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  1. Regardless my point still stand, if it happens to a player is ok, but if it happens to them is a ban, that’s the problem. We are way pass why it happen and well beyond into double standards after the facts. So it’s ok for me to go and take everything from you if you made an RDMS mistake but god forbids I do the same to any NQ structures, see my point here? When they present a set of half written rules and then 180 on said rules we have bigger issues than all the bugs and exploits that still plagued this game. And just in case, there is still exploits regarding RDMS and TU’s/STU’s that allow me to change permissions even when I’m not allow to, so that’s that. So we are left to wonder what really happened for a ban to occur cause I can’t trust what the players claim vs what NQ is trying to hide.
  2. The issue lays in the matter of reporting and leaving it to luck, that be, they either look at the ticket and close the loop or ignore the ticket until it sorts itself out. Because tickets are backed up for months ( I still have a few exploit tickets open since forever), it’s must likely that the only way this bugs and exploits will be close once and for all it’s when stuff like the market heist happens. I lost it when the banning occurred (even tho I agree 100% on the ban) because the only reason this happened was because it made NQ look really bad on Reddit, nothing else. Yet, the same is happening to players but that’s ok.......double standards it’s the nail in the coffin they really don’t need. With that said, I have never supported cheating in any game, and punishment needs to be handle in all cases and not in a select few, regardless if this is a beta, a paid beta or a poorly executed Alpha pretending to be a Beta. At this point it’s all up to us, do we really want to continue to support this dumpster fire and help put it out or do we simply walk away cause the flames got to big, that’s real question.
  3. This is partially incorrect, there still a bug that allows people to steal from you, even with the right permissions. This includes all cores been static, dynamic or space.
  4. This right here bothers me a lot. Specially the bolded line. Countless ships and bases have been completely stolen from under people’s feet, some while the players are right there unable to stop it, and nothing is done but when it’s this case, the ban hammer drops....... And again, it’s that line alone that did it for me. If they don’t ban everyone that have been abusing exploits, bugs etc, they can’t ban this one guy. Hypocrisy at it best because in all other cases they didn’t stop at a few voxels either, they took everything. I guess the dumpster fire just got a hell of a lot bigger. Prime example right here, where are the bans and the compensation for this player?
  5. Permissions have nothing to do with what happened to the OP, this is an exploit that is been use, and you just hear about it cause he posted here but this is not new, it’s months old and has happened to a lot of people, the rest simply didn’t care, or left already.
  6. Someone just robbed Market 15, maybe this will get their attention now.... oh and I mean they took the terminals too, just like it’s happening to bases and ships....
  7. 😯 Maybe now they will fix the exploit, because of course it happened to them.......and maybe someone will get the hammer this time...... Nah, I’m expecting too much 😂
  8. This was reported with step by steps on how to reproduce the third day of soft opening, the ticket was looked at but never responded to and still open right now. The sad part is they won’t do anything about it or punish those involved, good luck OP
  9. This right here is my impression also, it’s like as long as his ego is feed, everything else becomes secondary, just my opinion.
  10. I don’t have any conspiracies at all, it’s a fact that there are “favorites” of NQ that get special info that no one else gets. But on this case specially, something bigger is happening that most are oblivious to it. I bet you anything that this time around they won’t get punish either, and yes, they still abusing exploits and still taking player’s ships out of the safe zone using a new exploit, including the markets. But hey, don’t take my word for it, just wait and see for yourself.
  11. People know, when wrecks came, some knew the exact location of the spawns, when this event started, some know exactly what to do, and like you mention, when they got stuck, they got a hand. Now, I know people will say, proof or it never happened, etc etc, it’s well known that some people are getting hand outs and are told information that is simply not available to the rest, and if that gets me in trouble, I don’t care anymore.
  12. NQ will never touch them, it’s no secret either, I have been trying to tell people for the longest time......has anyone looked on who is the leadership of this org? That is the real question that people avoid. Alts will kill this game, mark my words and remember this in the near future.
  13. The problem is that they continue to do it after told to stop, playing it as “oh I didn’t know this was illegal”. Plus they encourage the use of exploits and cheats on their org charter, they have it written in black and white. But what it’s worst, imho, it’s that even after everything and the continue use of exploits and cheats even after told to stop, no one have been punished at all, again, even after NQ’s post and warning, they are still doing what they where doing before.
  14. Even tho it got a lot better from what it used to be, the support channel still a joke, and biggest joke it’s when people can clearly see that some are abusing the channel to move themselves and their ships around from planet to planet without ever flying it..... some of us have complained about this “extra” service but the facts are simple, they don’t want to loose more people so they give in to keep people happy, even tho they are doing more harm than good.
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