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  1. Exactly mine situation! Sitting... waiting... smoking weed)))
  2. Ok. I could understand a problem with communication. BETA. Hope devs will make player tools more functional not turning a game into a "tables simulator" like EVE, which have a very functional GUI IMO. But you have pretty high cliff to jump off when 0.23 hits. Maybe, if I had at least that much quanta, I would not boil over that much. Still I have some industry... But imagine a total newcomer. No money, speeder and territory marker. And he have to pay for everything... poor, poor dirt rat. This is wrong!
  3. That's a GOOD question! And I know this question, because I'm a programmer And now I should ask you: please, tell me, what play style you want to offer to me? I mean: a unique play style, somewhat different play style. Somehting not similar to other games we have on a market today. Please, make me an interesting offer, because I have a problems with creativity of this kind. Actually, I do not know, what play style I need You know, usual story...
  4. This is all good, but if I just started? You have a SPACE STATION (or several), a SHIPS, a QUANTAS! And I have a pair of small buildings on Sanctuary, a free Speeder and a small ship, which I built myself and planned to expand it to travel to space. Just before 0.23... Well, now I'm planning nothing. Acually, I unsubscribed from DU and unlikely will subscribe back. Only if NQ change things. Listen to people here. Who will you sell your schematics? Who will transport you? The only answer (not good for me) - DU will be populated by people with mentality of EVE players. I afraid of it, and if that happens... It's total disaster. And, by the way, what are communication means? How can I receive an order from a person, who need a lift for example?
  5. I believe CP2077 will be a great game. After a patch or two...
  6. Yep. It's another nonesence. Not only recipes cost money now, but sometimes I have to fly somewhere to buy it. I could handle inconveniences (still it's BETA), but couldn't handle stupidity
  7. First of all, I want INTERESTING game. And I do not have a years to spend for nothing but digging dirt. I repeat myself: there are many similar games on the market. I do not want another one. I supposed, that this game will be somewhat different. And, by the way, if economy and social contacts are not starting, then devs should suppose something more interesting than just sloooowing down a progress. And, as I see, there is approximately same social level and economy level as before update. Nothing changed. Ppl just digging their own pits, but slowly...
  8. I will give it a chance... Maybe devs will change their minds?
  9. Right now I'm installing GTAV) I'm suspending playing DU untill they get rid of buying schematics. Cyberpunk2077 is awful. My colleagues tried it... well... it's buggy shitty crap right now.
  10. Yes, it is. Especially after last update. Am I supposed to dig-dig-dig all the time? Now, after last update I have nothing to do, but dig. To be able to produce now I have to buy a recipe. This is total bullshit! There are plethora of games, where I should dig a shit out of a planet so a game starts to be interesting after a MONTHS of real gameplay. I do not want another such game. I have it enough in EVE. I suppose to stop playing DU, if things not change. This is sad. I had a hope, that DU will be different...
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