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  1. They work well for accessing other hidden elements as well.
  2. I'm betting many of you weren't around for WoW's beta ...or a myriad of other beta failures. This is not unusual and is the reason there is a beta. If it were a supposedly "Live Release" and still had these issues I could see the angst, but it's not live, it's a beta that is only in it's first week of being stressed by a larger population. It is not even remotely completed to a point where it can go live. I suspect the only reason they changed the pledges to monthly plans and lifted the NDA was because they needed the money.
  3. emergency control unit (ECU)
  4. Then why is there an "update pledge" button on your Dual ID page and not an "update subscription" button?
  5. Instead of making us run 8km to get to our speeders after they've been moved to overflow, maybe you could provide a taxi or a transporter to get us there. Or better yet, have a parking garage next to the market where we can just call it up.
  6. It this case the sub were paid for is actually a "pledge" ....they generally don't come with assurances.
  7. Yup ...the perils of beta. I'm still working on getting back the needed stuff I lost ...I think the NQ Staff are a bit overwhelmed atm ...lol
  8. check the map ...the respawn doesn't always put you back at the same the same district you were at when you got sent to space. (that is exactly what happened to me as well) ...try to determine which district you started in ..the shuttle in that district will take you to the corresponding sanctuary. You can use the district teleporters to move from one district to another then use the shuttle to get from the district to sanctuary. Your speeder is most likely not under the surface, but rather on the other side of the planet.
  9. Bummer about the speeder ..I lost all my stuff in a respawn and bought all the parts for a new speeder for about 250k just to find the old one after constructing the new one ..so I deconstructed one of them and cant sell any of the parts to regain my money ...lol I've been working two days so far to get back to where I was. edit* ..the 100k is a daily login bonus
  10. The game gives 100k a day as a bonus ..and you can request items like your repair tool or other needed stuff that was lost from the NQ Staff in discord ..they will help. If you're stuck away from your location you can request a transport back to where you were. If you have lost your speeder do a "locate construct" and it will give you a waypoint to it.
  11. There doesn't seem to be ...and a character reset only resets the character appearance and puts you at the beginning of the tutorial. If you lost your inventory due to a respawn you will not get any of it back. Trying to regain items received in the tutorial is not possible as it has already given them to you and will not give another.
  12. I'm putting this here because I don't know if it's a bug or not. I can't seem to get an answer from anyone in game or on discord and I don't want to do a bug report if it's not a bug. I thought I lost my speeder the other day and bought the parts I needed to build another. After building it I learned how to track your constructs, leaving me with two speeders. I decided to deconstruct one because I needed my money back more than I needed an extra speeder. Now I am left with the parts in my inventory and I get nonsensical error messages when I try to create a sell order with them. My question ..is this a bug or are we not allowed to sell the items gained from something we deconstructed? top one is trying to sell an emergency controller ..the bottom, a sensor s
  13. Last night I got teleported out into space while doing the building tutorial. After an 1 1/2 hours floating with no help I decided to force a respawn which deleted all but the most basic items in my inventory. As I wasn't that far along in the game I asked for a character reset and the NQ staff obliged. This only reset the character appearance not the progress so I was stuck in the tutorial building unable to progress and reclaim the items given to me during the tutorial. With that I used "pg down" to advance thru the tutorial so I could exit the building. I was able to claim my plot on sanctuary before this ordeal started and I was given back my repair tool by NQ staff so I don't need to replace that or the STU (I think that's it's name) I was also given an extra 100k while I was logged out over night. So I just finished spending 250k buying the parts I need to replace my speeder. (I have 40k left over) SO now I am left with trying to determine what I am still missing ..the only thing I'm sure i'm missing is the respawn unit thing they give you during the tutorial and I have an empty planetary tool slot that was full yesterday ...beyond that I have to idea what I am missing. I was hoping it would be possible to have someone post a screenshot of what is in there just after the point where the land on sanctuary is claimed. Here is a screen of what I have after buying the parts I need for the speeder. If someone could point out what I am missing that would be appreciated as well. Thanks
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