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  1. Bring a parachute underground 😂
  2. One time digging for tier 3 ore, I followed a ping and suddenly fell into a large cavern. Turns out the ping was a few leftover scraps. Yea... Fun times...
  3. You have a few good points, and are correct that it was ARPANET... I was going off memory because I lived it, I didn't google details. However my orginal point I stay behind regardless of details. There has not been one year that went by since 1939 that had no war.. or "conflict" if you wish to split hairs. And not one major piece of technology that has reached consumers during this time as either a direct result of military research or funding, even if it spun off for supposed peaceful purposes. Computers, cell phones, internet, tablets, everything spun out of military research. War is far, far more than guns.
  4. Hey now you are opening up a new job opportunity. Towing and removal services! Someone's automated store sitting on your favorite landing pad? Just call on CGI's towing and impound yard! Great rates guaranteed😆
  5. LOL No worries. But of course you know NQ is on the case and resolving them now... right? ... riiiight??
  6. Sorry, completely inaccurate. There was never peace since world war two. If the super powers were not in direct competition of creating better tech than the other, they were meddling in the conflicts of smaller countries. Arms race is a constant today. Your computer and the internet it is on has it's origins from war. Just because later on, enlightened or educated types took the results (such as DARPA net) and used it differently (the web) does not mean that it did not originate from military experiments in instant comms.
  7. Aww come on @Kurosawa Not even if it takes intermediary parts likes screws or frames to fix instead of abstract scrap? You sure I can't interest you in oxygen so you can breathe? I may cut a deal just for you! 😝
  8. I mean the discussion between players, not the bar napkin version from NQ. Something along the lines as that is why the safezone existed in the first place was because the AS (or AI or whichever) had only enough power to make a few nearby planetary bodies safezones to prevent us from destroying one another because of our past as a species. If I remember right, the discussion was about Alioth and her moons being the only safezone. Although some players wanted larger safezones. Of course that meant no atmo safezones for any other planetary body which some didn't like. Sorry Grax if I forget the details, I just wanted to mention it because it seemed to fit here. Im afraid I just don't care enough to look up or find the source. I'm sure you've noticed, as new players come in, they repeat the exact same concerns and issues that have been here a long time now. I figured this is better than necroing an old thread.
  9. Everything has wear and tear so it makes sense, but from what I saw before (current situation ingame unknown) I wouldn't trust NQ to implement it in a common sense, balanced way.
  10. Something similar has been suggested, but if I remember right, and this is the part that fits perfectly for lore, the source of the control facilities is the Arkship which is controlled by the AI that first woke us, Aphelia.
  11. Im not a strict PVPer. When I first came into the game I had grandiose visions of what I could experience in DU, it involved part PVP but more pay for others to DO the PVP under my banner. The choice I never got nor expect to be able to make in DU. So to OP. I came in the game originally expecting to be subject to PVP, but to also have an opportunity to build towards that without griefing that prevents me from ever being on equal footing with others. Possible or not, to that end is my support of PVP. Besides, as an industrialist, I would need people to fight, so I could sell them replacements. Keep them busy fighting while making money doing it.
  12. That is where I see the problem. You need 'x' amount of power to maintain 'x' amount of mass in null or anti gravity state.
  13. I believe there is a problem yes, in power/fuel consumption. My view is hover/flight carrying heavy cargo should follow a believable limitation of lift/thrust/mass and AGG should follow a type of mass/gravity force/fuel or power consumption formula that is not completely unlimited. So yes, antigravity in its current state doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the technology in the game.
  14. Just to clarify. Force by definition is a push or pull between two objects. Antigravity IRL does not exist. In sci-fi it is a powered device that negates the force of gravity itself in effect creating a field in which no gravity exists at all, particularly for the vehicle affected. There is no application of force in any direction. With no gravity there is no weight, so it just floats, not hovers. Of course one could argue that it works similar to a magnet where gravity attracts and anti gravity repels. And I am sure you could say many more things on how it might work. Key word MIGHT, since afterall it does not exist currently. So stating it is exactly like a hover engine is completely inaccurate. Technically hover engines direct thrust by forcing large volumes of air in a concentrated burst in one direction. Antigravity is whatever the game designer says it is.
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