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  1. Because NQ is directly asking what is causing ppl to leave or want to leave. And ppl are letting them know. If you haven't notice the lack of activity in the forums, discord, in game. Thats great that you're enjoying the game but they notice it as much as we did and thats what they're trying to figure out. Player retention is key for games to survive an a few ppl happy with the game does not keep it afloat.
  2. Blue print means they can build it as many times as they want as long as they have the materials. Token means selling the actual ship without being able to bluprint it themselves(there's some workarounds ro this however)
  3. I dont think being self sufficient is bad. I spend about the same amount of time in the markets as I have in other games. (When I wanted something or for convenience) the economy needs help but forcing the already dwindling player base to something radical will probably won't bode well.
  4. This. ^^^^ It could probably have more explanation but at its core this. The game wants to be tedious because "realism" or because that's the "designers vision" in areas it really doesn't need to. But where is the realism in bot trading, magical safe zones, scrap repairs, nano pack crafting, etc. Also, one of my biggest complaints would be that they want to make the game harder and I don't think is going to pay off like they want it to. One example I can think off is with the new power management system is going to make ir so you can't use the same amount of brakes you can use right now. A new player goes building a ship so he can leave atmosphere and when coming back he crashes because breaking and landing from atmo is not as easy as most space games. You can say realism but loss of progression because of mechanics in game that are not well explained will make a lot of new players want to rage quit on the spot..... they crashed in....
  5. Ooooooh someone is lying to start some drama oooooh
  6. Basic things new players should do is go to sanctuary once you get sanctuary territory UNIT(you only get one) deploy speeder nonetheless. And find empty hex (usually 20 to 30k away from the sanctuary market because most of the close ones are taken). Deploy territory unit in empty hex then do whatever you want from there. Keep in mind sanctuary has around a total of 500k total ore per hex so you might wanna move out of there as soon as you can buy and transport a regular territory unit, which is a challenge in itself when you first start(a good gun challenge) but a challenge nonetheless.
  7. I couldn't agree more with this statement.
  8. True the start is rough but once you figure out how the game works you get hooked.
  9. And anybody else for that matter.
  10. Private message me and ill add you on discord and can walk you through it in detail.
  11. Repairing and claiming are 2 different things. Im in incline to belive NQ on this one. Keep in mind that things change all the time and some rules might be different now because of bugs or oversight
  12. They can revamp everything for all I care as long as they don't take away what you have.(magic blueprints are ok) tbh I would still play if they did reset I just understand why many ppl would quit if they did complete wipe.
  13. That is even less reason for ppl to get wipe who endure all the bugs. Whatever state the game is in(in any game for that matter)should not warrant a reset because ppl are behind. It is a choice to play or not play the game now.(even with the bugs you're still missing out btw I have more playtime in this game than most the $60+ games I've played)
  14. Thats like saying they should reset Eve online because I just started playing it and ppl that have been playing for years have a huge advantage. Dual universe did wipe a couple of months ago. Eve has been out for years.
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