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  1. So you can travel where ever you want and the scan still continues? I understood that if you left a certain range, it would stop scanning.
  2. Does anybody know what the range is you need to stay, in order to keep your territory scanner operating?
  3. I always forget stuff when I am at the market Would it be an idea to incorporate a shopping list feature in the game?
  4. Best advise ever ... join an organisation. In a decent organisation people will help each other. The organisation I joined even have some starten ships you van borrow to get started. If I need heavy transportation there is always a organisation member helping out and give me a ride. The organisation also has a lot of industry available, you can use the machines to craft stuff you want to sell or use. Also people in an organisation can explain the game and how you should play, A small example of having fun together..... my organisation build an outpost on another planet. I cannot travel in space but they take me with them and share a container which I can use on the other planet. They scan and find a mega node with ore. We all mine together and sell it. On a single evening you easily get 15 million. The game is very much about playing together, helping each other by joining an organisation.
  5. The freight engines got my attention because of the Fuel consumption and the weight perk. The fuel weight is underestimated and the weight of the engines also count. I gonna try a combo of Maneuver engines together with freight engines (with M-tanks on a medium core hauler). Both engines save fuel, freight engine save some weight and a few maneuver take care of the warmup penalty on the freight engine. I think the thrust perk against the fuel intake consumption penalty on the Military engines is not worth it.
  6. I was wondering, travel in and out of space using Freight engines, is it possible? The warmup times for a Rare freight engine is 64 seconds (without talents .......). By the time the atmos engines are warmed up comming out of space, you already crashed on the surface of the planet when entering the atmosphere . How can you buy enough time for the enigines to warmup when entering the atmosphere?
  7. using F on the board that's the problem I guess ......... did not do that.
  8. I try to get a monitoring script running but not very successfull. Nohting happens, my script is imported, all links are there, screen is on and linked, etc. Nothing all dead....... Made me wonder, does a program board need a switch linked to it (and turned on) in order to work properly?
  9. Feels like a rush job to stay upfront and be sooner live then Starbase.
  10. Yeah, what I understood is the current prices for Ore are doubled (Holiday kinda bonus). After the holidays prices should return to normal (12.5 Quantas). That would make selling (half) products profitable again.
  11. hmmm after talking to other people I understand it a bit different. 'Regular' efficiency improvement is only applicable when I start a batch. I am the one who has the 2% (or more) bennefit on the processing times. 'When put down' efficiency is applicable on the machine and the benefits apply on everybody using that machine (regardless if I was the one starting it). I am wondering if this is the correct interpretation. Anybody? ps: the nanocraft applicability on the regular improvement makes sence as well However, if Mamb_Lev is right, will these talents stack?
  12. Hi On the talents, what is the difference between (A) Industry Efficiency Handling and the (B) Industry Efficiency talent? E.g. (A) -2% crafting time when put down (B) -2% crafting time Could not find it in the wiki (probably my search talent is not good enough :)).
  13. Hi, I run parallels on a macbook (as a second compu next to my game rig). I have a weird problem that in Edge the Log-In link doesn't do anything under parallels desktop. Probably it has something to do with security settings or pop-up settings in Edge with the Parallels combo. I can't find exactly what the problem is and I dont want to spend an hour or so figuring what is wrong here. Anyway, I only want to download the game within my parallels desktop environment, so is there a regular 'download' link for the game?
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