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  1. hello, it would be great if we could change an element, for example an engine by a simple click on the old engine then by choosing in the list another engine either more powerful or even damaged. without losing links etc.
  2. hello we are the Spaceboys milicia pro governement Aphelia. we declar we form a french fleet for start patrol in no governemental space. our rule is simple: we engage any ship with guns. we let fly in peace any ship not armed, except if it used to hauling our loot.
  3. bonjour la milice pro gouvernemetnal Spaceboys declare se doter prochainement d une pettie flotte de patrouille afin de garantir la libre circulation des biens et des personnes dans les zone non gouvernementale. Notre politique d engagement est dons la suivante: Nous engagerons tout vaisseau equipé d armements ! nous laisserons librement circuler tout vaisseau non armé. sauf ci celui ci est utilisé pour transporter notre butin de guerre.
  4. the idea of this topic is to say L and M ship are not expensiv and then every body fly in L ship. if we wan people fly XS or S more, we need to increase the cost of M and L ship
  5. i like this idea could be cool to change honeycomb in bp for deployment. or element even. but i think it s lot of work coding for NQ
  6. i mining asteroid in PVP zone pretty everyday with a tiny XS hauler without DSAT on it. i do that since begining of asteroid pretty everyday and i die only 2 time... cheack your DSAT on base static before go to get the asteroid location from broadcasted list. have a VR station i nyour ship for can cheackl later your DSAT with VR. it s easy
  7. you suggest i lobying for my rescue profession ??????? arg..... i m dying !!!!!! i wan 0.23 now !!!!! 😛
  8. i suggest if account is subbed then server keep stuff. if account is no more subbed, then after 3 month all stuff go wreck / ruins and can be salvaged
  9. i see one NQ member say in discord the game is actually more soft than the original vision......
  10. the problem is i come to DU BECAUSE NQ say "we will do a new EVE ONLINE AND MINECRAFT. so that mean DU will be a hard core game as eve online. i come to DU for this reason. if NQ had say we will do a god mod WOW and Minecraft, i will never come in this game. they attracted player Eve online, now they need to respect the promess
  11. hello NQ install patch 0.23 >>> cryers claim for easy game >>> NQ remove 0.23 >>> game going easy >>> game going boring >>>> cryers leave boring game..... Eve online dont listen cryers, this game is up since 20 years in hard mode, even safe zone is never safe.... people cry when they see the difficulty, but they are even happier after overcoming it. you promised to make an eve online mixed with Minecraft in a newspaper that I read in France. 0.23 was consistent with this vision. all being alive is a natural learning process. one does not become good at chess by playing against weaker than either. you do not gain muscle by lifting a pencil, it takes heavy, difficulty to build yourself well. a game that is too easy is a game without challenge, it is very boring. NQ please, stop listening to people who cry to make it easier, they don't know that in reality they will like and be proud of them when they have overcome the obstacle. you promised only Sanctuary would be safe, and we all know Sanctuary is a bad place to develop. But as you had promised that only Sanctuary would be safe zone forever, many of us settled there our first base ..... and when you declared a few months later that finally all the safe zone Alioth + madis + thades will remain safe, how many of us have found ourselves disgusted with our base on sanctuary which is a bad planet ... how many have left because of this radical change in policy. You promised to make Dual Universe an engaging game, in the Eve online and minecraft styles. However Eve online is a hard core game, we are never completely safe in eve online. This is what you promised and it is this clientele that you have attracted with your marketing communications. AND by withdrawing 0.23 because of some mourning, you have betrayed your target hard core gamer clientele. We are not sado mazo, we simply know that difficulty is a powerful engine of evolution. and when we succeed in overcoming obstacles we become stronger and proud of ourselves. DUAL universe might be the game of the century, but not some super easy game that will end up annoying even those who cried. please 0.23 come back
  12. hello i suggest resurection node can be installed only on core static or space base. or can be installed everywhere but very expensiv.
  13. Kormolos

    drop loot

    hello i think it s important pirate can get the loot. even if i lovely hate pirats 😛 so i suggest we can delete stuff in container only in a static core base. or an idea from Knight-Sevy use a timer ca nnot delete loot i ncontainer when it s in pvp time
  14. hello, i just wan say you i know god wan 0.23 is back!!!! and quick
  15. in eve online, the best ship in my opinion is nightmare. and why does everyone not fly in nightmare? because it is incredibly expensive fully equipped. I think the current pvp balancing problem is that the M and L ships are way too easy to access and inexpensive. the cores should be much more expensive. the arty L seat should cost at least 30 million and the large shield should cost 300 million for example. a good L ship is a fleet flagship, it should cost in the billion. this would leave room for smaller ship use as in eve online.
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