link tool and it took weeks.....as in about 8 weeks total.
    Of those 8 weeks I spent basically all of them underground constantly mining to keep the factory producing the factory....
    When wrecks got added - I figured I'll log back in and do something besides mining - flew around - found nothing all night. Logged out. Haven't logged in since.
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    Emptiness reacted to Mordgier in NQ - You're doing it wrong.   
    You're well on the path of going the way of Worlds Adrift.
    You want to nerf industry because everyone is building their own 'Iphone' - fine - what are they going to do instead? What else is there to do instead? 
    You want to add element destruction? Great - I'm with you. It needs to happen. But maybe just maybe pairing it with the removal of the Alt-F4 mechanic, removal of Discord support and on top of that nerfing production isn't the best idea? 
    You think mining is too easy? Grea.....wait what....what? WHAT?! Have you mined in DU? How much? Look, ask anyone who has filled a 10L hub every two nights, there is nothing 'easy' about mining. It's boring. It's tedious. It's concentrated drudgery and one of the primary reasons I don't play DU anymore - but what it is not is 'easy' and never even in my most drunken state (and I admit I sure didn't mine sober) did I think that "Hey maybe if I couldn't link to my 10L hub mining would be better!" . In fact, when linking was broken, I just didn't play the game. 
    Just the fact that JC thinks that linking is the issue with mining - not literally everything else - makes me lose all faith in his judgment. Of all the things wrong with mining - linking isn't  one of them. Nor is the lack  of "mining hazards"...
    The community has over and over and over asked for constructs that can mine - empyrion style - give us drills we can put on hovers - give even bigger giant drills we can put on stationary constructs. Give us anything besides handmining because 'easy' it's not - it's at least 7th level of hell grade tedium - and 9th if you have to deal with phantom nodes and pending operations. Unless of course you take my approach, get drunk and watch netflix so that the next day you forget about how hellish mining for 6 hours straight was.
    Unfortunately I've remembered enough of those nights over time to stop logging in to DU...and the upcoming changes and theroycrafting about the future of mining have made it extremely clear that JC does not play DU either...he may goof around in his castle - but he sure hasn't built a mega factory nor has he mined the ore to get the resources to build his giant fortress if he thinks all those things are too easy...
    Seriously - JC just logs in - looks at all the stuff others built and his take away is that mining and mega factories are too easy? It took us weeks of drudgery......I can't even...
    Edit: Also - cores not repairable?! Masterstroke....
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