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  1. hello, it would be nice to know how many constructs we have in our name. aand also it would be nice to know in the list of constructs (map) in which orga the constructs appear.
  2. hello as you know the spae market is fully laguy often i suggest: no static before 3 SU of the space market. ship less 3 SU of the space market abandonned after 7 days
  3. hello, it would be nice if we could test our ships at our base without a timer to switch to build mode. - radar test (target identification) - shooting test (unobstructed weapons) - transponder script test. because with each radar patch, I have to test more than 20 different military ships and it may increase currently it takes me about 10 minutes per ship to do the vital tests out of firing because in this case you have to add the 10 minute delay before going into build mode or being able to warp to the base. and to go to test zone that need near 15 cell warp
  4. hello i think timer 24h for run mission aphelia special is not good for Australian and Japanes... they play when the timer mission go out.... maybe give 3 day timer ?
  5. Kormolos

    V key

    hello, it would be nice a little light that comes on to confirm that the V key is on. so that we are sure to be able to see the ship icons, wrecks etc.
  6. Kormolos

    lua channel

    hello, it's really very annoying that as soon as you activate a remote control or a PB, the chat channel in game switch to Lua channel automatically. It would be nice if the game let me decide if I want to go to the lua channel or not. thank you.
  7. hello, I suggest for ships placed on space platforms, given that we cannot maneuver them if we are not the owner of the ship, I suggest that the owner of the space station can request the abandonment of the ship which is parked on its space platform. this so that he can free up space on his space platform.
  8. Kormolos


    hello It would be great to be able to create a . conf from the seat gunner to the custom folder. as we can extract the lua file from a programming board to the clipboard...
  9. hello, that would be cool a new exotic or rare shield with less weight elemetn ? also can we know the number of HP generated by the shield on element info ?
  10. the idea is not for contact my team mate. it s for i can contact unknows people in range 2SU around me; like if i m pirate for i can ask ransom before shoot and kill. or if i m patroller anti pirate for i can ask identity of the people on the asteroid.... etc
  11. hello, when you dismantle a ship and there is a very small shitty adjuster left to find.... it would be cool if by hovering the mouse over the word adjuster in the list an arrow appears on the element to find it easily
  12. hello actually the local channel range in deep space is 1KM........ !!!!! we need local channel range at 2 SU around us for we can communicate for patrol / piracy / ransom / identification etc. please
  13. hello, I think it would be a big mistake to remove the schematics in the game. if no shema, everyone will again want to make their gigafactory to be able to manufacture everything in their corner as before the shema. so no more interaction between players, it will be like playing civilization solo in an MMO. after the wipe, you need a system that consumes quanta, such as the breakage of PVE elements for example as with 0.23. it takes a quantum difficult to earn otherwise in a year everyone has new 50 billion and what do we do? do we rewipe?
  14. hello, We discussed about the pvp, especially with some legion and other player. and we make the following proposition: - Adding voxels would increase the hit points of the shield. - 10,000 M3 of mandatory voxel for an L ship, 5,000 M3 of mandatory voxel for an M ship, etc... - have a minimum of voxel CSS to maintain the structure of the ship for a role play side of physics. Our concern being that ships without voxels have a much lower cross section and are therefore more difficult to hit and therefore have a better chance of winning the fight. We are also campaigning to increase the HP of elements, especially weapons. because an L weapon with 5,000 HP is just ridiculous, while a large antenna has 100,000 HP... thank you
  15. hello, you should respawn asteroids every day of the week, monday asteroids, tuesday asteroids, wednesday asteroids etc. a little each day. because by making them pop on Saturday, in reality nobody goes there because everyone knows that it's very campy.
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