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  1. (initially posted on the PTS forums, oops) Thank you everyone who played the PTS version of the new FTUE and gave your feedback. It really helps to have fresh eyes on this. The new FTUE has been over a year in the making, so some of us Level Designers have tunnel vision when playing through it for the thousandth time A few of you ran into two big bugs: Those of you that spawned in the middle of nowhere with no lander obviously did not experience the intended onboarding. That you continued to play and took detailed notes was appreciated, however clearly this is not the path a new player should take. This happened due to problems with the server, and always requires CS intervention to rectify. Since server hiccups do happen, I may add a backup step that if players get stuck on the "interact with the pilot's seat" step, after a certain time Aphelia will recommend the Help chat. That, or another backup. Many of you ran into an issue trying to deploy the Speeder, getting an error message "speeder too far". This was a bug that has been fixed in the latest update (released today). Aside from that, the rest of you successfully played the golden path of the new FTUE and provided great feedback. Here are fixes we have already implemented. They are live on Athena. (this list is not exhaustive): Lander section: now no build mode possible, no suicide/force respawn possible Flatten/Blueprint deploy section: added "you can walk around using maneuver keys" F4 map section: added a step to unlock HUD at the end Objective Screen section: added a step to remove currently active tool (skipped if no tool active) Objective Screen section: Added a recommendation to take the Talent mini-tutorial Objective Screen: fixed crash when triggering mini-Construction Lander: infobutton removed Tutorial skip buttons (Shift-PgUp and Shift-PgDn) now have a confirmation popup, to avoid accidental skips Here are our next steps (this list is not exhaustive): Golden Path: encourage players to join an organisation Golden Path: teach "H" button in screen lock mode and inventory Investigate if "playing with friends" is convenient enough, now that the bugs are fixed Outposts: balance outpost constructs and provide more information on the Outpost Picker page Objective Screen: create the missing mini-tutorials Objective Screen: make the objective screen persistent (hopefully) make the objective screen reactive to the player completing mini-tutorials Tutorials: sort tutorials in the VR Surrogate Station tutorials tab Tutorials: do a polish pass of tutorials in the VR Surrogate Station as many are out of date (btw Golden Path = all the steps from "player spawns in the lander" to the end where Aphelia hands the player off to the Objective screen) The principle goal of the new FTUE is to avoid bloat of the "forced tutorial" by getting a new player to a point where they can have few hours of fun tinkering and exploring before they would need to learn more. Some people will choose more tutorials right away, but that is their choice, others might visit a bunch of places using VR Surrogate instead, or harvest ore. This is roughly the blanket answer to the feedback "you really need to teach the player XYZ". The golden path ignores some DU features by design, hoping that the Objective screen and player discovery fills the gap. I do agree, however, that getting a player to have a look at organisations as soon as possible is a great suggestion, which is why I'm planning on adding that to the golden path. If your comment or feedback is not listed above, I haven't missed it. All feedback has been collected and is being considered. Thanks everyone again for your help. Cheers, NQ-AntiGravitas PS. For those who pointed it out, the lander -always- lands safely. Its geometry and light weight slows it down in atmosphere and it has an autobrake at the very end. it's impossible to crash (I tried many times). Well, I'll say "nearly" impossible to crash because I'm sure someone will find a way one day (and no, that is not a challenge to you, dear players).
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