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  1. For me, it's simple: I found out about this game from a Second Life forum. Was interested because of the space, open-world, sandbox, and building aspects of the game.
  2. I nominate this from the YouTube user "Bonusaben":
  3. I've heard more....grand (albeit vague I must admit) visions for the metaverse though. Things such as virtual reality, augmented reality, or at least larger or more diverse worlds and activities....
  4. For instance, would NovaQuark's metaverse be based on or build on Dual Universe? Or would it be something completely different?
  5. I probably had a different route to Dual Universe than most of you. I rarely played space games (or even building ones) before playing DU. I started with cutesy platformers like Mario and Kirby. The one space game I loved when I was younger was StarFox 64. Over time, I discovered RPGs and began playing those. Then after that, with the help of the Internet I became exposed to MMORPGs. My first MMO was MapleStory and I mainly clung to eastern RPGs like Aura Kingdom, Blade and Soul, and Phantasy Star Online 2. I also started to be interested in virtual worlds like Second Life and IMVU. Why would I then be interested in DU then, you may ask? I remember growing up and even now, I loved science fiction movies, TV shows, and books. I wanted to replicate the experience, that "sense of wonder" I had when experiencing those stories. Now, I could have just settled with another sci-fi game but I guess they could not give me this feeling I've been searching for. At the same token I love virtual worlds like Second Life, as I mentioned before. I loved the openness and freedom of it all. While browsing through a Second Life forum I found out about a game called Dual Universe which promised things like an open-world, space exploration, and building. I decided to give it a try when I got a good computer, and here I am now!
  6. (I thought since the founder of NovaQuark and Dual Universe specializes in robotics and AI, I thought it would be fitting to put this topic here....) I think they will be a useful way to assist people in doing jobs. I don't think they will be a cause of unemployment - rather, the jobs that humans will do will shift from stuff like manual labor to robot maintenance or whatever.
  7. You actually discover a captive alien/extraterrestrial in a containment chamber in a laboratory there! What do you do and what happens next?
  8. Okay, it's time for yet another stupid question by yours truly! Don't mind me though, I like reading discussions about games like this though. Cures my boredom. I've heard about the term "gameplay loop" in this forum (and also in another gaming forum) for a few times now. Many people agree that Dual Universe needs a lot of these things to be more enjoyable. My question to you is, what makes a good gameplay loop? What are some good gameplay loops to add to Dual Universe?
  9. Okay, it's time for a topic a bit more crazy than usual from me. (I enjoy talking about this game because just like all of you, I want to see it succeed.) This topic is taken from the Steam boards of a game similar to Dual Universe. Do you think this game could eventually "kill" Star Citizen? How would it be able to do so? Star Citizen is still unfinished, but it still has more of a playerbase than DU. I think if the devs add a little bit more stuff (such as introducing new "gameplay loops" that everyone's been talking about here), it could rival and potentially beat Star Citizen in terms of popularity and ratings.
  10. How would you feel if the development of Dual Universe was mainly focused on making a "Second Life in space" kinda deal? -In addition to building static structures, users can customize their avatars in greater detail (even if it doesn't make sense in lore, like being helmetless in space.) -Users can submit their designs not only for avatar customization but decorative "Elements" as well. (more user-created content than just buildings) -Overall, more of a focus on socialization (hence..."civilization" building). PVP, mining, industry, and stuff like that would not necessarily be omitted, though. -Things like local text chat, emotes, and voice chat would be implemented. -I'd assume it's easier to develop and implement ideas in the game because we already have Second Life itself, anyway. Yeah, I'll probably be lit up for even suggesting this but I'm all outta ideas to discuss....
  11. I think you meant to respond to @PleiJades. But I agree with your post.
  12. I'd be happy if "civilization building" just meant making a community flourish in the game with a reason to play with and against each other. As for what that entails, I dunno exactly, but others have posted many essays on these matters.
  13. That's a good analysis, but I'm sure the engineers accounted for many of the possible problems the telescope may encounter. Still, perhaps it's best to be guarded against high expectations!
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