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  1. I think with ship building and vehicle operation at least, you use a lot of math and some science concepts to be successful. Bonus Question: What do you think of the idea that this game was designed more for people with backgrounds in math, science, and programming, rather than the average video game player? I've heard this idea several times in the Dual Universe community.
  2. ...what can DU take from all of them? What aspects of the competitors should it leave alone? I apologize if this seems off topic (due to mentioning competing games) but I thought it was fitting because it's still related to Dual Universe and what stuff it could add.
  3. I guess Aphelia (the Arkship's AI) built them prior to decryonization of the human passengers?
  4. Ah, interesting. I've heard of those things. Perhaps they should make more of them.
  5. Just wanted to hear your ideas. I think a common complaint about this game is that the planets aren't very interesting. I said in another topic they could add other moving beings such as wildlife and robotic machines, but another user said that it would be difficult to implement. I was thinking of varying the landscapes a bit more. Thades's large canyon is a good example of a unique feature that makes the planet look interesting. For example, maybe have the Alioth trees look more varied (with different shapes and sizes?) Maybe add some effects such as mist?
  6. This poll/topic asks if there should be references or hints to extraterrestrial intelligence or aliens in Dual Universe. I was thinking that the aliens themselves don't have to be present in the form of NPCs or whatever. But there could be hints of their existence like ruins and artifacts or something. Adds some mystery to the game I guess. You guys have any ideas?
  7. I know that NPCs are not a new concept discussed around here, but I was thinking about some ideas in which they could be used: Enemies: This one is self-explanatory. But they do not have to be advanced "aliens" (to avoid the "evil alien" trope), they could just be hostile wildlife or machines. Good for the PVE aspect. Pets: Again, self-explanatory. Common aspect of MMOs. I believe that this was already promised anyway. Allies: Recruit an NPC ally to assist you in battle, to guard an area, or even help you in something like building! Non-dangerous wildlife: Maybe you can collect specimens (e.g. bugs and fish) for scientific missions or materials? (This can also apply to non-mobile lifeforms such as flora). There might be other uses for NPCs that I haven't though of yet. Either way, I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas.
  8. It's almost at the Red Planet! Should touchdown sometime in the afternoon time in eastern North America. Can't wait!
  9. This ship building contest was hosted by YouTube creator Shams. It gave me some inspiration for some ship creations of my own!
  10. Pretty much, yeah (unless I had all the materials I needed....)
  11. Just wanted to tell the story of how I almost lost my ship because of lag. So I was flying around Alioth, doing some sightseeing - seeing what interesting creations other players have built. While maneuvering my ship near the market districts I encountered lag and my screen froze, as per usual. By the time I was able to control my ship I was heading toward the ground way too fast. I tried to pull up but I wasn't in time. I found myself looking at a loading screen and the notification that I died and the core unit of my ship was destroyed. I respawned in my base about 20 km from the crash site. I figured I could find some way to salvage my ship, but I had doubts (I had come back from a long hiatus.) I decided to move by foot to the crash site to investigate my ship. After a 20 km run I saw that I could replace the core unit to make my construct like brand new. Also, Market 2 was only 2 km nearby so I could run there buy a replacement core. I did the necessary repairs and afterward breathed a sigh of relief. My ship escaped from the claws of oblivion yet again! tl;dr: Crashed my ship due to lag but was able to salvage and fix it after a bit of a detour, thankfully.
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