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    kulkija reacted to Mordgier in Suggestions for making mining more interesting   
    80% digging, 10% building, 10% AFK auto piloting
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    kulkija reacted to borzol in Suggestions for making mining more interesting   
    i think if you want to make mining more interensting you should reward player for doing extra steps not punish him for not doing it
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    kulkija reacted to CptLoRes in Suggestions for making mining more interesting   
    The solution to mining is less of it, not more..
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    kulkija reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in DevBlog: Scanning & Mining   
    (Posted Friday 4th of November 2016 on the DevBlog)

    Some progress on the mining game mechanics
    In this Devblog, we aim to shed some light on a very important part of the future gameplay of Dual Universe: scanning & mining. What follows is our current thinking on these features, as we are currently implementing them. This may still evolve in the future, in particular thanks to your feedback! So, let’s have a look.   Scanning is the activity of prospecting to find new resources in the ground on planets. Resources are physically geographically located, they have a span and a size, and they are generated via our procedural algorithms together with the planet as voxel blobs. They will be spread on the planets based on rarity and how important they actually are in crafting recipes. Some rare resources will not be found on Alioth, the starting planet, so you will have to journey out into the universe to locate them.. Each biome will have a set of typical resources associated with it, so prospecting starts by “knowing your biomes” The table below presents a simple rough description of how we plan to stage the levels of difficulty for materials:           Our current plans for prospecting are focused on two scanning techniques: radial scanning and directional scanning.   Radial scanning will allow you to probe for a given class of material in a given radius: the scanner will be able to show you what percentage of the area you’re scanning is made up of the class of material you are seeking. It’s only partial information. You won’t know where it is exactly, just that 1.6% of the volume of your scanning sphere is filled with metal, for example. A scan “operation” will take some time. Longer scans will yield more precise measurements. There will be a level of imprecision in the exact size of the radius, which you will be able to improve via skills.   How does it work? Well, most of the time, the thing you are looking for will not be in the sphere you are probing. So, you’ll see a 0% signal reading. You will then move and suddenly, a signal will show up. You know that your sphere has just “hit” a vein of what you are searching for. At this moment, you will be able to deploy a sphere marker, that will basically help you to visualize the volume where your target material is likely located.. The marker will stay there while you move to another location and start again. By intersecting markers you will start to be able to pinpoint more precisely where your precious material is located. This is the general idea.   Now, the exact technique you will use will also depend on the type of veins that correspond to the material you are looking for and what kind scanner you have. Consider these two schema that illustrate different strategies depending on the relative size of the average vein compared to the radius of the scanner (the double circling of the spheres illustrate the imprecision on the radius):                 These strategies will be important to master, because mining randomly will just exhaust your time and resources and will usually return only very common and not very worthwhile materials. Mining gear will have fixed scanning ranges that correspond to their levels. You won’t be able to adjust these ranges or change the scanning radius. They’re fixed. So, no choice: you need to move!   Now, once you start to have a better idea where you material is, you might start to use the directional scanner. This is much more straightforward. The directional scanner will give you the amount of the 4 or 5  most significant materials within a cone of a few degrees in the direction you’ve pointed your scanner.. The max distance will be a level dependent parameter, but will remain relatively small so you need to use radial scanning first to narrow your search area. The signal received for a given piece of material will decrease with distance, which should give you precious “gradient” information to follow. This is roughly how this could look:           In some future expansion we will probably add some more advanced tools for prospectors as well as planetary scale global information to help you judge the potential of newly discovered planets.   Our vision for this gameplay (as well as most of the gameplay of Dual) is to make it deep. We want players to be able to develop their own very real expertise on best practice, specializations, etc. We want the activity of prospectors to remain challenging even when you master it, so that a good prospector will have a very high value as part of a team. Now, for easy and abundant materials, it will be possible to find resources much more easily (we are considering a simple local highlight of what is there, so you just “see” it). But for the more rare and uncommon materials, we want it to be rewarding and feel like a real achievement. We provide the tools, but players will have to come up with the best strategies to get to the most precious material. The way you dig for gold as a beginner, and the way you will approach it after 100 hours of being a prospector are totally different. Sure there is a skill tree, but the actual trial and error experience also makes a difference. For a MMO game that is supposed to be played for hundreds of hours, anything not challenging quickly becomes a chore. We want to prevent that.   Now, about mining: it will be done via your Nanoformer. The harder the material and the larger the volume collected, the longer it will take. We have chosen an energy-based model where each material is capable of absorbing a certain level of energy before being “mined”. So, you will be able to upgrade your Nanoformer energy throughput to improve your mining as well as various mining skills. For more advanced mining, and possibly some rare materials, dedicated tools will enter the scene, but this might not be available at release, but rather in a future expansion. We are considering the possibility of Mining Units inside your constructs, but this will be in an expansion after release and it will require some careful balancing to make sure standard mining is still an option, in particular for beginners.   Interestingly, we imagine that the “profession” of prospector/scanner and the “profession” of miner could very well be separate. Some people will specialize in finding large veins of important materials (and possibly sell the intel about the location), while some others will specialize in mining it, focusing on a mining site for several weeks or months. When you exploit a deep vein, you will need to install things like lifts, vehicles, containers, and clean wide shafts to ease material and dirt evacuation. Maybe even factories close to the vein to transform the ore into pure material. This differs from most other games where scanning and mining are usually very similar and the activity of mining and scanning alternate frequently as you jump from one asteroid to another, or one mining spot to the other.   We hope you enjoyed this short intro and, as usual, we are very excited to hear your feedback and ideas! We are developing this at the moment, so it’s a good time for the community to share your thoughts and influence what is going on!     JC Baillie, Project Lead.  
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    kulkija reacted to NQ-Nomad in More Shipbuilding Contest Entries!   
    Bouboule 1ère by Terenas

