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  1. Classic psychological manipulation. Make you eat shit until you are almost dead then offer a brief reprieve in a grand act of charity and understanding. Soon you'll be eating shit again and will have forgotten how the cycle controls you and keeps relieving you of your money.
  2. This is exactly why I quit also. I loved this game. Spent months building a race track and eventually earned great quanta from the location once it was finished. But I absolutely hated being lied to and treated like a commodity, rather than a customer, by the developers. We would have given them a million chances to get it right if they were just honest.
  3. Fair point indeed. My curse is the convoluted mind space I live in daily.
  4. Simple solution. All stacked elements are instantly irreparably destroyed upon any damage to a construct (collision or PvP hits) The only way to keep using your exploit construct is to never take even 0.1% damage from any means. Exhibition pieces and collectables can be displayed in museum style. Any exploit rich construct that is being used for regular game functions will not last long. You get to keep the voxel design of the construct but the exploited elements are gone.
  5. We let ourselves bicker and condemn each other as a community over this issue. This is not the player's fault. If you don't want players to do something then make it impossible. Don't put the burden on the players with the threat of repercussions. Fix the fucking game.
  6. I feel like the main impressive factor in seeing an amazing voxel creation is that the person spent time and effort making it...out of voxels. While I can appreciate a beautiful 3D model converted into voxels I feel like it would be somewhat less impressive as an achievement
  7. Player owned markets would solve a lot of issues with the economy. Aphelia should own one market that sells a few noob friendly items for first day players. After that...go explore.
  8. it's like a train wreck on a frictionless, steeply declining slope that never ends
  9. I like the spirit of the challenge but the current mechanics of PvP don't give me any incentive to join the story. Mechanics of flying skill and three dimensional real time CQB gunnery skill with a stable server. That would make it fun. In fact, PvP that involved any kind of skill at all would be an improvement.
  10. Excellent rant. Would read it again. 9.5/10
  11. I stopped because of the constant and obvious management of the players by NQ. I understand the need for diplomacy and marketing at times. But for a tiny community like this in such a niche environment, full and honest disclosure would have been more respectful, would have won my loyalty and kept me playing. I love the game concept and enjoyed my time here. But I hate being treated as a commodity instead of a valued customer.
  12. I understand this. That is why when I stopped playing I donated all my money, materials, real estate and constructs to someone who intended to keep playing. When you quit, do your bit for for the future of the game and don't horde binary wealth in a black hole that you will never open again.
  13. I would open up and tell all the remaining followers exactly what we were thinking, what our truthful current condition was, a realistic and honest roadmap of the game's future and a spanking great big apology for being so clandestine for so long.
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