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  1. How far do you think humans will travel from Earth to the universe? I think humans may settle Mars within the next century or so. If the great distances between stars can be bypassed (i.e. a "warp drive" mechanism or something else) they will reach other star systems probably within a millennium or two.
  2. I wanted to ask people on the Dual Universe board about Cyberpunk 2077 partly because DU helped "prepare" me to play Cyberpunk 2077. The reason why I say this is because I wasn't accustomed to playing first-person games before DU but I loved playing Dual Universe. I was always looking forward to playing Cyberpunk but now that I know I can enjoy a first person game, I'm more excited than ever.
  3. Interesting interview! I'm pondering whether I should go to markeedragon's party in Jago....
  4. Okay, I fixed the link and added some samples to the post.
  5. Hello everyone, I just wanted to present my album of screenshots I took so far in Dual Universe. The album itself is in the flickr link, and I've also provided some samples in the post as well!
  6. Love the ocean and beach biomes of this planet!
  7. I personally hope they don't remove the current safe zone but if they do it's no big loss. I guess I'll just try to adapt myself and my property to the changes....
  8. If so, what are you favorite tracks? I like the music! Very nice futuristic ambient music. My favorite tracks are "Pioneers" and "Cryosleep".
  9. Wow...those are all cool! Great job and keep 'em coming! My space station will soon be open! Once everything is ready everybody can come and take a look!
  10. NPC enemies would give players more stuff to do but I don't think they are necessary. I actually think this game is a breath of fresh air because it doesn't rely on you defeating hundreds of enemies....
  11. Not really. I kinda heard about that beforehand and planned my landing to account for that. I guess the surprise was "spoiled" for me....
  12. I heard the stories about the planet Thades and how it was a hellhole. Well, it may not be the verdant planet like Alioth but I still ventured there and I found the place amazing to look at! The canyon was really breathtaking!
  13. What should I replace the white pattern aluminum with?
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