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  1. Exactly, i was not doing to it for the quanta , i could have and been making more thru other means, i took it as a challenge to build ,most expensive schematic wise, warp beacon production line as a solo player, to achieve something similar to what you have done. Im not a builder, so could not build an amazing racing track, or good looking ship(s), went for something im good at, which is being merchant/crafter. To get me back to playing rollback would be sufficient, not the free quanta or schematics as compensation. What is the point having those , when everyone else has them too, in a game , where we are encouraged to specialize.
  2. I will explain why ppl are angry today , using myself as an example: after 0.23 patch, i had to spend 200 mil quanta on schematics to get my warp cell/warp drive factory running again. the decided to go for long grind for warp beacon production line: Schematics/ rare industry units cost me around 450 mil quanta. then managed to accumulate 500 mil towards warp beacon schematic. Long painful grind , hours of mining/hauling / market trading sometimes even at a cost of sleep , as I am an adult with real life responsibilities. 1 Billion 150 million quanta ,I have accumulated at a cost of many many hours ,was yesterday reduced to 11.5 million. Instead of being one of the few making beacons , i have nothing , when some have it for free. How can i be happy and understanding?
  3. And upper management does not see anything wrong with that lmao
  4. With one decision WHOLE purpose of 0.23 patch was just nullified, making very small part of player base very rich, with immediate access to end game items without any investment. I have been patient since day 1 of the Beta. put up with mistakes , bugs, 5 months without new content, but this .... this is a last straw for me. NO, you cant have my stuff Take care
  5. This is a spat in the face of hard working, grinding our asses of, rule abiding players. I have been grinding for a effing month to be one the very few to make beacons, im a nowhere near enough quanta as schematics cost 841 mil for beacon alone. And some shits get those for free , because Devs mistake . Novaquark credibility and reputation has hit rock bottom.
  6. Hey, 1. Resources are finite, but it will be a long time before they run out. 2. One can design factory to be fully automated from ore refining to final product, thats it, no mining bots 3. One can claim a territory/ies on planets/moons, create yes, automate no. It has been stated there wont be any sort of automation of anything.
  7. Scorched Earth tactic is not cheap, it has been used for centuries to deter/ slow down enemy from advancing and deny them any spoils of war.
  8. Firstly ,can not call ganking Cargo ships PVP, secondly no armor will save one from well armed pirate. Thirdly, this whole topic is a consequence of so called Pvpers killing everything that moves without regards to the people on the receiving end, which in turn driven everyone, who didnt loose everything with the ship and quit as a result , to use warp drives.
  9. Multiboxing is not allowed, one can have multiple accounts but can run ONE account on 1 computer at any given time
  10. lower thread count to half of your total
  11. Thats why we asked for community support and global, and possibility to split chats, so we can talk about anything on global, watch community support in case someone needs help with in game questions, and leave current Support channel for NQ staff
  12. We have been asking for a separate Global/ Community support channels for months, with ability to split tabs, so we can pay attention to more than one. So far we have been ignored
  13. New DRM System is missing an option to DELETE the protected scripts and install new ones if we want to.
  14. Right now building meaningful sized factory requires effort, before patch one could start manufacturing beacons few days after starting the game
  15. I agree with you except last sentence, 1b never be pocket change, First: bots with 25g/l for t1 is just temporary, normal price is 12q., players been offering more for a long time . Two: Schematics are going to suck up large amounts of quanta for very long time
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