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  1. Thats what I did the first time it happened, unfortunately its happened twice, I spent the last of my money getting a ride back, I have a cargo hold full of t4 but no money, no means to get it to a market, or even to get back or replace the broken elements, so its game over.
  2. My ship got absolutely trashed after crashing into nothing whilst moving slowly between two tiles - my support ticket has been in for 2 weeks now. Ive cancelled my subscription - its just not playable and feels like its falling apart which is a huge shame, because pre #23 I was totally in love.
  3. Well after crashing my VERY expensive ship into absolutely nothing on a mining trip to Feli Moon, then paying another player $1.5m to warp me back, only to discover my ship was nose up in mid air all totally destroyed with nothing nearby. Luckily I had a spare core in my container, and some t4 scrap, so repaired it all. My ship was on its 2nd full repair after a glitch caused me to burn up in Alioths atmosphere due all the distance, altitude, pitch, roll and speed data to suddenly vanishing on my final approach, so after this I then was on my last repair for the majority of elements. Yesterday, I was moving to another tile, over flat terrain, radar on, the nearest construct was 4.5km away, and BOOM! I crashed into nothing AGAIN! I was only travelling at 200kph! I know it was a nasty smash up as I respawned on Alioth. Fair enough if my ship had crashed due to my error, but it hasnt been, not once. This really is the nail in the coffin for me - its hard enough getting a decent ship together after hours of mining, but to then lose it because of bugs is really poor. Ive gone from loving this game to hating it in less than a month. And this is where we part ways. Sorry DU, you just havent delivered the idea that was sold to me - its full of serious flaws, bugs and fundamental gameplay issues.
  4. I was totally in love with this game pre #23...I even went out a bought a beast PC when I started in Oct, just to play it. I was sucked in by the marketing, and even though it was pitched as a Beta, the impression promoted by NQ is that its waaaaaaay more developed than it is. Even though it was a bit repetitive, you could usually achieve something in the game, even in just small steps: you always felt like you were moving forward. Now the tiny pay-offs for huge amounts of tedium, mixed with the brutal damage to cores and element repair, simply dont feel worth the investment of time. It is basically dull, frustrating and tedious. I have REALLY tried since the patch to find something in it, and be positive; so I ventured off Alioth to get some decent ore. Upon my return, a glitch caused there to be no altitude/distance data and suddenly I was in the atmosphere, far too fast. Burned up and respawned on the other side of the planet. Now its drudgery-tastic picking up what i need to repair and getting back to sell some t5 that took a day to get out of the ground. But then do what? rinse & repeat... the game is 'all fur coat and no knickers' - theres no substance behind it. No content. I am now logging in daily just to colled my $ and hoping that something will change soon, because right now it is dulll A.F. and all my interest in it has seriously evaporated.
  5. Thanks everyone! yeah, it turned out that 'steel product' goes in the smelter, 'Steel' goes in the honeycomb refiner...obviously...🙄
  6. Since my VERY modest industry ground to a halt after #23 Ive been slowly buying schematics to get things moving again, however, I cant use schematics in some of my existing machines as they are not the right 'type'. So looking at the markets, there are different levels of each machine now, so for example, I blew a fortune on an Assembler XL the day before the dreaded patch was announced - and now wont take any schematics. On the market they are now listed as 'Advanced Assembly Line'. Also I cant insert the Steel schamtic in a Smelter M, even though the production shaows it can be made in this unit...? Does this means that my old machines are effectively useless? or are they still capable of producing anything at all? Is there somewhere this information is available? Is there some kind of list showing what each machine can still produce? Or have I lost a ton of cash forever? thanks!
  7. I had a similar experience mining out some T3 which had taken me an age to get to, i was about 20m away and i just kept getting the ‘invalid cell version’ message. So I restarted the game, and then was brought back to the surface, with all traces of my tunnel gone... dont know what the issue was. I redug another shaft nearby and got to the node with no issue..very odd.
  8. Actually, thinking about it, I think I did! Good thinking.!..now...how to get the DRM released...? [scratches beard]
  9. Ive got a bit of a curious thing going on too- i built my own ship and recycled some honeycomb and a few parts from a ship i bought when i started (and subsequently smashed up) all of a sudden it seems the rights from the original builder have been inherited into all the new elements I since added, including all the voxels, engines, controls yada yada. I cant create a blueprint of my creation, and I havent a clue which elements were on the original.. its possibly a support ticket job, but any ideas on how to reset them all for my ownership would be most welcome! (I'm listed as the owner, so not sure where to begin with this one!)
  10. after seeing other posts by the person i responded to, ive removed this comment.
  11. Get rid of repair limitations to elements on ships build with x-small cores (for newbie learner flyers) Suspend damage to all elements until all the bugs are out - I darent fly at the moment after a game crash wrecked my ship. Only require schematics for larger, more complex, higher-value items. Increase the container range to minimise the drudgery of mining and the often inability to land within container range at a busy market. Increase nano pack containment volume to reduce boring , repetitive mining trips and help newbies get established. Implement a flying tutorial in the piloting hub for newbies and make atmosphere height information available in planetary data. Implement a lua tutorial in the building hub. Reduce overall boring 'waits' for things like non-warp interplanetary travel and travelling to a market in the early stages of the game. Improve introductory tutorials with better explanations and de-bug it! Clean up markets and make the landing platforms larger. Implement an industry 'buy back' scheme for those of us who have invested heavily in this prior to the 2 day patch notice. Improve voxel engine with more scope - we should be able to build with angles and curves. Include a table of which talents unlock what core allowances in the codex. Improve and update the general marketing around the game to make it clear exactly what the state the game is in and what youre signing up for - currently it is misleading in its scope and gives the impression the game is more complete and stable than it is, especially if you dont know what a Beta is (not everyone is a gamer/programmer). Improve the market interface. Add more variation in content - ie. Other ways to generate income, ways to involve collaboratively with other players & orgs, more exploration & story.
  12. what’s wrong with you people..? theres loads left to do: press ‘W’ and the left mouse button for 2 hours, admire your post-industrial landscape blighted by defunct machines, or live dangerously with the unending thrill of daring not to lift off the planets surface incase you're stranded in the a-hole of nowhere with a 2su 400kmph joyride back on your campactible to the nearest market to not buy a replacement core or scrap. For a racey change, why not spend 3 hours flying each way to a planet with some ore so you can crash upon return and lose it..? Or why not while away the hours between your government hand-outs to browse the markets and imagine what your grand kids can buy, assuming of course you dont die of boredom before you procreate. honestly... now shut up and get back to that rich, rich vein of worthless quartz you think you might find.... W click W click W click W click W click W click W click W click....... ooh wait, plateau...left or right...oh god, the thrill.... lets go left...W click W click W click & hold, cant get through, click everywhere...W click W click W click W click W click W click W click W click... directional scanner says -12, -56 degrees...W click W click /w click /w click W click W click W click W click W click W click, click and hold....cant get through.... OMG, better stop, too excited....ill never sleep tonight. Total adrenaline.....
  13. well, thats something at least... but an email to subscribers would’ve been better than a tweet that not everyone would see...they managed to send one out about the patch in the first place.
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