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  1. i guess this is how pvp cubes hitting you from 300 km away while they travel with 300.000 km per hour are born :))) just saw a pvp video the other day , was hilarious, poor dude didnt know what hit him
  2. first be sure you run it as an administrator , right click on icon and select run as admin . Second i dont know , maybe uninstall and try a clean install ? third try to ask on discord for help it could be a bug due to the new patch.
  3. Riiight , thank you . missed the right corner spot. went to 3 markets , opened the container , saw nothing and quit :)))
  4. One of the things i learned in life is that you need to let the old ones rest. It will not help you to have only RAm , you need a new CPU and graphic card . you will be lucky if you can keep the power source and the case to be honest. what you do is like giving a anesthesic to an old man dying. it will not make him walk again i am afraid.
  5. i purchased a TCU and i forgot to bookmark the location of the market , i went to like 3 markets around and didnt found it . Is any way i can track where my merchandise is ? like in Eve for example, a window with your assets?
  6. i really liked the EVe system . you could drag and drop the skill , paused and so on . The actual skill is similar but very rudimentary . Not to mention is not clear in what you invest the bonus points, i sent the other day 30k points into a low priority skill when i urgently needed another skill to be trained in half an hour. I rage quited, i admit my sins.
  7. you can not go wrong with a classic omlette du fromage avec un peu de baguette :)))) sorry for my totally out of topic post.
  8. One important thing that is never mentioned should be if you can transfer the new members to the location of your base ( this is in case you are not situated on Alioth) . I see lots of corps who recruit young ones and leave them on Alioth or worse, on Sanctuary , asking myself why they even bother to recruit if they leave those guys stranded there.
  9. not wanting to sound like a hater but why you left them to sanctuary ? What they can learn there ? harvest ore by hand ? Why you dont pick them up with a shuttle and send them to your new home ? you are simply letting working drones idle. Is inefficient.
  10. dont worry , you cant catch up , that is not the point . You cant compete with bigger corps in terms of production anyway , if they had like 30 miner for example you will not get that amount of ore in probably a week . It all depends on finding a niche you are comfortable with . If you want to play it competitive, then i am afraid you need to join an organised group, where to be honest your individual skills don`t matter anyway because the decisions are taken at the top.
  11. is clear they need a better server . i dont expect to be fixed in less than a week . I think too many new players joined in Not a bad thing in my opinion but they were unprepared for this thing. It will take a bit of time but they are offering you an extra month which is completely fine . I would reccomend to have some patience. Seems funny to me , they spend half of the day melting ore, take the pures and smelt them into alloys , transform the alloys into screws , pipes , conductors , metalworks and those into finally the desired end product, but they cant que for 30 min :)))
  12. The Core class defines only the size of the construct. The rest is just management S cores have more than enough space for everything. In my short experience i realise the core defines what type of vessel you need . XS for hovercars , S is for a solo vessel , M for small groups ships , L and XL for large corps battlecruisers or freighters. This apply not only for vessels but also for industry. If you play solo for example , you will extremely rare need an L or XL facility is better to simply buy the thing you need.
  13. Yes, arguing on a piece of land is silly , especially when my great grandfather was hungarian and my great grandmother was romanian i still carry the hungarian name, i inherit it from my father. I am still looking for a small corp to run my industry , i got some skills in mining and smelting ( level 3 at all t1 mats for the moment , starting with t2 soon )
  14. i`ve met only 3 or 4 in this game . i would like to meet more and get more infos about their corps , i play with a friend and we would like to join a corp.
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