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    kulkija reacted to NQ-Nomad in More Shipbuilding Contest Entries!   
    Clydesdale by Pantera

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    kulkija reacted to NQ-Nomad in More Shipbuilding Contest Entries!   
    MM19 Ensiferum by Sheffrator



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    kulkija reacted to NQ-Nomad in More Shipbuilding Contest Entries!   
    Ravenger by R4G4R


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    kulkija reacted to NQ-Nomad in More Shipbuilding Contest Entries!   
    DSS Yaro Transport by Firestorm



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    kulkija reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in PvP System   
    Hi everyone,
    It seems the DevBlog was not clear enough on some points.
    We have said it many times before, and we'll continue to say it again:
    While many players wants to see Dual Universe with a dominant gameplay aspect, it's important to understand that it's NOT the case. 
    Building gameplay is as important as Combat gameplay. Not more, not less. Balancing both won't be easy and we are aware of it. No, Building is not the major feature of Dual Universe. If the Building aspect has been made first, it's only because, it was making total sense to start the development with this part: we are pretty much in R&D field regarding the Voxel technology. It was an essential piece of tech to build the base of the game: Voxels were necessary to create editable planets in the first place. Then the logical next step was to develop tools to give players to manipulate voxels. That wouldn't make sense to develop Combat gameplay before the two previous steps because, there wouldn't even something to destroy, or even an environment where the combat could happen.
    The order in which the features are developed are NOT by order of importance.
    It's just a matter of logical game development roadmap.

    We have no plan to make Dual Universe a total free for all PvP game, just as we won't make it a whole game universe safe, just because some players want to explore it completely without taking any risk. While we don't plan to make our game some kind of "EVE Online 2.0", we don't want either to make a "No Man's Sky 2.0". We understand this may not appeal to everyone taste, and we totally understand that. However, if there is something that is very unlikely to change, it's the fact that there's no intention to catter to only one specific category of players. 
    A final word about the griefing and the mindset of the community. Our point of view is that griefing mainly proliferates when it's an easy way to get rewards with little effort, not necessarily because many people really wants to play that way. Of course, there are people who like to grief just for the enjoyment of annoying other players but we are convinced they're not a majority. If game mechanics are designed in such a way that griefing doesn't give easy rewards, then griefing will be naturally limited. 
    Why not simply remove the possibility of griefing, then?

