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  1. You know they are never going to admit to it. I’ll give you one more. You know how some corps own 50- titles on various planets? All done on week 1 before the flood gates open to the public, with the dirty money before it was capped, and that didn’t get remove either. People knew the money was going to be remove a day before it happened...... Admitting to that would really bury them as it it make it clear that only a selected few get the info before hand, on everything....they will never do it.
  2. At this point the NDA is a mood point as we are already talking about it, so here it is. NQ didn’t listen when people told them to remove the bot orders from the get go, they left them on soft beta release. This in conjunction with leaked information on the location of wrecks (very unbalanced and unfair) and leaked information to a selected few on other matters, including but not limited to ore locations and prices, lead to an unprecedented rush that made a few people extremely wealthy by day 2 of soft release. Now, NQ claimed that some of us where exaggerating the amount of wealth and made a vague statement claiming it wasn’t much and everyone was going to be reset to 50 million. What NQ didn’t say was that they only accounted for the Quantas and not the assets (and that I can prove, as my assets weren’t touch), couple with, yet again, more leaked information to a selected few, made some stack up on billions of hard assets by day 4-5. So they took the money sure.....they didn’t touch the assets, meaning some had enough factories, equipment and everything you can think off to play the rest of their lives without a care. Add that money was also moved prior to the cap to alts and players (50 million a piece), and some people having 6-10 alts, well, you do the math. Now, with that say, I could care less about the above statement and if I can say it or not, at this point it doesn’t matter cause NQ can’t penalized me for breaking anything when they are completely back peddling themselves. So, consider this my last meal before I jump ship for better seas.
  3. They put this game in Steam on its current state the internet will blow up ?, let’s leave it as it is for the next year or so hahaha
  4. Yeap, at some point I had 10 that came from wrecks, 5 per wreck. I still have 2 left but they are bound now, so that’s that. I honestly think we will never get that, at least not in the next 6 months +, which is sad but reality. The more time they spend fixing everything every time someone finds a new way to exploit, the less time they will be adding anything new. Indeed, I was fortunate to find one very early on, the sad part was I only keep half the money due to other issues (no need to say, some of you know lol)
  5. Wrecks are not really new, they were ingame before and removed only a week after implementation due to poor planing and management. They where extremely unbalanced in terms of elements and their loot tables was also extremely generous to the point that one single wreck could potentially net you 10’s of millions. On top of that there where rumors that the locations for the top wrecks was leaked to a selected few, which cause only those selected few to gain an unfair advantage. One wreck that personally found by shear luck net me 85 million, and the few others 1 to 5 millions each. With that said, the question is what are they really doing? Cause everything is basically a change of something that was already in with nothing new to the table since soft release....
  6. I have been very vocal about this since it started happening but it has always been the same, “ it will fine”, “no one is abusing this” kind of deal. At least they stop it, even if it was too late and they allow people to abuse it. It doesn’t matter now, there are bigger fish to fry now...
  7. The discord support channel no longer teleport or repair anything for about a week now, they simply tell people to file a ticket so it’s investigated before anything is done, good luck with that. Also, any issues that are not thecnical in nature are referenced to the in-game admins channel, which, if any are there, results in getting referred back to discord 90% of the time. In about 16 hours of gameplay I saw 1 mod/admin in that channel for about 3 hours.... So it seems that NQ already cut the middle man before implementing this changes, I can’t wait to see what happens next.
  8. Pretty clear that if a container it’s 100% destroyed, everything inside is also destroyed. Only damage containers can be repaired and/or looted/use. So for example, if all your fuel tanks are destroyed, you no longer have any fuel and will stop/drop as engines can’t run; Or if all your ammo boxes are destroyed then you can no longer shoot; Or from your own question, if your cargo container it’s destroyed, then everything inside is lost. I hope that helps.
  9. Regardless my point still stand, if it happens to a player is ok, but if it happens to them is a ban, that’s the problem. We are way pass why it happen and well beyond into double standards after the facts. So it’s ok for me to go and take everything from you if you made an RDMS mistake but god forbids I do the same to any NQ structures, see my point here? When they present a set of half written rules and then 180 on said rules we have bigger issues than all the bugs and exploits that still plagued this game. And just in case, there is still exploits regarding RDMS and TU’s/STU’s that allow me to change permissions even when I’m not allow to, so that’s that. So we are left to wonder what really happened for a ban to occur cause I can’t trust what the players claim vs what NQ is trying to hide.
  10. The issue lays in the matter of reporting and leaving it to luck, that be, they either look at the ticket and close the loop or ignore the ticket until it sorts itself out. Because tickets are backed up for months ( I still have a few exploit tickets open since forever), it’s must likely that the only way this bugs and exploits will be close once and for all it’s when stuff like the market heist happens. I lost it when the banning occurred (even tho I agree 100% on the ban) because the only reason this happened was because it made NQ look really bad on Reddit, nothing else. Yet, the same is happening to players but that’s ok.......double standards it’s the nail in the coffin they really don’t need. With that said, I have never supported cheating in any game, and punishment needs to be handle in all cases and not in a select few, regardless if this is a beta, a paid beta or a poorly executed Alpha pretending to be a Beta. At this point it’s all up to us, do we really want to continue to support this dumpster fire and help put it out or do we simply walk away cause the flames got to big, that’s real question.
  11. This is partially incorrect, there still a bug that allows people to steal from you, even with the right permissions. This includes all cores been static, dynamic or space.
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