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VIDEO: THE HUNT FOR A-CFJ-749 - Discussion Thread


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If you add that it doesn't represent the current state of the game then yeah why not...

But this is a huge joke, the fights are done at ~1SU + constantly and even if we wanted the desynchronization and the lag make it impossible at very close range, the current meta turn around the Nano ships (without voxels for the lowest cross section) because of the shields, the XS/S ships have no interest (range/dmg etc), railguns have been destroyed by the update and no one uses them anymore without being totally blind or having no other choice...

Make an effort on your game before putting an effort on its image, it starts to take a long time to wait.

And nice cast, if these are your only contacts in the community, we understand the problems of the game. There are a lot of players doing everything to help you and give you some good ideas, even when your mission control/atv system is no longer used... Listen them and give us what DU should have been a long time ago, a good game for which we can be proud to play and see promotional videos.

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Some of my favorite gaming memories are from Dual Universe! From the moment as a noobie reaching out for help, only to have someone with a "MASSIVE"(to me at the time) M core ship come in and scoop me up for a rescue off sanctuary.  The awe I had while standing on his ship while we entered space, seeing the planet fall away- then warping to alioth... my jaw dropped when we entered atmo from space haha. That was the moment I was hooked on DU, and knew it was my new MMO home.

Or that feeling of accomplishment when I finally collected everything from the market to deploy my first S core ship, a free Blueprint from F.E.L.D in game. I poured my time/energy into it, grinding out quanta to upgrade it with 3 Territory scanners, paid to have Sagacious install their new autopilot script on it... only for them to tell me it needed more braking force... oh I was so oblivious to ship design then. 

Or that time I packed up all my stuff and ventured out to find gold on feli in that S core. creating a mining base for myself and the guy who rescued me off sanctuary... he had always talked about going gold hunting on feli. Sadly he quit playing the game, so I was solo on feli... but kept the dream alive... and diligently for a week I scanned... I mined... I finally found some gold in a 125kl deposit.... and instantly sold it all cuz I was a noob and needed quanta. But it fueled the hunt further, it funded my 18 scanner pod ship... that eventually turned into the Hammerhead Logistics Platform. 

Or that time I slow-boated through PVP space, went to bed- woke up to my ship filled with holes floating through space.. having 16 contacts embeded into the radar before it was destroyed. I only wish the pirates could have heard me snore as they were shooting at me. I still don't know how they didn't destroy/core the entire ship- but hey, that surprised Pikachu face of confusion and bewilderment I made when I woke up and saw the ship.... priceless. 

Recently asteroids have provided some memorable moments. Like flying around pvp space hunting for roids and pirates, poking a angry hornets nest just to survive. Every week I go out expecting to loose ships, making each excursion out memorable.. and even more so when I come back with battle-scars. Their is a bit of player driven "content" with the current conflict that asteroids create, and has been nice to see. To everyone that has shot at me, thank you...? ya'll have made it more interesting for sure.

Finally... This video while awesome, with an engaging story, it is not representative of how the game is actually played or works... I think many of us wish PVP felt/looked that engaging, and have been letdown that it's not. I still hope atmo PVP will be more like the above video- limit ranges from 2SU to 1km and you might just get something like the video :D

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On 9/1/2021 at 3:53 PM, CptLoRes said:

Great video, but it has the exact same problem as the older "This is Dual Universe" video.

Meaning it does not represent actual game play. And anyone getting a subscription based on the video will be in for a rude awakening.

Kinda agree with this, although TBF i think that goes with any game that has a unpredictable meta like DU.

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