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  1. Changes too pvp have been announced already so not long till they get implemented, and t5 ore is an incentive, but we need more incentives to leave safe zone.
  2. If the cost gets too high ppl stop visiting outer planets, i certainly don't want to spend 5 hours slowboating thru space. Only hardcore players spend that much a day playing, as for the rest having been forced to spend entire daily session just to travel between planets... well. way to loose even more subscribers
  3. Hello all, Reading threads i have noticed that players complain about not enough things to do , pvpers that they dont have enough pvp etc, etc. So here is my idea: Great man JC has stated himself that Player/Org missions are coming soon, He said that this content will shine when critical population is achieved; But population is shrinking so those quests will not provide enough content as number of quests needs to be equal or higher than number of population. So here is an idea that might please all type of players (except Devs as is time consuming , sowwy): Aphelia's missions : Mission terminals at each market : 1. Safe zone missions - easy missions for newbie to get accustomed with the game and get them hooked up. 2. Outer planet missions - variety of mission with scaled rarity ( rares and harder mission > better rewards) 3. Lore 4. Easter egg hunts Rewards: 1. Talent points limited to certain amount to prevent spamming 2. Non craftable items used in ship building 3. Collectibles ( plants, furniture as an example) 4. Seasonal items ( for example: Christmas sleight designed by Great man JC - giving lucky owner right to brag :D) 5.+ Many more to give Pve community incentive to venture out of safe zone and take some risks. Warp Travel changes: Currently warping is completely safe bypassing all pvp areas. warp exits are small spheres just inside of 2.5 SU safe zone. That could be changed: 1. Instead of small sphere , why not make it the way that warp exit can be random at a distance of 3 to 3.5 SU ANYWHERE around planet no matter from which direction player is warping. 2. Same with warp initiation, move it to 3 SU so one needs to enter pvp zone. I pretty aware that warp changes im proposing , will be made obsolete when safe zones going to be removed; But that is at least 1 year away, so what till then? These changes and idea have several implications as they completely change several aspects that should please every part of community: 1. Shipwrights would need to go back to their drawing boards as changes to Cargo ships will be required. 2. Pve boys and girls would need to put themselves into harms way in order to get those fancy Plant pots and items used for decoration. 3. Pvpers would start to sharpen their teeth as it would give them new playgrounds and more possible targets. I am aware that what im proposing is outside Universe vision of player generated content ,but player base needs a helping hand to grow ,and this is something that would make quitters come back. Best Regards Umibozu
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