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  1. 1. Current idea of absolute random ore pools and sniping good tiles and not allowing latecomers to get good tiles is just absolute trash. Who though its a good idea? I would like t have a chat with the person from NQ responsible for this stupid idea. Is it that hard to give similar pools to everyone? Why don't you give for example 1000L of ore on every tile and only randomize the quantity of specific ores. For example on Alioth every tile have 1000L/h ore and then, every tile have 700L/h of t1, 200L/h of t2 and 100L/h of t3. And then randomise the quantity of specific ore, 300l bauxit, 200 quartz, 100 hematite, 100 coal ect So every tile will have similar potential and only the balance of ore mixed. This is just an example, but making people who already own a tiles to switch for sniped tiles is stupid idea, you can do better than this. You also shouldn't discriminate newcomers who will be left with leftovers for the rest of theyr life just because you made some stupid ideas. 2. Taxes idea is stupid. Why does every tile need separate wallet? It's just a mini game i don't wanna play. Can't they drain from my main wallet automatically? Also amount of tax is ridiculous. You force on players selling stuff or ore just to pay for tile. Every developer decision that force something on any player is fundamentally a bad decision. We came here to have fun and not to be forced to play the game in order to pay some stupid taxes. 3. If you plan to change the way air brakes works, you have to boost them a lot. Every ship i own which was designed by other voxelmancer, does not have a place for additional airbrake outside. If this game is about voxels and attracting new players with nice looking ships, how the hell stacking 500 bad looking elements is going to help us building nice ship? There is already tooooooooooo many stupid elements that have to be outside and we end up making 1000 holes on outer layer of ship to make elements work. Retro brakes/air brakes/wings or any air lift elements should work despite being covered with voxels if you don't want to limit our creativity. It would be ok if you would allow us to modify dimensions and shape of elements so we can make an actual good looking elements on ship instead of ugly acne on ships. Why there are always such a bad decisions coming from Nq? Are you guys doing such a bad decisions on purpose so the player-base focus on those issues instead of slow progress of development? I'm very grateful that you finally decided to add auto-miners, but considering the trust you lost on player base, the main reason behind miners is infrastructure cost and not the players opinion or respect of our time.
  2. NQ Sirq mentioned that the actual ore info from PTS and current game, and what will be available after update will be different. How about you guys actually watch entire video and stop complaining about stuff that has been explained?
  3. @NQ As one of the people who kept complaining alot about the game. It's time I show my appreciation as well. I felt like you guys had a big weigh on shoulders deciding on removing the active mining from planets. DON'T BE SORRY! Most of players who actually achieved something in this game are sick and tired of earthworm mechanic and i'm personally incredibly happy for this update!! Those who want hand mine, still can and will on asteroid! SO just give us more asteroids and problem solved. Thank you so much for the auto-miners. I'm personally against this sniping tile mechanic. I just hope that this buff for having multiple tiles next to each other will compensate for the sniping of best tiles. I also hope that tiles will be rather balanced so people who joined later will not be forced to live in shadow of those who sniped best tiles.
  4. I think they referred only to the mining talents in the first place. I personally don't see the point of doing it because there will be very very few people who want to get rid of mining talents since you need them for asteroid and if your not legion, time is of the essence.
  5. Pleas watch the devblog.
  6. Agreed!! I would love it, and the same ability with honeycomb would be appreciated.
  7. Yes i'm sure so many pilots went to asteroids for pvp(and not ore) and just by coincidence they forgot to put their guns. And of course merciless Legion decided to liberate us of our pvp (non gunned ships), because we lack skills and experience in pvp. And it has nothing to do with the fact that pvp is just bad and boring and there is very few people actually interested in pvp apart from grievers. Let me tell you story of 90% of players which you absolutely don't get because of your limited mindset or absolute ignorance. There are good pvp games out there and those interested in pvp, go to the game where you can showcase your skill and not the depth of your purse, be it IG or real life wallet. And DU is not one of them as it lack fundamental mechanic to provide meaningful and demanding pvp. Vast majority of players come to DU because of *caugh caugh* suprise! it's a building game with ability to build almost any ship or building. Entire game is build around voxels and NQ decided to add incredibly boring mechanic of procuring ores. Then they added pvp which works like some very sloppy iterations of eve online without consideration and knowledge how it actually works. And i can assure you most players don't give a crap about the pvp in this game because it suck terribly in the first place. But then we have people like you or bored people and those who can't do a competitive pvp so they pretend they are good at pvp and just grieve on non-pvp players in games like DU. If you think, skill have anything to do in DU version of pvp you are very very very sad and misguided soul. Yes it require skill, but only in matter of how to operate the mechanic, there is no reward for doing it better or any way intelligent way. it's just lock and shoot and occasional reload. Enemy have no way to escape you, no way to detect you, no way of fighting you. The whole idea is just boring and i'm surprised that legion players actually still do it which clearly indicate you are not here for pvp, you are here to grieve people, put the salt into the would and brag about your incredibly sophisticated kills. Truth is almost no1 is interested in PVP and most of people just don't want to even deal with it. Yes we can band together and fight you, but there is no incentive towards it. It's building game not pvp game, there is no reward for us for killing you. You will just get a new ship and come again. This is why we complain because we just don't want it, and we don't want to fight you bcs it's boring. Even if i kill you what will it give me? Some broken elements and empty cargo? 15 minutes later there will be another legion ship and i will just waste my life on meaningless and boring activity of killing one mosquito.
