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  1. if you have a problem about it, why didn't you bring it up for the first 2-3 weeks it was on PTS? also, what's the problem here? be more specific please.
  2. its completely broken too, the side which is checked is the top, so my ships now look like this :,(
  3. just a reminder to all of you that 1 mill is nothing in todays money. Constant inflation due to legion being so damn rich has led to a huge increase in market prices, (Territory scanners went from 1 mill to 6 mill), so the real tax is about 150k or so. that being said, you'd better know what your doing if you are sitting on 50 tiles right now. better unclaim those quick.
  4. I am loving the changes so far (especially the ability to play your most recent emote), but I would like to mention: I don't think you should be taxed for the first tile you place on a planet, just like how the first tile was free pre-demeter, so that you can safely have your house on a tile without it being evicted if you leave too long. Not doing this will leave most planets empty as many people will migrate to space. IK you guys are taxing for mining but I think its a bit unfair if you don't want to - e.g. you sell ships and money can be few and far between, so could you guys maybe consider changing this? Perhaps you could add an option to your tiles where you don't get taxed, but can't mine either? I'm usually pretty stoic about changes you make, but the new brake system really struck a nerve. these things are too flat and large to fit on the outside of sleek / detailed ships. can we see some changes so that we don't have to scatter them around our constructs like plate armour? maybe xl brakes? thanks! -Shaman 🙂
  5. Looks great, just a few things: i don't think you should be taxed for the first tile you place on a planet, just like how it was before, so that you can safely have your house on a tile without it being disowned if you leave too long. not doing this will leave most planets empty as many people will migrate to space. IK you guys are taxing for mining but I think its a bit unfair if you don't want to - eg you sell ships and money can be few and far between. I'm usually pretty stoic about changes you make, even 0.23, but the new brake system really struck a nerve. these things are too flat and large to fit on the outside of sleek / detailed ships. either make them more powerful so that you need less on the outside or just keep it the way it was for now. the space brakes were already too much imo. i like the ctrl - # system so that you can play the last emote you did. would love to see this expanded in the future can you speed up scan rates on the pts so I can see results without having to wait 30 mins? would really help to just test out what tiles will be like. like the post above, I don't like the 'cone' system of obstruction you have atm. its very limiting and gets rediculous after long distances, as placing an engine at the front can still be obstructed by a hull completely out of the way of the engine. i think just a simple cylindrical hitbox would be better. at least make it so that we can see the entirety of it.
  6. it could be encrypted, stored somewhere else, or anything. wherever it is though it is stored locally, you can prove this by turning off your wifi when in the login menu.
  7. my point is that they are definitely paying someone to make music for their trailers, so why can't they do the same for the in game ost?
  8. nah, it would be a complete waste of server memory. its probably just timed on the client like how every other game does it. did you guys seriously think that game's osts are streamed like a podcast to your PC?
  9. sorry, I don't follow. why would an ost cost money to play in game?
  10. The ingame ost is terrible. I had to say it. (and ive said it before) Not like I don't like the music or anything, but after hearing the same 4 tracks repeated over and over again you get reeeal sick of it super fast. I know you guys have an employee working on the music, you can hear it in the new trailers, so why can't we hear the absolute bangers like these in game / during PvP? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UaYZeXHJ6Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7QF0QsjkY8 because of the lack of variety I usually keep my music muted, keeping me in an eerie silence. why must you hurt me this way nq?
  11. Now that demeter is coming out, the roadmap is pretty much completely clear. this is what Deckard said when I asked about it: from the finding the fun devlog we know that: Industry changes building changes territory warfare (space + atmo) / gas clouds ... as well as the second part to the pvp update are coming out. I doubt that's it though, as NQ could fit a lot more before they get to release, given they push out updates every 1-2 months. so, what do you guys think (and want) next? new solar system? a use for thoramine? those engines that you see on the loading screen but can't get in game? pets?
  12. oh, warping is fine, as you are too fast to be shot. but if you want to travel manually do what @Physics said.
  13. i think the problem here is that there is no point of using xs cores at all, even when ganging up. why use 5 xs cores to swarm an L core if you could just use 5 L cores instead for so many more benefits?
