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  1. Everybody should be able to create basic stuff, so no schema's for basic industry. Starters or people who have no industry ambition, can play the game as well. Higher tier should be expensive and harder to get, so schema's for Tier 2 and above is fine with me.
  2. I think I fancy the old mining principles but with one difference. In stead of manual mining you have the OPTION to place a mining unit. After a while the node get depleted and you have to look for a different one. I like once in a while scanning and it would be great to have the option to either mine manual or with a mining unit. This will keep being a miner as a profession and gives new joiners a fair change on decent nodes as well. At least the boring mandatory stupid calibrating will be gone then. Although calibrating is very quick these days, it still is a kinda stupid action you need to think about of doing.
  3. What did help me when I started was to join an organisation. My organisation was very helpfull in explaining the game mechanics but also in getting me up and running with some basic stuff. Generally there is a lot of help on discord, most people are willing to help. In our organisation we help starters moving to Allioth by transport them to the tile of choice and give them a territory unit and other stuff so they can start build things
  4. Why would anyone leave a ship for 7 days at the market? Is it that hard to go to market, buy or sell your stuff and go back ........... even if your PC crashes (which probably is caused by all the clutter on the market by the way )
  5. I must admit not feeling sry for you. It is not a surprise that this feature was build in, announced and planned weeks ago. Another point ...... this decade (IAR) feature only applies currently on the Aphelia tiles. So I am happy that your trash has being removed, you should not have parked it there for such a long time annoying and hindering other players. Overal you could argue on the way this IAR has being executed, overall I am happy with the end result, less vehicles blocking the Market parking.
  6. How nice would it be in repainting builds (or experimenting with colors) when you can select and just replace all voxels of a certain type/color with another voxel type/color?
  7. hahahaha, that's me getting destroyed, getting famous after all I was fine with it, my take away ...... I started using throw away mining ships, very cheap and also not carrying that much ore around. So I don't mind getting shot once in a while. That's part of the game (at least as long I also keep having successful runs).
  8. I don't understand, you ask NQ for this button? I rather see NQ spend their time on things that would make something new in the game or work on bugs/improvements. What you want is already possible in the game. Did you ask the community for help? I am sure there are may people that are willing to help ? ps: pm me in discord and I can send you my script, I can even explain how I did it.
  9. I noticed that more and more I take less initiative to start something new in the game. All changes and the impact of it seems that big, that I am getting more in a waiting mode to see how it all plays out. What will the impact of the precision tool be and what comes next? I find that I am no longer 'just play' the game, but that I am weighting if it is worthwhile starting a new initiative/project. Constantly looking for a non-regretable thing to do is not the gameplay I am currently looking for. My guess is that more and more people are reducing their activities due to the uncertainties on what changes are on their way and what the impact will be on the existing gameplay. Hopefully NQ can give us soon some insights in the roadmap and (major) upcomming changes so we can start play again without having to worry we build it all for nothing ?
  10. Tja, everybody might have a different option here I like the voxel building, although there are many improvements possible, I don't know any game which give me the level of freedom that DU gives me. I like to be able to design and build flying and static constructs, I even like to setup some industry as well. I do would like to see some things around automation possibilities with belts or so but hee, it is ok now. I even like flying around and collect my ore from the planets where my mining units are placed. I am not the biggest expert but I haven't seen a game yet that let me do all those things. If you know of one I would be very much interested. And yes, DU is far from perfect but I hope and expect NQ to develop the game more and more so that in a few years from now we still enjoy a great game.
  11. If all those limited game design decisions are due to cost saving measurements because otherwise NQ will not survive as a company ..... then I would suggest to release the game. Release the game will make people quit, yes, but also will make more people pay. Together with a full wipe, which cleans up all non-active constructs and all starting with a clean sheet (so less constructs to start with), will buy NQ time to survive. It would solve so many short term issues. And yes things need to get better for the future. I think DU is a unique game and I really would like to see it survive, so NQ ....... take my money, I will play (and pay) for 2 accounts. Release and Wipe a.s.a.p. ps: the new voxel tool brings that existing constructs no longer are aligned with the 'new voxels'. Voxel libraries getting useless and modifying existing constructs can not be done or will be to difficult. This also is another reason to Wipe.