    Yes, it would be clearly easier and quicker to remove the ability to grief other players, but while we have no intention to encourage griefing, removing it totally would go against the very definition of the sandbox concept: players are free to interact in the way they want. If we remove any kind of interaction, then we are not in a Sandbox MMORPG anymore: we would be in a Theme Park one. And that is not Novaquark's vision. We want a game universe where bad behavior is discouraged by game mechanics and heavy in consequences if a player still choose to do so, than arbitrarily forbid the said behavior. We want players to be free but also to live with the consequences of their choices. That's what Sandbox mean to us at Novaquark.
    Best Regards,
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    kulkija reacted to Lord_Void in DevBlog: Scanning & Mining   
    I imagine that scanning will probably involve a lot of underground exploration and test digs. I'm really glad to hear that there will be incentives to dig down into the planets.
    This is what I hope too. One of my biggest worries with this game is that if the rate of resource depletion not being properly balanced and, as you say, leading to a "mine and move" mentality. I would love to see mining sites turning into little towns and outposts.
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    kulkija reacted to Dhara in What kind of Community is this?   
    Well, if you add the ones who want some warmongering (both options) it's about even.  And that's considering the third option was added after 20 or so people already voted. 
    I still think it will be a healthy mix of both types of players.  THAT is what is going to make this game good.  If all we have are builders, we have another Landmark on our hands with nothing to do but ooh and ahh at other folks builds.  If all we have are warmongers, then we have another Eve.  We need both to have an exciting universe with lots to do for different play-styles.  So if some players are offering safety in their Orgs, you better keep that promise or those folks will leave the game.  And if no one ever wants to fight anyone, then THOSE guys will leave the game.   We need both.
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    kulkija reacted to wizardoftrash in What kind of Community is this?   
    I expect most people interested in this game are into building.
    SOME of what people will want to build will be tools of war, many will have defense systems, but probably most of it will be to look cool and serve social/economic functions.
    The game's slogan IS "rebuilding civilization together" after-all. That's got to attract much more of a cooperative mindset player than a murder-hobo style.
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    kulkija got a reaction from ForlornFoe in [Updated] Player-made Safe Zones   
    I think it is important to have conversation about safezones.
    Safezones boost industry and industry manufactures all the weapons and ships, for pvp, cvc, pirates, etc.
    Without industry there will be no cvc, no economy, without healthy economy, there will be no traderoutes, so nothing to do for pirates...
    I feel that current protection bubble-consept may be weak for boosting industry.
    What ever solution is, it need to make sure that time invested for creating industry is secured.
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    kulkija reacted to Archonious in [Updated] Player-made Safe Zones   
    This is core of the game. Nobody try to break it. That exactly work other way. If you create this TEMPORARY (destructible) Safe Zone, it make pirate factions (+your enemies) focus on it. It is like boss in PvE, but it is PvP "boss".This idea also make real PvP possible. Player vs Player, not Player vs Defence buildings.
    Attackers prepare their attack (if we speak about large targets). This idea give time prepare to defend (not build more defence towers, but organise team for defence). And then, only then this would be real PvP.
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    kulkija reacted to Lethys in [Updated] Player-made Safe Zones   
    You can live in your cosy arkzone forever, but you won't be building ships then anytime soon (except you buy overpriced minerals).
    Everything outside those bubbles should be dangerous to go to. Risk vs reward. Immersive/emergent gameplay. There are lots of reasons
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    kulkija reacted to Anaximander in captured ships and selfdestruct   
    I think the carebears wil be called "civilians" in DUAL.
    Civilians don't actually want to go to war. 
    And if a faction starts Drafting people in it with the punishment of exile if they don't tag along, POLITICS gets more serious.
    Dictators make people like me look good. I like bombs. I like bombs a lot. Just saying.
    I don't think people who are in it for the building in the game will actually want to fight. Not all people like fighting. It's not a PvP centered game, it's a sandbox. You can play as (almost) anything you want that's not PvP related.
    It's just that PvP needs to have consequences. If you defeat an enemy army by killing their soldiers time and time again, you essentially cripple that army for a certain duration until their medics get through all of them, thus, creating a dynamic in PvP that goes beyond the battle of here and now.
    Healing costs resources, resources cost money, money means possibly higher taxes, higher taxes means civilians start protesting, and some of them call me for a good ol' fashioned bombing attack to start a rebellion. :|
    Have I said I like explosives? I do.
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    kulkija reacted to Anaximander in Locking Your Ship   
    Falstaf is not the Devs though. RDMS is not hacker-proof. It can be bypassed, it's just not an easy process.
    And Lua scripts can be used to have Passwords, or more accurately, keypress inputs.
    And yes, it's a good idea to have multiple doors, but it's not the best idea. The best idea would be to add explosives in key places and narrow corridors in a ship. If someone tries to pass through that's not authorised to be on your ship, they die.
