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  1. Geee, what a discussion. Grace period of one year is ridiculous. 3 months max after last payment. If you have personal issue (like illness or whatever) and you would like to re-enter the game after a year (or 6 months, or ...) then there is the option to pay for a yearly subscription. Big advantage is that you can also queue all talents as well :). However, NQ could also take a more phased approach on this. I think everybody would be happy if your account and the Sanctuary tile will remain for a minimum of one year after last payed subscription period. Most annoying are the claimed tiles with good ore which aren't being used but only claimed by players that don't play anymore. So any tile of a inactive (non-paying) gamer and other than your sanctuary tile, should be removed from their account and be free for others (after 1 month). So if you have personal challenges which may take a while, you can safe keep your stuff on sanctuary and your account will be saved as well.
  2. You can use a detector unit right under your landingfield(s). They are in different sizes with different area covering.
  3. Sounds nice however scanning would be dead-easy and most likely the depletion of Ores will be speeded up and in no time there will be nothing left.
  4. Current "new" way of docking is not something I am very happy with. This could have being implemented different, better matching the intended game mechanics. Idea: Remove the ability to "dock" on voxels completly. Docking .... create Docking Landing Pads (Elements) in different sizes (XS, S, M size). Create rules, docking only possible with landing gear on a docking pad. Benefits: - NO abuse of voxel docking (or sticking) - Industry/Market boost for new elements (the docking pads) - Industry/Market boost for landing gear because there is now a real purpose for landing gear. - Easy DRM on elements. - Clear game mechanics
  5. nice idea Dunno if the 15mins is the best timing but I do like the idea of financial consequences when parking to long at the market.
  6. I was wondering how and when to use aileron vs Wings. But how to compare what do the stats need to interpreted? MaxPower MaxLift factor thetabeginmaxlift thetaendmaxlift Aileron M: 1.600.000 160 20 25 Wing M : 1.000.000 200 20 60 Which is better for what? How to use Power and LIft factor what does it say? E.g. are 2 wings 'better' then 1 aileron?
  7. To be honest ..... I had similar problem when extending my subscription last time. Support ticket did the trick for me, Novark response to tickets is in most cases good enough.
  8. Warp ending in pvp would be good idea but I should be possible to put warpbeacons in the safezone. This would give some extra need for warpbeacons 😉
  9. Schematics are ok for higher tier kinda industry. For starting players it would be good if all tier 1 stuff can be created without schematics. overall I am happy with the game. It is not perfect but I like it. Mining is something I do to keep my industry running. In this way you don’t have to mine a lot. My focus is on industry and building nice things.
  10. 20 accounts .... 20 missions at the same time. Is possible ... however. Before complaining you should look at what it takes to ship 20 packages of very large content. Any worthwhile mission is in pvp zone and is very large. 20x a collateral you can loose transporting through pvp (20x 2mio collateral on average). 1.8kt and 400kl for a single very large package. Do the math, what kind of ship can transport 20 x 1.8 kt and 20x400kl (=41 L-containers)?
  11. I get Pending Operations and Computing Data constantly. Never had this problem until the last 2-patches. I created a support ticket but according the helpdesk it had something to do with my bandwidth and they did not receive any other complaints. One thing I did notice is that it was horrible on Sinnen. A was much better on Sicari and it is getting worse on Lacobus. My thoughts are that it also might be planet related or so.
  12. I know it sounds stupid but I was wondering does the "Ailerons Pilot" talent only apply to the Ailerons or do they also impact Stabilizers and Wings? In escence all three are simulair use (lift purpose).
  13. I am thinking about getting a second account for talents training in specific put down talents. I know that lots of people are quiting the game and I am interested in taking over their account. If the account has a decent amount of already trained talents, would someboidy be willing to give me that account? PM me if you no longer need your account and are willing to hand-over it somebody else. ps: I checked the forum rules and believe the request I made is not illegal, if it is then sry, was not my intention to step over anything.
  14. They don't have to wipe at all. Just create a new solar system with a new economy (and currency and ores, etc) where players can go to through stargates (or wormholes kinda things). When traveling through stargates you can not tak ephysical stuff with you (just an idea). Players then can choose where they want to 'live' or play the game :). you basically have unlimited options in a new solar system (exactly the same as with a reset) without anybody has to loose a thing (if you choose to because you can always stay behind).
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