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  1. Alioth alone has ~260,000 territories. Even with 10,000 players there is too much there for it all to be claimed anytime soon. Every player that has ever played the game so far combined has only accounted for 10% of the hexes on Alioth. The PvP planets if and when PvP opens will be constantly changing ownership. I don't think it will be as big a problem as you think.
  2. Not sure how useful this will be but there are two options for sharing stuff. 1: if you set element rights on the core or another element, this one seems a bit limited. For example if you set the rights to board construct on the pilot seat element the person wont be able to fly as they dont have rights to use the fuel tank, etc. 2: if you right click on honeycomb > constuct > advanced > set construct rights this then sets the rights for everything in the construct at once, I get more luck with this way. probably you already know this, but just in case
  3. There is not and you would be welcome fiddly, if you have discord contact me fink#1867. Otherwise my in game name is burble although I have not been able to play much the last few days
  4. Cheers Deckard! I will be really happy if it gives a few players something new to play around with and some inspiration for designing new hover racers. Super fun physics code for flying you guys made, thank you.
  5. if the VR isnt working for any reason the map co-ordinates are: ::pos{0,2,0.2342,108.8616,62.4634}
  6. PvP as long as there is some kind of flight/combat skill that doesn't mean point and click mechanics from out of visual range. I spent more than 15 years in a purely PvP combat flight simulator. That game is excellent because piloting skill and gunnery skill are the only things that matter. I've played FPS games PvP enjoyably for years. For me they are fun and they work because tactics and gunnery skill are the only things that matter. Having a space combat game that has no relevance on piloting skill or on gunnery skill does not appeal to me at all right now.
  7. haha! Well you got me, no paperwork. At one point Dangersnoot and me mined out a 2.3mil silicon meganode and sold it all to buy aluminium, that was about 50 million quanta by itself
  8. Cheers! Flying with the mouse gives very fine control as can be seen in the full lap preview video. Better fine control than a gamepad without doubt.
  9. I know, I've been going on and on about making a race track for a while now. Well, the two tracks are all laid down now and ready for racing, time trials, illegal gambling and so forth. I can't even begin to describe the hours or explain why I would willingly do this to myself, but I think this is the kind of community that understands insane building projects so I don't fear too much judgement. Think I might quit DU now for a while. To the handful of people who kindly donated a bit of material here and there your names have been cemented into the foundations of the course at various points. -2 separate and complete race tracks covering 10 hexes on Alioth -The scale of the tracks allows for high speed racing. I'm really excited for to see what kind of racers people dream up. -A restricted class cup and an unlimited builders cup could be something for the future. -Head to Head racing for quanta -There are pit garages for sale on site for race teams. -Land plots available for opening shops and markets for those with a plan, contact me. As for the racing and physics, I think what is possible with a bit of practice is really pretty cool. Like a 2021 version of that old classic nintendo game F-Zero if anyone is as old as me. A lap preview of the two courses can be seen as raw footage here: Here is the super cheesy awesome bit I slapped together. The total materials if anyone is interested are approximated here: Aluminium: Countless millions of litres Concrete: quite a lot Luminescent glass: a really serious quantity Alioth sand and rock : >2mil L Madis soil: 200,000 L Symeon soil: 190,000 L L and M cores: more than 135 Time for construction: 3 months more or less Quanta spent: all of it VR Station is open : Melanuma Super Speedway race track - come visit and set a waypoint, then come race and build.
  10. A simple fee per 24 hour period would also work. If you don't want your quanta slowly drained go move your junk. If you have no quanta left? instant salvage for any other player who wants it. That way active players leaving advertising constructs are paying for the privilege but are still able to do so. Inactive or uncaring players lose their construct when they run out of means to pay the fee. Sounds harsh, but it is a market, not a parking lot or an exhibition zone.
  11. Almost seems like people are dumping stuff there in some kind of protest. Just now I landed at market, got fatal network error trying to load all the stuff. Then it took over an hour to reload the game successfully. To top that off when I got in my ship every single element exploded at once because of some unseen junk I had inside my ship without knowing. A million bucks to repair everything and another hour. The warp drive is especially a pain in the arse. Quite an eventful trip to market.
  12. Except that the higher tier resources are already swiss cheese in all but the highest density ore (mostly claimed) areas. Most people only travel between planets now to pick up schematics or to literally sight see a planet they have never visited. I don't care at all if they open the game for the warp campers to have some fun, but I also doubt very much there will be many targets. More importantly most targets will be worthless in terms of loot, simply a new player with their hard earned ship being destroyed for no reason at all. I predict hordes of lonely and bored space pirates waiting for hours to squabble over a single XS core warp shuttle now and then. The most silly part is that there is nothing to stop all the raging warriors from organising constant battles between each other and having PvP heaven everyday. But that is not really the point is it? the point is a pack of wolves preying on the outnumbered lambs simply for the fun of virtual murder. There are enough people who desire PvP to have fights everyday. Think about that. It's a sandbox, go make some PvP fun.
  13. No, I mean the 2000m tall space elevators. Flying into invisible ones and taking damage, if as you say the collision boxes are decoupled, would be less fun than hitting the visible ones
  14. although I am happy that collision boxes on invisible elevators don't kill me when they are not even rendered in
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