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  1. I don’t know, why I’m writing this. Maybe because there are still a lot of nice folks here on the forums who like to analyze things. Maybe because I’m just so sad that yet another game with great potential bites the dust, along with all the others like Worlds Adrift (will always be missed) and Last Oasis. Maybe I just hope this won’t happen again with the next magnificent virtual world (Lauri, please, read that paper!) A lot has been written about what went wrong here. But the root cause? It wasn’t bugs, nor performance. Not even the totally unenjoyable ship to ship combat or the massiv
  2. @Hexonymous This argument with the beta is probably not the most reasonable one... since I can't say it better, I suggest you read this here: https://massivelyop.com/2020/12/31/vague-patch-notes-dont-be-the-mmo-beta-defense-squad/
  3. I am impressed with how surprised people are with the current state of the game. So many of the basic online world design laws were broken here, rules known for years, that all this has only been expected. Including the (IMO justified) community reaction of the vets. Just read the knowledge gathered here by experienced mmo designers: https://www.raphkoster.com/games/laws-of-online-world-design/the-laws-of-online-world-design/. This is exactly the rule explaninig the community reaction: Mike Sellers’ Hypothesis “The more persistence a game tries to have; the longer it is set
  4. Hey guys. It was December 10th, 2022. I’ve just found a schematic for a flux capacitor at the highest peak of Feli. Later that night I was watching these visionary writings on the screen in my bunk and remembered this day two years ago, the focal point for the things to come: “It's indeed at the heart of what we have tried to do with 0.23 to make it more like the game is a "society of players" rather than solo/small group self-sufficient entities.” Spending another three months in the mines I finally managed to finish my time machine and came here and now to warn you.
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