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  1. hello, it would be nice to have a virtual garage to store our ships so that they are no longer displayed in the game and therefore free up their core slot.
  2. hello Given that a voxel library is very milky near our base, would it be possible to have an option on the kernel to hide it at will.
  3. Kormolos

    icon map

    hello It would be nice if we could have custom icons to put on our tiles on the map.
  4. Kormolos


    hello ! It would be nice for miners to have a small progress bar filling our container while we mine it must be feasible on a small lua HUD?
  5. hello, I think it would be a very good option if you could upgrade an engine by right-clicking on it like replacing a broken engine. for example I have a basic engine on my ship, and I want to replace it with an advanced engine. I put the advanced engine in my linked container and then when I right click on the basic engine, it offers to replace it with my advanced engine which is in my inventory. without cutting the links to the tanks that would be really great as an option, wouldn't it?
  6. hey ARch stay with us !!!!! pleaaaaseeeeeee !!!!! 😢
  7. Kormolos

    new shema

    hello, my industrial friends tell me that the new schema system is too restrictive. they would like a single container where to put all the diagrams necessary for all the machines in the factory and all the machines would take the diagrams in this single container a unique shematic special container for the whole construct.
  8. bonjour ! organizational budget we need to be able to sell on the market for the benefit of our organization, the amounts will go directly to the chosen organization in the event of a sale. We also need an automatic tax for the benefit of our organization for each member on each sale or income.
  9. Kormolos


    hi automated organization tax taxe d'organisation automatisée
  10. Kormolos

    RGB windows

    hello ! add RGB option on window :)
  11. hello, it would be nice to know how many constructs we have in our name. aand also it would be nice to know in the list of constructs (map) in which orga the constructs appear.
  12. hello as you know the spae market is fully laguy often i suggest: no static before 3 SU of the space market. ship less 3 SU of the space market abandonned after 7 days
  13. hello, it would be nice if we could test our ships at our base without a timer to switch to build mode. - radar test (target identification) - shooting test (unobstructed weapons) - transponder script test. because with each radar patch, I have to test more than 20 different military ships and it may increase currently it takes me about 10 minutes per ship to do the vital tests out of firing because in this case you have to add the 10 minute delay before going into build mode or being able to warp to the base. and to go to test zone that need near 15 cell warp
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