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  1. Cool. Based on a 550k profit per day, that's only ~2 months to recoup the investment.
  2. Warp cells just need to be removed. Make warp drives have a cooldown after use or something instead. Or make it like Space Engineers and each warp drive can only haul so much mass so far. A heavy hauler would need a dozen or two.
  3. Could make penalties for orgs over a certain member limit. Let's suppose that for up to x members, upkeep on org owned territory is free. For every member over that limit, each org owned hex incurs a certain daily upkeep in quanta. 10 players? Fine. 20 players? Still fine. Cap is 25. At 30 players, each hex costs 1 million quanta per day fee. At 50, each hex costs 5 million quanta per day. Would make life very interesting.
  4. Sometimes I wonder if the devs have ever played or even seen any other similar games, or if they're trying to reinvent the wheel from first principles.
  5. To add insult to injury, I tried repairing one of the large stabs. Restoring it consumed one of its lives. And I did not realize large stabs have 55k hp... I do not envy whoever owned it and now has to repair it. RIP that ship.
  6. The other day, I warped to Madis and saw a ship parked next to the warp point. I landed on the ship and activated its physics. Went back to my ship and followed it down to Madis over the course of ~10 minutes and watched it crash and burn. Fun stuff.
  7. That would enable a 1-way conversion of talent points to quanta. The people with 10+ beta key accounts would love it. 150k tp is basically what one gets in a day.
  8. When I first started playing Dual Universe, I thought that the Anti Gravity Generator would make its construct completely ignore gravity. Fly down to a planet surface in a straight line from orbit at 1000km/h. Start on a planet surface and go vertical to orbit even with a single atmo engine XS and a single space engine XS, albeit with really slow acceleration. The reality was exceedingly disappointing, and the nerfs even more so. Let's make AGGs actually fun to use.
  9. A good idea, but what if a trusted uploader account is compromised? The repercussions could be severe...
  10. A better way to implement the schematics would be to make them optional at first (to give players time to switch over and not kill all factories dead instantly) and tweak based on player feedback and only then make the schematics mandatory. Instead, they made them mandatory, full stop, and chaos reigned.
  11. Why are there no space based markets? Really should be at least a few...
  12. All of which were spent in cryo, with no technological development occurring. Our ingame tech level is still back where it was when the arkship left Earth.
  13. I've heard that way back in Alpha, ship design actually involved paying attention to the interaction of Center of Thrust and Center of Mass. That kind of challenge? Because it's something I really wish was still in the game.
  14. I believe that your suggestion is confusing tedium with difficulty.
  15. Agreed. Edit: And now for my personal opinion: As a long time Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers player, I think that the current element destruction/repair system is far too casual. However, this is said from the perspective of someone who has never lost a ship to a disconnect or crash, and has never crashed a ship on accident; only in deliberate testing. I understand that many people say they have had problems with crashes and disconnects and the 'ship continue moving' patch made it so they would have much harsher penalties. A potential solution to this whole mess would be to make the emergency controller (1) baseline to a ship core and (2) much better at emergency ship control.
  16. Oh, are we doing religious greetings here? Alright. Happy Sol Invictus, everyone.
  17. This. I come from Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers, where a ship crash at speed means complete replacement is needed. Not this easy mode garbage where even a light-speed equivalent crash into a planet just means repair with magical scrap and fly away.
  18. Honestly, I think that all ore tiers should generate in equal quantities. The increased mining time already prevents their acquisition very fast (although I would not be adverse to higher tier ores mining time greatly reduced), and if someone wants to use a massive quantity of t3/t4/t5 for honeycomb for a creative project, the cost is prohibitive. 400kl of a t1 or even t2 for a lot of honeycomb? No problem. 400kl of a t5 for honeycomb? Currently, that's a colossal waste. Builders should not be punished for wanting to use interesting honeycombs.
  19. The below is part of the reason why some people are asking for a wipe: the unfair advantages accrued in the first week of Beta that only Alpha players could access. Also
  20. I wonder how easily the 'Destroy Them All' one could be cheesed. I suppose it depends if it requires x value of stuff to be destroyed, or just an arbitrary "5 'ships' (xs core is fine)" deal.
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