    That's what will make or break a builder's fame. Building smart goes farther than just "cool looking ships".
    Build ships with multiple Core Units, small and big. If they hack they obvious one, the rest will be their demise.
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    kulkija got a reaction from Archonious in [Updated] Player-made Safe Zones   
    @ Archonious
    I see your point, and I like it because safezones will make big trading hubs possible and by that way create content for pirates, and many others.
    There is, as we speak some attributes in zones/tiles
    0,) default is free pvp, warzone
    1.) Ownership, by TU
    2.) Protection, by weapons, and bubble
    3.) Access rigths, by RDMS
    As of safe zone RDMS could go there, if it includes, "no weapons or agression" - attribute.
    I also agree that balancing defence by numbers is hard and many lead to grinding.
    Timers is good as long there is someone to ask for a help or there is options to deal with owerpowered attacer.
    How ever I saw in Eve that help was newer there, when needed.
    There could be also other attributes wich may make safezone stronger and harder to destroy.
    - it could be decleared by its owner as DMZ, demilitarized and neutral zone.
    - more civilian activities stronger dmz
    - if there is groving industry and other civilian installations and buildings they make DMZ attribute stronger.
    - is dmz same as safezone? generally yes.
    - how ever it could exists witout TU or buble.
    - it could expand itself slowly, by activity and population and it may go down if no activity.
    - it could be created also by political agreement.
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    kulkija reacted to Anaximander in captured ships and selfdestruct   
    1) a grenade is not C4. Same goes with power cores. A level 1 power core won't have the same blast radius as a level 10 power core. Fuel type plays a role as well. 
    When a player dies ,they lose some of ther gear and the rest is destroyed (possible salvaging gameplay on that unkown)
    As I keep saying, if you board a ship, go and disconect the fuel tank from the power core. That will stop the core from overloading with fuel.
    2) An explosion in space does not behave like it would on earth. JC Baillie on youtube AMA, said they plan for damage to spread around a point of impact, that means an explosion can be made with a tapering effect. 
    Are you shoulder to shoulder with the overloading ship? You'll probably get melted. You see a ship overloadning ? Get away from them, it's tha tsimple. They cna't accelerate, because they got no thrust going, because they are overloading the core. 
    And no, a Battleship and a destroyer class ship should not have the sme explosive radius. A power plant on a planet, should not have the same destructive radius on overload with a shuttle's power core.
    The thing with self-destruct, is that its only shades of grey, would be the power core stats. If a power core has a better fuel replenishment speed, then the power core overloads faster. If a power core has more power output then it has more powerful of an explosion and any other aspect of the core there is.
    Fuel tanks should be a secondary primer for this, if a fuel tank is destroyed, it explodes as well, so, if a power core goes boom, its explosion is limited (since its space), but its intensity would be more powerful.
    All the self-destruct would do, would be to turn the ship into one last glorious stand.
    And I do support the idea that if a ship bumps to another ship, both ships suffer an "core fuel leak", which fills up the bar on the power core that leads to overloading. Link the process to the ships' masses and you got yourself exploding starfighters when they crash onto a battleship.
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    kulkija got a reaction from Archonious in Multi-Organisations membership   
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    kulkija got a reaction from Anaximander in Night-Vision / Thermal Sights / Thermal Scanning   
    Good idea.
    Thermal scanning does not require pulse.
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    kulkija reacted to Anaximander in Multi-Organisations membership   
    I suggest a radial menu tied on the left click (like the utilise in building), with a "scan" option that reads the Implant on the brain of the target, revealing their Dossier.
    Add a Hacker skill tree, with a skill called "Data-Mining" that allows the Hacker to see MORE info on the target and then have a Hacker be able to forge their Dossier.
    So yeah, if the Devs go that way (which they said they may go indeed), Archonious will have to come up with actual ways of blocking Infiltrators from sneaking in his org.
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    kulkija reacted to Anaximander in Multi-Organisations membership   
    Well, the way it seems, the only real safezone is the starting zone. Protection Bubbles beyond that, are simply safer zones. :|
    But anyhow, you try to reason with Archonious... that won't happen.
    I say let there be an "Exclusive Membership" choice for your org, that won't allow people in unless they are not part of any othe organisation. I mean, why not. Absolute control and stuff. And given orgs can be part of other orgs, I can it that people like spce-truckers may have to be "neutral" in order to be profitable and trustworthy as an org, so it's mandatory that your space-trucker is not part of another org, before joining a hauler organisation.
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    kulkija reacted to Hotwingz in Counterfeiting, fraud and fun for all the family   
    In essence all land is free.
    You can build where ever you want. No rent required.
    It is only when a Territory Unit is placed that ownership of land is enacted. The owner of the TU will have full rights on that piece of land. In that case and only in that case you could be required to pay rent to build inside the territory.
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