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  1. Sure, but when the server is down that won't help ;-). I found it handy to have an "off-line" API description source. But if the in-game is the only one, then that's good to know as well. Btw the Github only has some examples and is not a complete overview.
  2. Hi there, I was wondering where to find these days a complete overview of the currently available API's in the game. I used to use DU Mocks API overview, however, these seems to be outdated and no longer kept up to date.
  3. An advice would be to join an organization as well. As a beginner the game is hard to master.
  4. hmm valid point, play strategy is more about either producing half products and sell them and buy your end elements., Or buy half products and produce end elements. It is a different kind oif playing which I did not consider.
  5. I was doing a bit of math, not everything calculated into the details but enough to start worrying ..... Maybe I am misssing something but please challenge me or correct me if I am wrong. Case: produce at least 100 warp cells a day (or preferabele more ...) Warpcell production requires 20 parts which don't need a schema, but it requires 16 different kind of schema's as well in order to produce a single warpcell. The 16 products that require a schema: Calcium Sodium Copper Sulfur Silver Lithium Polycarbonate Plastic Glass Al-Fe Alloy Polycalcite plastic Advanced Glass Calcium reinfoirced copper Polysulfide Plastic Cu-Ag Alloy Ag-Li reinforced glass Warp Cell Each schema type requires multiple hours to create (e.g. the fastest schema's to create are the required Tier 2 Pure Material schema, this will take 100min). You can produce 5 different types of schema's at the same time. You need at least 4 runs in order to produce 16 different types of schema's You can produce more in a day then you actually need, so you can queue more then needed for e.g. 100 warpcells a day. Let's assume you queue enough for four days. That would mean I need to log in everyday and start a production of 5 schema's (the last day only 1 ....). OR ..... I need to log in multiple times a day in order to create all those schema's in a single day. Not going into all details, but this is already starting to feel like a boring day-to-day job to keep on queueing and producing the schema's needed to keep a Warpcell factory running (and nothing else)! My everyday DU day-job would very much starting to look like .... 1) Logging in 2) Check calibration of mining units (calibrate if needed) 3) Collect Ore's 4) Collect Schema's 5) Put schema's in machines 6) Start new batches of schema's 7) Go to Market and back home now the first 2 hours are most likely gone ......... 😎 then finally start doing all the nice stuff (e.g. building ships, building static constructs, work on my space station, setup industry, explore, fight, discover some astroids, etc, etc) in DU. I am spending more and more "forced things to do time" in order to play the game for the reason I buy game time from Novaquark. Is this me being negative and is it not that bad, or is it correct that we spend more and more time on things that are maybe worse then a RL job? ps: appologizes if somebody already made this calculation in another toppic. It is kinda hard to go through all that has being written previously on this topic.
  6. When producing Pure Calcium you need a Tier 2 Pure Material Production schematic, How much does it produce? The Refiner tells me that it produces 45ltr in a single batch The Tier 2 schema tells me it produces 40 in a batch (40 what?) I assume it produces 40 schema's in a batch and with that you can make 40 x 45ltr = 21.800 ltr Pure Calcium
  7. Everybody should be able to create basic stuff, so no schema's for basic industry. Starters or people who have no industry ambition, can play the game as well. Higher tier should be expensive and harder to get, so schema's for Tier 2 and above is fine with me.
  8. I think I fancy the old mining principles but with one difference. In stead of manual mining you have the OPTION to place a mining unit. After a while the node get depleted and you have to look for a different one. I like once in a while scanning and it would be great to have the option to either mine manual or with a mining unit. This will keep being a miner as a profession and gives new joiners a fair change on decent nodes as well. At least the boring mandatory stupid calibrating will be gone then. Although calibrating is very quick these days, it still is a kinda stupid action you need to think about of doing.
  9. What did help me when I started was to join an organisation. My organisation was very helpfull in explaining the game mechanics but also in getting me up and running with some basic stuff. Generally there is a lot of help on discord, most people are willing to help. In our organisation we help starters moving to Allioth by transport them to the tile of choice and give them a territory unit and other stuff so they can start build things
  10. Why would anyone leave a ship for 7 days at the market? Is it that hard to go to market, buy or sell your stuff and go back ........... even if your PC crashes (which probably is caused by all the clutter on the market by the way )
  11. I must admit not feeling sry for you. It is not a surprise that this feature was build in, announced and planned weeks ago. Another point ...... this decade (IAR) feature only applies currently on the Aphelia tiles. So I am happy that your trash has being removed, you should not have parked it there for such a long time annoying and hindering other players. Overal you could argue on the way this IAR has being executed, overall I am happy with the end result, less vehicles blocking the Market parking.
  12. How nice would it be in repainting builds (or experimenting with colors) when you can select and just replace all voxels of a certain type/color with another voxel type/color?
  13. hahahaha, that's me getting destroyed, getting famous after all I was fine with it, my take away ...... I started using throw away mining ships, very cheap and also not carrying that much ore around. So I don't mind getting shot once in a while. That's part of the game (at least as long I also keep having successful runs).
  14. I don't understand, you ask NQ for this button? I rather see NQ spend their time on things that would make something new in the game or work on bugs/improvements. What you want is already possible in the game. Did you ask the community for help? I am sure there are may people that are willing to help ? ps: pm me in discord and I can send you my script, I can even explain how I did it.
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