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  1. You're really confusing what Game Pass is and Stadia v xCloud. You're comparing oranges and apple. xCloud is only about streaming XBox games because it uses old XBox consoles hardware. There are no PC gaming cloud streaming service from Microsoft. Game Pass (without xCloud part) is just a licensing trick for PC games on your PC. It's not cloud streaming. And technically everyone in the field agree that Stadia is way ahead in term of quality and latency (plus xcloud is still limited to 720p where Stadia is at 1080p free or at 4K with a sub). As for Google killing Sta
  2. I don't see how this would solve their technical issues or get big. DU is a free game with subs so it doesn't fit in the Xbox Game Pass licensing model. If you're talking about the cloud gaming aspect of XBox Game Pass (= xCloud), it's for Xbox games only. Their 'cloud' infrastructure are just old XBox One consoles put into blades and racks in their datacenters. I don't see DU running in to these (plus they'll have to port it to XBox first). With Shadow it's worst. It's just like PCs in a datacenter and not the same datacenter that the DU servers are in.
  3. Given what this game want to achieve, imho, the only viable solution would be cloud gaming. This game is made for cloud gaming. Trying to sync a 'client' in each player PCs is just a technical nightmare: there are cache/sync issues load time / zoning time LUA script sharing and performance latency physics issues (remember alt-f4 to stop ship and how it's badly solved) requiring an anti-cheat system on each PC which leads to more issues but more importantly: In the mid & long terms it will prevent adding some major attractive features to the g
  4. in theory yes. in practice you have to deal with teams, skill sets, build process, project management, etc implementing in C is not always possible because the people who can do that have higher priorities, these are not usually the same that can do stuff in LUA. Plus they're still iterating so no point implementing in C something that is not yet full designed and stable. They have metrics we don't have and they're paying a lot of money to AWS (Amazon) for their servers & traffic. Every optimization on server side, storage size and traffic volume translate to rea
  5. At this stage I wouldn't give much importance to this "letter". It really looks like an investor standard boilerplate letter to avoid wild speculations and to buy time before announcing the real decision(s). The next official communication will tell the fate of the game.
  6. IMHO I think that's the root problem. He clearly had no experience and knowledge of MMOs and their social dynamics and what changed from the early days 15+ years ago. As for the new CEO, he's a pure finance guy so either he's here temporary till they find a new CEO or he is here to liquidate or sell NQ.
  7. Whatever you do put up a test server for this and open it to everyone. pushing to live new systems barely tested and/or tested by people who don't actually play the game like the average player would is going to end badly.
  8. From what I've seen this past year in DU and from my 30+ years of gaming and 10+ years of game development, I can say that: - NQ is inexperienced with game development and more generally with software development. They're learning both as they go making a lot of mistakes. - The game is clearly not designed from the ground up to be a game. Like some other projects out there, notability No Man Sky, the starting point wasn't a video game but some cool computer technologies. For DU it was dual contouring voxels combined with classic 3D models (the elements). For NMS it was their a
  9. I just don't understand why NQ spend precious resources and development time on these features that concern barely a few percents of the player base and add only complexity and new bugs. It's like industries, you claim it's for 10% of the player base but so far it has consumed way more than 10% of the development effort… Spend the investment and dev ressources where it matters for most of the players not a few ones. That been said, imho, DRM are useless and unneeded complexity considering how they're implemented. You just need to do a better voxel editor … I don't
  10. So if in the 'vision' for this game , industry is for only 10% of the player base why so much effort and development resources go into industry ? Why industry wasn't introduced later once 90% of the rest of the game is done and stable ? You could have started by having all bots sell all possible elements and focus on everything but industry... but you didn't. I don't get the logic from a game studio management point of view. care to explain NQ ?
  11. One issue is the positioning of this game: - is it a mmo with progression so with give us progression + end game etc. but expect to feed us regularly with new progression and end game content. - or is it a mmo sandbox where there is no endgame and we really don't care if anyone can have top industries and warp in all their ships and whatever. just give us new toys and tools from time to time and we will play in our sandbox for years. Because from what I see here and in discord, a lot of people want a real sandbox where they can do , alone or with other people, whatever
  12. Just forget about ATV. Their influence was clearly bad on this game. Learn about the history of MMOs to avoid repeating the same mistakes other already made in past. And play your own game (without the cheat codes).
  13. Failed experience. Let's move on. At this point NQ should scrap everything, close the beta. Persisting will hurt more the game. Go back to a closed alpha without NDA. Because that NDA is what misled this game: small echo chamber with a few people without fresh ideas and fresh opinions from the outside world. Do like Starbase: don't invite people to a closed alpha simply because they give you money. Invite people who are constructive and actually test and brake stuff.
  14. imho the problem with industry isn't solved by schematics, it's just pushed back. The problem was the "zero cost" of producing: once you have your machines (refiners, smelters, ..., assembly lines) you don't need power , fuel or whatever to use them. You have no upkeep at all. You just need to input ores. That's why even a solo player could gradually build and use a huge industry: what he already has cost nothing to run. That's why ores were more valuable than their contribution in final products: because it cost nothing to transform them once you have the i
  15. rule #1 of online communities: before replying to someone's intervention in a discussion they didn't start, look at their post history and post count. There is no point feeding the trolls or attention seeking behavior. Just ignore them. It's the best course of action. They're not here to debate or exchange a point of view.
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