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  1. As your rehab councillor I strongly advise you not to keep that stash of meth under your mattress. I gave the whole ownership of my race track, a bunch of ships, 30 mil quanta and 5kt of inventory to someone who still wants to play and wants to keep working on that project. Do the right thing, cut away properly. Then we can start you on the 12 step program
  2. I actually found the mining experience quite fun. I liked the feeling of being deep underground hunting for riches. Especially when finding a mega node, the cavern experience was epic in the sense of scale. I never cared about building wealth just for the sake of it, so for me mining was a job to buy what I needed and not too tedious. Once set up there are other forms of income possible to a creative player after the early game grind. What did strike me as odd though was the many, many small nodes scattered around the hex. My own idea if I had been making this game would be vast deposits, m
  3. So now the last thing to do in the game, mining, is getting removed? If you are surprised at how quickly players can grind millions of tunnels into your planets, you will be utterly shocked at how fast auto miners will deplete the entire solar system of resources. Then in most cases delete the resources selling to bots. And clues to find asteroids, really? This is not Tomb Raider or Puzzle Quest....This is not the kind of gameplay the majority of DU's demographic is interested in. Just spawn in a couple of giant asteroid fields with hundreds of thousands of asteroids to mine and be done
  4. With regard to NPC encounters. Seems a bit limited in scope to say they would have to be just L core ships. The NPCs could be anything from xs core hordes, solo scouts, pirates, explorers, haulers, airlines all the way up to giant battle carriers invading planets. Not to mention first person shooting NPCs if they put that element in the game. NPCs themselves would probably open up a whole load of new game loops and the potential for literally hundreds of different types of encounters from combat, to trading, to rescue, to looting wrecks, etc. The trouble is you need a dedicated dev team fo
  5. Unless they changed something, ships can definitely fly underwater. The hover booster will fight to throw you back to the surface but can be overridden by holding the down thrust key.
  6. I expected a voxel builder/resource collector game that I could sink a few months of lockdown into and be totally absorbed by. What I got was well worth my time and money. Good fun, good people, wonderful build options to play with. We created sport within the game and shared the fun with many people. I had also expected something a bit more like Empyrion with regards to crafting, which at first I was a bit disappointed about. The system in DU was complicated and intimidating for the first few days. The apparent lack of profit possible with small scale industry also was confusing. I had
  7. yes to both questions. You can also get a pretty sweet boost assist coming out of the water for VTOL starts
  8. I believe Graxxor was just poking good natured fun at a grammatical error in your original post. 'Org's' denoting possessive rather than 'Orgs' denoting Org plural.
  9. The thing that never fails to amaze me about this place is that the regulars who spend all day criticizing NQ and the state of the game are the very first people to come running to defend if anyone new raises any negative truths. This forum truly is a bizarre microcosm
  10. If you want me to go to Alioth market 6 or 7 the price is doubled
  11. Dude, give it a rest. Two new threads a day is over the top.
  12. This is a game I used to play in 1989 called M1 Tank Plantoon. If you can make it run then it would be worth checking out before you spend months building a battle ship.
  13. Well, that's clear now then. I guess you really were always acting for the benefit of the game during your last year of relentless posting. 😛
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