  8. Pretty sure they have better version of it. Legion itself confirmed they have scripts which pinpoint your location. Which scripts they use i don't know and i don't care. It matters little to the fact that they dominate roids. Then why every time my org members die, attackers had a name legion? And why we can't do a thing about them? Perhaps that's why people cry? I can't afford ships to fight them, and i don't have talents or production to do it. Also wouldn't complain if we had an actual content in the game but asteroids are viable only in pvp zone. If i'm whining then what are you? You band together to bully others bcs alone you were a ****. You banded together to have as much safety in numbers and ability to bully defenceless people. And now you get upset that people got mad because legion keep bulling soo many people without repercussions. Of course some people kill you but i'm not one of them, i'm rather new to the game so i don't have industry backbone to back me up or characters to boost weapons. Beside isn't that the legion whinnies that whine to NQ that pvp sucks bcs ppl just warp away? And later ohh but ppl just warp when they see us so nq introduced long freaking timers to prevent any ability to escape? Freaking hypocrite. Snake may be a troll but he's hunting you down and makes pubbies laugh. I pick him over you 100 times. Please refrain from calling any person irl, legion are normal people like you and me. Only difference is that vast majority of legion are bad pvpers who just joined the easiest place for pvp. Ants don't kill every insect bcs they are strong, but bcs there is bloody lots of them vs 1. Legion does exactly the same thing, pick defenceless people because they are not mercenaries or real pvp group. They are just grievers.
  9. I do not consider myself a pro player. Almost every person that plays the game for 5 years knows this. I know how DU mechanics works and what you can do to minimise the danger, but as i said there are no ways to counter or prepare yourself for enemy. I'm not talking about reasons to leave safe zone as everyone know's the reasons... 1) Not a single person with experience or knowledge fly through the pipe mr Einstein. In case you don't know Legion have stations around mission planets with scanners and script that save location and pinpoint potential targets. The only thing you can do is fly away from the pipe and then align to planet or spot around the destination of planet, but legion and other pirates are aware of it and they also patrol zones around from the pipe, it's just a matter of luck wether you encounter them or not. 2) Asteroids in safe zone provide much smaller nodes than alioth which means they are absolute trash and no1 with brain have any incentive of doing them. About modules price. What are modules? First of all if you are referring to the elements, then most of basic elements are cheaper. Go to uncommon or advanced and military elements are almost always sold with margin around 5-50% depends on moment. Rare counterparts are almost always sold with at least 100% margin, and xl and agg m are providing with 100-300% margin comparing to production cost. I'm monitoring the situations for most of engines since last month, both production cost with lv 5 talents and ores prices so spare me your imagined prices of few elements. How long do you even play this game? The way you refer to game elements and mechanics clearly says your new to the game.
  10. What you mean by increase? current meta pvp l core ship is worth 300m in cheapest variant, some are worth over 600m. Are you out of your mind?
  11. Yes it's easy if your part of legion.
  12. Eve is hardcore game??? Did you even play eve? I play eve for over 5 years and there is nothing hardcore about eve. In eve i have counter for nearly everything and i have incredible amount of tools to deal with various situations. I can make a few page article on how very wrong you are but i will just try to pinpoint most important few points. 1. 99% of ships that die cost between 5 to 120 minutes of grind 2. Even when you die you have insurance, srp from alliance and/or corporation which often result on getting between 80%-120% worth of the ship. 3. You never get the destroyed ship, there is 50% chance that every item or loot will be destroyed so you never get 100% loot.(except for occasional pvp event like Halloween) 4. Every area can be safe it only comes down to how well you are prepared. I multiple times moved my caps through hostile regions, wormholes and ls because we have tools like local, dscan, cloak, scout, zkill, intel channels and other scout websites. 5. Very often you can escape even if you are caught/ detected/ attacked. 6. We have stations/citadels in almost every system including wormholes so we always have a place to run to from enemy and filaments to teleport yourself out from any place. 7. Radars in are eve over 14.3 AU(not SU) while you can warp disrupt the target from 20km( 90km in specialised ship for disrupting), while in DU you have the same detection and shooting(warp disrupt) range. In my opinion Du is hardcore pvp right know bcs you have 100% loot, you even get the ship and game is so raw you have no way to counter pvp. Pvp at this moment is 100% made for pirates with absolute no regards toward victims. There is not a single tool to combat, escape, detect the enemy. Once you step out of safe zone It's just constant Russian roulette every 2 su. I do not understand what is your objective with that? I'm the Eve player. I never played landmark and 99% of things i do were pvp or pve but i can't do either of those in DU because i do not have large factories that produce rare engines or agg m which sells at marking 300% production cost so i can't afford 300m ships for pvp. It took me weeks to mine ore necessary to buy bp and elements for the ships. So it's like going into solo pvp with capitals or titans which by the way nobody does. Kormolos what you suggest have absolute no sense. People, me including are crying because we are literally toddlers with no way to defend our self and that's a issue. Devs keep repeating only one thing, don't go to pvp zone. You can't expect people to deal with it, it's just utterly bad design.
  13. Why do you suggest that? I don't like it and it kills the game play. So what's the point of having those big ships, which function as carrier if you can't even use it as your home base. I would be okay with the idea if we had a means of fast travel, but we don't. But i assume your giving this idea in order so more people will use rescue service and pay you the money since you took it as your profession. No thank you.
  14. Nononono, I always loot denial the pirates. They keep your ship and all elements anyway.
  15. I think NQ plans and already announced that. So it's coming. I don't like the idea and it's a perfect way of making sure that players that took break, won't come back ever. One of coolest developers Naoki Yoshida, often tell it's player base, that he want them to enjoy the game, and if they feel burned up, just stop subscription and stop playing. Come back later when you feel like it. Everyone loves him and that's very mature and incredible way of thinking. Normal human person need to take a break from the game, especially as toxic as DU. Punishing us with loosing every construct is a clear middle finger from NQ.
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