  14. partially agree, but i think it would be more interesting if instead of having the same hp values, smaller shields could have other benefits by venting faster (as well as having a faster cooldown) etc. not so sure about making damage the same though, that would make xs cores waay to op. M and S (and possibly xs, but to my knowledge they haven't been tested much) cores have already been shown to be fairly viable in combat as although they deal less damage they have a far smaller cross section, and are way cheaper. s core pvp ships can cost as low as 4-5 mil, which is insane given it has a fair-ish chance to kill an L core which could be up to 150 mill more.
  15. if the game isn't balanced now, it may affect how other gameplay elements are implemented in the future, leading to an ultimately broken game foundation. plus; its much easier gamedev wise to balance instead of adding new features.
  16. Kinda agree with this, although TBF i think that goes with any game that has a unpredictable meta like DU.
  17. ironic. a few months ago everyone was complaining there were 'too many' sinks. how the turntables.
  18. i dont think its server tech, i think NQ are deliberately doing this so that they can cut down costs as much as they can until release. that way they don't have to rely on players paying for subs as much until they fix shit. they even talked about this in their second devlog. IMO its much better then being in heavy debt on release.
  19. well, I have some good and some bad news here. good news is that this feature is already in the game. the time it takes to lock down an xs core is about 40 seconds. bad news is that value is negligible because of quick wired radars and talents. this would work however if the radar lock range was smaller, for example by this feature removed by nq
  20. Thanks NQ! If I could just ask a question though, is all of this done manually by the mods, or automatically? and if it is done manually, will it be done automatically in the future?
  21. I agree. Its basically impossible to balance a linear pvp system like this, as there is no variation and so is basically just a matter of stats. thats why im all for this whole rock-paper-scissors system between cores, as I think for PvP to work there needs to be more roles in combat, not only by adding the feature I just mentioned back in, but also by IMO differentiating the different guns that you can put on those constructs more in the first place, other than just 'this gun is faster' or 'that gun uses more capacity' or 'these guns have a higher range' e.g. rails could penetrate a ships hull, and lasers could weaken the resistances for shields.
  22. I know NQ isn't going to listen to me, and i've said this a BILLION times already, but i'm going to say this anyway. smaller core sizes need more perks. There is nothing stopping you from strapping a xs sized ship onto an L core, and getting all of the benefits from that core size. The only 'benefits' you get from smaller core sizes is a slower identification speed (negligible with skills) and a faster repair time (negligible with shields), which, to be frank, is terrible. it didn't used to be so bad either. before 0.23, radars had a nerf where they could only lock certain core sizes from certain ranges, (eg L radars were only able to lock xs cores from about 40km away), which is a perfect fix to this problem since it removes the issue of small ships being unable to get into the firing range of L cores before being shot at/ destroyed, as well as making the meta much more diverse as the best counter for xs cores would be other xs/s cores (think rock paper scissors, but with cores from xs→s→m→l→xs). I mean seriously, WHY was this removed? imagine the metagame with something like this, its such a simple fix that would make pvp 10x more fun. my only guess is that NQ came up with this nerf when xs cores could still use L guns, which i guess is a fair fix at the time, but makes absolutely no sense if you remove the ability for those xs ships to use L guns in the first place. my second alternate solution would be to give core sizes different max speeds, which i have seen many people request (including me) and IMO seems like a very good idea. it could finally give people the chance to escape/catch up with their enemies, with the downside of dealing less damage/ being weaker. if NQ cant/wont do the radar fix then I would be very happy with this change as well. I've contacted the devs about this radar a month or so ago, but they never got back to me about what happened to my suggestion. thoughts?
  23. ...isn't that exactly what asteroids are adding though?
  24. even then, i still think its balanced. it takes 3 times the manpower to outdamage an L core, which is a lot.
  25. i just want to remind you that with the same amount of people in an L core would do 27 times more damage, the range is tiny on xs ships so its impossible to get close, and that L cores only cost like 2 mil, so you could just strap an L core on a tiny ship and fight. i think it should be the opposite, lots of small ships would shake up the meta a lot more. making L cores able to be killed by xs ships would shake up the meta a lot more and help diversify the battlefield. also, there is a big misunderstanding here, its not a 3x damage difference from xs to L cores, its a 3x damage difference from M to L cores. so 4 M cores can destroy an L core, which is still a lot imo.
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