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  1. If they'd just reset all terrain weekly that wasn't within 5km of a player construct, they could have solved the problem without destroying an entire gameplay loop.
  2. Reading the posts here, it's clear that calibrations shouldn't give any ore bonus. Just keep the unit at 100% and passive hourly income only. Yet again, NQ creates a game mechanic rife for abuse and economy breaking exploits. Have they ever consulted an economist?
  3. In most MMOs, almost everything has a vendor price, especially player crafted items.
  4. What happens if you click log in? The name/password texts should say 'saved x'.
  5. The current devs are utterly incompetent. I quit playing again because I got fed up with dealing with schematics. Pures and alloys should never need them, at the least.
  6. It's already pay to win. More accounts means doubling up on missions and more mining calibration charges so more quanta per day selling the ores, etc.
  7. Not really seeing what's broken/buggy here. The mining unit is working fine. Your calibration is at 71%, you need to calibrate again when possible to bring it to 100%.
  8. Are you trolling? If not, your post is grossly offensive and attention-seeking.
  9. I landed several times at Market 12 earlier. Archaegeo, I think you're making an issue out of nothing.
  10. Does it show orbital info? Looking into alternatives now that Arch has quit the game.
  11. Did you set it as HQ? I can still do industry on my unpaid tile.
  12. Same. They say they want a player run economy yet this element seeding completely ruins the concept.
  13. Do the VR station atmo challenge and just use it as a way to learn to fly ships better without the stress of actual loss.
  14. Yes, this. So tired of splitting schematic stacks to refill my product producers.
  15. If you use Windows 10, check Settings -> Ease of Access -> Color filters. I've been mostly ignoring my colorblindness for years but finally checked after DU's settings prompted me and I can actually see everything now. Those tiles literally pop out against the background.
  16. You still need calibration charges to do that. If you're maintaining enough mining units, you won't have any extra. It's a nice boost early game.
  17. Why should it be at the center? Perhaps the warp drive internals cause this.
  18. Gotten disconnected twice in two hours and had a 200+ person queue when trying to log back in. Midday, on a Wednesday. What the heck is going on with the servers?
  19. They're actually doing a full wipe? I might actually start playing again if that's the case, when it happens.
  20. May I recommend an adblocker? I hear they're all the rage these days.
  21. The entire economy has been broken from the beginning. Buying billions of ore just to process and sell it to NPC buy orders should never have been a thing.
  22. Every time I check back on these forums, NQ has found another hilarious way to troll the playerbase. And yet the players keep playing.
  23. Would you mind posting a link, please? I have not been keeping up with this game's news.
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