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  1. While I was traveling in space in a ship with two XS space fuel tanks, one of them ran empty while the other was half-full (the engines were not taking from this tank). My ship couldn't travel further, so I emptied the half-full tank and attempted to fill the empty one. I got a message saying that the fuel is incompatible, even though I'm sure that the fuel used for that tank is correct. I think it's a bug with the space fuel tanks....
  2. Just thought I'd bump this to see if sentiments have changed regarding mobile NPCs.
  3. I just got my code from his company. It came fast!
  4. Voice chat would be awesome, even if I won't use it as much as text chat.
  5. I think there's a minimum threshold for objects rounded by their own gravity though (a.k.a. hydrostatic equilibrium) such as for them to be defined as planets. Ceres happens to be the smallest such object. But I see what you mean.
  6. Alioth has a diameter of about 252 km, if I recall correctly. For comparison, Earth has a diameter of 12,756 km. The "dwarf" planet Ceres has a diameter of 939 km. How would you feel if the planets were larger such that they were closer to the sizes of real life planets? I'm of the opinion that more real estate can't be bad, but I also understand why planets in DU should be smaller because of data storage issues or whatever.
  7. Tutorial, find a sanc tile, and then buy parts and then build a spaceship, probs.
  8. First images are coming tomorrow! President Biden gave a sneak peek today! https://www.jwst.nasa.gov/
  9. This may go a little off-topic, but I still think it relates to Dual Universe. After watching the Summer Games fest today and thinking about what kinda games would appeal to me, I was able to get a better idea of what I want from a sci-fi/futuristic/space game. It would be about exploring (and I guess, perhaps building) cool futuristic buildings and structures such as corridors, space stations, cities and stuff like like that. You can also have the chance to have PvP if you want in those buildings and structures. Also, I'd also like a game that shows the wonders of future settings and space. A game that makes you think how cool this sci-fi stuff is and want you to go into space in real life. A game that triggers that...sense of wonder. I think that's why games like Dual Universe and Starbase appealed to me in particular.
  10. For me, it's simple: I found out about this game from a Second Life forum. Was interested because of the space, open-world, sandbox, and building aspects of the game.
  11. I nominate this from the YouTube user "Bonusaben":
  12. I've heard more....grand (albeit vague I must admit) visions for the metaverse though. Things such as virtual reality, augmented reality, or at least larger or more diverse worlds and activities....
  13. For instance, would NovaQuark's metaverse be based on or build on Dual Universe? Or would it be something completely different?
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