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  1. Havent played since the introduction of Mining Units. Popped back to see how things are going (havent logged in to the actual game though) and I can see that my hopes of the game finding itself again are just a pipe dream. So glad I left when I did and didnt waste any more time and money hoping that NQ would continue to deliver against the concept we all originally bought into. Also, watched this video… C R. I. N. G. E.
  2. At the risk of being banned for being too negative , I agree 100%.
  3. Ooh and then imagine their sheer joy of carting their meagre trade for an hour on their porta speeder from the nearest Sanct tile they picked (located 3000 miles from a market) just to discover they’ve made enough money to buy a small potted plant. Rock and Roll.
  4. finding an asteroid to attempt a quick mine and leave before being obliterated. Not that I can afford to repair my ship anymore even if I survived, or in fact, warp cells to get anywhere tbh...
  5. I do think they’ve finally managed to kill their own game. This is NOT what was promised at sign-up, DU has gone from an addictive ‘great’ to an unbearable ‘groan’ in a single year with NQ clearly learning nothing from .23. Demeter sucks. Who does this game even cater to now...?
  6. I first played DU at the beginning of the UKs first lockdown, so around 18 months ago. I was drawn in by the promises of the marketing: that I could forge out any path I wanted - I could be a builder, trader, explorer, be part of an org, or go it alone. My experience was off to a shakey start with a buggy intro, but I knew it was a ‘beta’ so I persevered and was hooked. I became obsessed... I loved it. After a disgusting amount of time playing non stop, I started to make progress, bought my first warp drive, built a space station and some little bases dotted about, life was sweeeet. Then #23 hit. Massive bummer. I took a break for a couple of months, and came back, none of my mates did. I assessed the damage, regrouped and started again. It quickly got really boring - really not into PVP - and dont have the funds for it anyway, but kept going with the promise of the new asteroid gameplay (thought I might risk some super-fast prospecting). Turns out, this isnt for single, newish, resource-poor players either, but nothing in the promo material indicated this would be inaccessible outside an org with deep pockets (or, of course, an early player whos taken advantage of the abundant ore, bugs and exploits). The new announcement of the features of Demeter frankly spells the end of the downward trajectory for newish players like me. Theres no way to really amass the resources to access interesting play outside joining an org - which wasnt the reason I signed up. No doubt the game will continue to have draconian brakes applied through money & time sinks to curtail the large orgs and mega factories, but it feels like the game has shifted to cater to these, whilst simultaneously trying to save server resources. There needs to be a realistic and honest disclosure of what the gameplay is for new players, ie. join an org if you want to play beyond a few weeks. I tried to play today for the first time in months, the new warp drive speed seemed like the perfect, sad metaphor. Warp Cells are ridiculously expensive, DSATs are beyond ridiculous both in scale and cost - the game feels joyless now, where it used to feel alive, vibrant and full of possibility. Its a huge, huge shame the direction the game has gone in, it could've been so good. But thanks DU for a great experience while it lasted, it was a great escape for me, for few months at least...
  7. One small, but annoying thing for me is the destination cursor - its really hard to tell whether its locating a point directly below you or on the other side of a planet. It would be good if it changed colour to indicate a clear line of sight or not. Thats drives me nuts.
  8. Same here! I have anewly built beast PC with a good connection - Apollo just freezes. It has to be rebooted for it to work properly after a freezing episode. Also DU now seems very glitchy generally and none of my ships fly like before, so not sure if things have been nerfed - adjusters and breaks in particular seem affected. I like the graphical improvements very much, but I'm a bit gutted that DSAT is soooo expensive - my gang wont be reaching asteroids in the foreseable future.
  9. Well, I still pop in from time to time, occasionally I’ll have a build of something, but it gets old very quickly. Ive been everywhere and cant face anymore laborious digging or smashing up my lovingly crafted ships on markets. Things like my shuttles no longer docking to my agg ships in atmosphere, but dragging the kitchen sink from my space station, pending operations, glitchy flight dynamics and strangely disproportionate impact damage & unpredictable agg, unachievable expensive schematics and the monotony of having to go to markets constantly just suck the joy right out of the experience. Im not particularly interested in combat (not that I can afford it anyway) and the missions are just totally uninspiring. In a nutshell, its boring. Which is a shame, because I think we all can see the potential, and why we keep coming back to see if it is improving...
  10. That doesnt work for me... and believe me I have tried, tried, tried and tried again. Works probably once every 50 attempts...
  11. Thanks for your suggestion -unfortunately Ive tried that many times, but as soon as the carrier moves the smaller ship just gets left behind. Ive tried dropping it with the manoeuvre tool into place so its a good firm contact. Flying it and getting a good solid landing, increasing voxel thickness of the landing zone, rebuilding the shuttle with landing gear at the absolute bottom of the build box, and again with an ugly thick voxel base instead, tried making absolutely sure theres no voxels/element touching except landing gear, trying the previous steps but waiting before moving the carrier... nothing seems to work. Very rarely any version of the latter occasionally docks successfully, but then i cant repeat it - it seems really random. Id love to be able to fly my shuttle and dock it to my agg ship, that was one of the reasons I built it, but alas it doesn’t seem like its going to be practical. Yet leaving my space station Im forever turning my flights int accidental ship-flotsam comets! A real shame this doesnt work better....
  12. Its been a while since anyone posted on this, so either everyones given up on this or someones found a way around this ??Ive tried and tried but cant get docking to work in atmosphere. I have a small shuttle intended to go back and forth to planet surfaces from my agg ship, but no matter how its designed: landing gears, thick voxels etc and whether i manually fly it into place or use the manoeuvre tool it only seems to work 0.000001% of the time. Ive spent a lot of time experimenting but nothing seems to work, Ive even been so nerdy as to keep notes, and the minor successes cant replicated. Theres seemingly no pattern at all... anyone know anything new? does it only work on the first Tuesday of any month with a full moon in it for example...?
  13. Brilliant! Thanks for you help GraXXoR - much appreciated! I thought I was going nuts.
  14. Hi everyone, Apologies in advance if everyone knows about this and I’m raising a really stupid question, but Ive not seen anyone discuss this anywhere, and as with many things in DU, information is hard to come by and most things are learned by trial & error and other players. So, here goes: Im trying to build a ship with a M core on my space station landing pad, however, when I place the core and other dynamic constructs are within the building zone, they seem to somehow merge properties. I noticed this when trying to move the core into position to start the build and two of my other ships moved with it. However if I moved the ships individually, the newly placed core didnt. I then tried to delete the core, but I got the ‘build wasnt empty’ yada yada error, even though Id not added anything. In the end I had to throw all my ships off into space and park them miles away before I could delete the core. Im reluctant to start my next big build here if theres some weird core interaction bug - or is it a DRM thing linked by a space core, or something else Im totally missing? Is it safer to build a ship on a planet? Anyone else experienced this?
  15. Thats what I did the first time it happened, unfortunately its happened twice, I spent the last of my money getting a ride back, I have a cargo hold full of t4 but no money, no means to get it to a market, or even to get back or replace the broken elements, so its game over.
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