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  1. No, Sanctuary tiles are not taxed. Sanctuary tiles will not enter an abandoned state. Setting your headquarters protects that territory from entering an abandoned state where someone else could claim it; however, if you don't pay the taxes on your headquarters, you will not be able to run industries or mining units on it until the taxes are paid. Yeah, it's a bit of a gamble. Here's the thing, though. True, the original owner can come back just before the deadline to pack up the construct components, but they can't just crank up their mining units that are on what's now your territory, and the territory is yours, they can't reclaim it. So, it's not as devastating a blow as it may sound.
  2. Hiyo! Friendly reminder for everyone to stay on topic and off trolling/insulting each other. Pretty please.
  3. Do you have questions about the in-game reporting tool? Holla here!
  4. We’ve improved the reporting process for those unfortunate times when someone is behaving badly and you need to let us know. Rather than having to log out of Dual Universe to submit EULA and Code of Conduct reports through the website, you will now be able to submit them in-game. The interface gives you the ability to specify the issue, the name of the person you are reporting, and other important information we’ll need for our investigation. To file a report, simply right click on any interface element that contains the offending content and select “Report” such as for example: Chat: Screen unit content: Hit us up in this thread if you have questions.
  5. ICYMI, Nouredine posted a hello of his own:
  6. Please join us in welcoming Nouredine Abboud, our new CEO!
  7. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! We sincerely appreciate the time and thought you put into it. We're shooting the video today. Look for it next week.
  8. The public test server will open again on Friday, November 5, at 14:00 UTC. We plan to leave it open until 09:00 UTC Monday, November 8. For more information on what you can expect and what you should do on PTS this weekend, please read this post. Feedback and comments regarding Demeter on PTS can be shared in this forum thread. Bugs can be reported in this forum thread. Release notes will be available on the launcher.
  9. Since the Ares Q&A video seemed to be pretty popular, we're planning to do another to answer your questions related to the approaching Demeter update. Please drop them in this thread. SUPER IMPORTANT STUFF PLEASE READ EVEN IF YOU HATE READING (yes, even you): We politely yet strongly request that you wait until after you've explored the Demeter content on PTS a bit before posing questions. A lot of the information you seek may be discovered through your hands-on gameplay adventures. Likewise, you should watch the Demeter vlog before asking questions here. Many questions we've seen this week were accompanied by people admitting that they hadn't watched the video. We know it's long and cannot compete with great videos like this and this, but it's really important stuff. Maybe watch in increments, taking a snack break here and there. (Protip: The segment with Deckard pairs well with cheesy poofs.) We will only answer Demeter-related questions. Thanks in advance for your participation and what I'm sure will be superamazingbangerangadelic questions.
  10. When the Demeter update goes live soon, some talents will be reset to fit the mining overhaul and the introduction of mining units. (See the announcement)
  11. When the Demeter update goes live soon, some talents will be reset to fit the mining overhaul and the introduction of mining units. The following list of talents will be reset and their points recredited to your available talent pool: Mining and Inventory Miner Mining Range Advanced Mining Mining Optimizations Scanner Upgrades Detector Upgrades Dredger Mining Efficiency Scanning Efficiency Scanner Advanced Upgrades Detector Efficiency Detector Optimization Any of these actively training when the update is released will be taken out of the queue, and the points already invested during training will be seamlessly recredited to your available talent pool. Note that this will not be the case for the PTS, as you can simply refund your talent points there by typing /respec in chat and then reconnecting to the PTS. Join the conversation here.
  12. We created a vlog to answer some of the questions from this thread. We would appreciate your feedback to let us know if you like the vlog format or if you prefer written articles. Jump over to this thread to let us know. Locking this thread now as we are no longer gathering questions for the Q&A.
  13. We want to follow up to let everyone know the results of our investigation and the actions we took to correct the situation. 1. The codes were specially generated by us for promotional purposes. Some were given directly to journalists, some were gifted by content creators as prizes in giveaways. Purchased game time codes were not affected. 2. We have identified the accounts that received the quanta and talent points. The quanta was such a nominal amount that we did not reclaim it; however, the talent point boosts were reverted. We are back on track to release the Refer a Friend program within a week - unless I've just jinxed it by saying that. =/
  14. We spotted this question in the Apollo & Ares - Question Thread. Here's what you need to know. Removed: errorMsg [string] buttonMsg [string] Replaced with: showError [bool] statusText [string] buttonText [string] Added: enableButton [bool] We apologize for not including the information in the release notes and pledge to include all of the Lua things in future release notes. If we forget again, please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll blame Deckard for it.
  15. Now that the Ares (0.26.12) update and its sister update Apollo (0.26) have launched, we invite you to pose questions about these updates in this thread on our forum. We’ll answer what we can in an upcoming Q&A.
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