  12. I do think I will be fine and that NQ will finetune their figures. Point I was hoping to make is that it would help the acceptance of certain game design choices, if you understand how the intended game play was meant to be. E.g. if NQ haven't forseen that you create multi core constructs, then you know as a player that you run a certain risk when still going for a multi-core construct. When designing the new mining principles, how where they thinking what the intended gameplay would look like.
  13. I think spot on. Adding to this maybe they can setup a few 'player journeys'. Ask a decent number of player how they play the game and what their needs are. How do people play the game and what are the needs beloning to those 'player journeys'. NQ can then make al of their decissions based on those 'approved' journeys. * player journey = basicly a case decription on a certain kind of game play, what people do in the game. Not everybody is doing everything but most of us do combine certain play elelements. It is interesting to find out which different game play types there are and then based on this design your game.
  14. With last update and gameplay changes I am getting a bit confused what is expected how to play DU. I understand the rational behind certain choices but NQ never gives us inside in their thoughproces on how the numbers/choices build up. If they would give some inside on how they think the game should be played and that could explain maybe the choices they make. Please NQ ... below I made an overview how I play the game. Maybe it is me doing something wrong here and can you tell me how you expect me to play the game!! E.g. I like mining ....... I run on 3 planets some mining units. Each planet I placed a space station and a smal hauler to pick up the ore from the planet and bring it to my space station. Then I have a large deep space only hauler (I believe because that is the reason why we have XL Space engines and NOT XL atmos engines!) to pick the ore from the planet. I also go out to an Astroid once in a while. I have a light weight carrier and an even smaller astroid mining vessel. My carrier brings the mining vessel to the nearest safe zone of the Astroid and then I travel back and forward with the small minging vessel. -- 3 space constructs, 3 small hauler constructs, 1 large hauler construct., 1 astroid mining xcarrier, 2 astroid mining vessel (1 for reserve -- pvp you know ;-)) and 26 mining unit constructs. Mining cost me in total of 39 constructs I like building ..... I like to build stuff and be creative. So I have a few voxel libraries to support my limited voxel mancy talents. Showing what I have build I like to do to (hoping to sell some blue prints). -- In total 12 constructs I like to do industry ..... I also like some industry stuff so I build my self a factory. But I also need to pick up once in a while some schematics therefore I use tiny warp shuttle. Further more I need to bring and pick up stuff from the market. Having a market shuttle as well In total 4 constructs. Then you have some random stuff like pocket ships, try outs, event ships, scanners, some dispencers on cores on a friends place, etc My numbers: - 2 accounts (so 1 ALT) - Member of 1 main organization with some friends - Super Legat of my own organisation to support my mining units - with 3 friends an organisation just to build a multi core space station - I own 25 territories - Did not count them all but approximitaly 90+ constructs Game play ..... - Is it mean tto be that you only do 1 thing in DU, e.g. they shall only mine or only be an industrialist, or ..... - Am I using to many mining unit constructs and was the intention of DU that we only have like 4-8 mining constructs. This is a bit conflicting with the fact that the number of calibrations is increased. - Am I member of to many organisations? - Do I own to many territories? - Should I not go into space and build space stations? - Is it not meant to build multi core constructs? - Clearly you think I am using to many constructs - Some create a "warpbeacon-org" in order to share warpbeacon use, beacuse RDMS won't let them share it properly. What is it how you see the game should be played? NQ it would help me if you maybe do a tutorial on how the game is played, it would give us moire insight in the thought process behind certain choices?
  15. Maybe an idea to look into is to toggle your engines based on the weight you are carrying. I have a ship which has 8 advanced Military Atmosphere L engines and 6 rare Military Atoms engines. The rare engines are in 3 pairs of 2 engines tagged which I toggle in a LUA script. The LUA script reads the total weight of my ship + cargo. When passing certain thresholds I fire up a pair of engines. I never use to much engine power and fuel ps: another advantage is that with full power, on an empty ship, I tend to reach max speed too fast, that (if I do not pay enough attention) I completely burn in the atmosphere :). With the engine toggled automatically on the ships weight, I no longer have this 'problem'.
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