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  1. hello NQ you should remove the phrase in-game when loading the game: The good thing about science is that it's true whether you believe it or not. (Neil DEGRASSE TYSON. To inform you even the Pope at the beginning of the century finally retracted on the assertion that God had created the big bang because the priest LEMAITRE made it clear to him that it would not be prudent to link God to the science because science can be wrong, and what would happen if one day we realize that there has not been a big bang? or that the big bang is not the first etc ... Affirming so strongly that sc
  2. hello, i'm a big player with thousands of hours on DU already since the beta started. We have one of the prettiest bases in the game (Spaceboys) on Sanctuary, very well developed. I ask for a general WIPE and without BP magic. A new start on the basis of the original 0.23 with Sanctuary as the only safe place as promised at the start. No more ships with 30 wings, pvp everywhere except sanctuary. breaks elements whatever the conditions (PVE / PVP / crash etc) here bonjour, je suis un gros joueurs avec deja des milliers d heures sur DU depuis le lancement d
  3. it s very cool this destruction element and limitation size gun / core. also the idea if you play a cube pvp ship you get more damage is fun. all good for me ty
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