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  1. ...what would their role be? They would probably be hostile NPCs but I'd like to see them as allies you can befriend!
  2. Yes, it's probably been mentioned many times before but I'd like to see avatar combat in the game soon. Could make for some thrilling game experiences. I know there's other games that fulfill that function but I think it would be cool in an open-space game like Dual Universe.
  3. I agree it does look awesome. But a lot of people are saying that the game population is dying off. I dunno. I'll think I'll come back to the game soon to check on the general chat and see how busy it is.
  4. Not really, just taking a hiatus to play other games. This game will take a backseat for a while.
  5. I'll just keep it brief: this may not be the best game with highest population of people. But I still enjoyed my time playing this game. I had a blast building stuff and exploring the planets and space. And in some ways, it opened up my curiosity for other types of games. I'm thankful to have played this game. Thank you, Dual Universe.
  6. Thanks for the above input from everyone. I upgraded by RAM from 16 to 32 GB and my system now has an internal NVMe SSD!
  7. Hmm...guess I gotta pull out the old wallet if I wanna continue playing this game....(so I should get more RAM and find an internal SSD....) Ah, at least I'm not the only one. Sounds like something I should do, too.
  8. I think I've posted about this several times before, but piloting in Dual Universe is pretty unbearable - pretty much impossible - for me now because my screen freezes for a long time making me lose control of my ship, which in turn makes me crash often. I suspected it has to do with the lag but people have said it has improved somewhat. I dunno. I was also thinking it has to do with my graphics settings so I tried lowering the threads from the default (which is six I think) to two. I still had problems with flight. So perhaps it isn't a graphics thing either (unless my GPU and system is really poor - I have a GTX 1660 coupled with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600. I have 16 GB RAM in my system and I have the game installed on an external SSD. ) I'm just wondering if screen freezing is a common thing for you.
  9. I still check on my base on Alioth and ship from time to time, but I don't play for long periods of time anymore. My reasons? I have other priorities (such as other games - I know, lame excuse) but I guess there's also a lack of incentive to explore around. I've been all over Alioth, Madis, Thades, and Jago, and explored space extensively. I've used a surrogate to explore the Free Port on Teoma and the Utopia Space Station. But I think I've seen a lot of stuff in Dual Universe now such that any further discoveries don't feel...."new". So yeah. Not worth it to log in except to check on my stuff briefly.
  10. Ah, thanks for info. Guess I'll get more RAM and that SSD then.
  11. I used to be able to play this game with very few technical problems. But now when I fly around I get lag which can be lethal in some cases. I looked at the system requirements and the recommended RAM is now 16 GB and GTX 1080 (8 GB). I do have the 16 GB requirements fulfilled but my GPU seems a bit lacking (I have a 1660 which is only 6 GB.) Do you think I should upgrade my computer for a better experience?
  12. One of the most important aspects of a work of science fiction (game or otherwise) is the ability for it to convey a sense of wonder. Wonder...it's a feeling of awakening caused by the expansion of one's awareness of what's possible (paraphrased from Wikipedia.) Does or did Dual Universe ever give you a sense of wonder? To what degree? What could be done to improve the game's ability to convey this feeling? I admit I did get a sense of wonder about building my first ship which was able to just even fly. After being stuck running and/or hovering on the ground for perhaps a few hours or days, I felt awestruck even just being able to create something that could fly. Once I was able to reach space, I had even more of this fabled sense of wonder. I think the game does convey a lot of wonder but there could always be more things to add to the experience. As many people have said, the planets could look more interesting and have more varied environments - this would make exploring more fun. Space itself could also use more features to be able to convey this wonder.
  13. Regardless about you feel about Dual Universe as a game, I think some of you (myself included) can also consider it a "tech demo" of sorts (similar to other space games currently in development.) How do you feel about Dual Universe, as it is now, as a "tech demo" of sorts? I think it's a decent tech demo in terms of size and scope. It shows a big universe where you can move around a lot and build at least. The graphics of the voxels are decent. However, there's a lot of bugs that can hinder performance. Also, the planets and the rest of the environments are kinda bland with not many distinct features. And of course, gameplay issues are a big problem.
  14. One of the most important things about a sandbox game - or just about any game, really, is interactivity. To be able to influence the game environment through your actions, and in turn, the ability of the environment to have an effect on you...that is one of the most engaging aspects of games. Do you feel Dual Universe is a very interactive game, currently? What can be done to increase the amount of interactivity in this game? I think Dual Universe is quite interactive, although the degree to which it is can still be improved. While you are able to change your environment in a variety of ways through the build mode, I still think there could be thing to improve the level of interactivity in the game. Take for example, the presence of water. While some objects are able to react to water, not everything does. The avatar is unable to do things like swim or float in the water, for instance. But this is just one example.
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