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  1. Ring in the new year with a cavalcade of Dual Universe community streamers in our first-ever Stream-a-Thon! The two-day event starts at 12:00 UTC|7:00 am EST on Thursday, December 31, with a pre-show featuring Akanixon, Gaming Gothic and Megermajo. Throughout the remainder of the day and into the next, you’ll be entertained by a variety of streamers including MarkeeDragon, TheMadRambo, Shamsie, and many others who will share their expertise about the game. You’ll also have a chance to win gametime codes and in-game goodies*! Head over to the official Dual Universe Twitch channel now to follow and turn on notifications so you don’t miss the fun. * Please note that these are community-donated gifts. Novaquark is not responsible for any lost, misdirected or undelivered items.
  2. Read the full article in the Announcements forum or on the News page.
  3. It's a twist on Peter Pan. "Hook" is my favorite movie, and Robin Williams is my favorite Peter Pan. I wasn't able to use "Pan" for my UO volunteer name because we had to be logged into IRC while we were on shift and the name was already taken there. So, I tacked on the extra "n" and that was that. After so many years since EVE began, I think it's increasingly likely to find at least one ex-CCPer in some capacity on most projects. The video game industry is relatively small, with less than six degrees of separation. What I've found over the years is that even if we're working on games that are directly competing with each other, there's still a basic sense of comradery. We cheer for each others' successes, we genuinely feel bad when a game is cancelled or sunsetted because we have friends that work on it, and we are careful who we smacktalk because you never know who knows who. heh The guy who wrote the EVE backstory and a lot (all?) of the early fiction was on the DU team for a bit, and there's someone on the Support team who worked at CCP also. Funny thing about the latter is that we met at a convention shortly before I left CCP, though he didn't join that team until sometime after I left.
  4. I joined the TR team about six months prior to its debut at E3. This was when it had a pastel color palette and weird weapons like fans, drumsticks, etc. It wasn't fun and it fell flat at E3. We were crushed, but I can't say we were surprised. Starr Long, the producer, called each member of the team to his office for a 1:1. He asked, "Why wouldn't you buy Tabula Rasa today?" I've had lots of conversations with him since then, but I always come back to this because in that moment my respect for him soared to infinity. How hard that must have been for him, in meeting after meeting, to hear people -- his own team -- list off all the things that were wrong with a game he'd already dedicated X-many years of his life to bring to this point. It had to be gut-wretching, but he did it with grace and humility. You gotta have mad respect for a man like that. Like here in my office or in the game, cause I'd be down for a giant disco ball here in Pann's Playhouse. That would be dope! Sorry. No way I'd waste skill points on Spirit Speak. An Corp! I'm not the boss of the social media team, so I can't assign tasks to them. Plus, that sort of thing isn't really in their wheelhouse. Instead, I can tell you that one of the things I will be doing is overviews of our own live streams. Once I've gotten a little more settled and I'm more involved with the content creator community, I may be able to at least hit the highlights when a member of our team is a guest on a live stream or video. I don't have an aversion to pineapple on pizza, but my favorite is a crispy crust with alfredo sauce, mushrooms, black olives, and bell pepper. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. 😃 Seriously, it's on our internal calendar but I'm not able to announce it just yet. Soon™. Lost Boys kill pirates. Just sayin'. Lake Superior was my play shard, so that was definitely a favorite. I was a seer on Great Lakes, so lots of great memories from there as well. But, I gotta say, my favorite places were the ones you could only get to if you were a volunteer. I remember that one of the GMs had been tweaked so that if you double-clicked on him, you could throw him and he'd blow up like a purple potion. Good times. 😃 We have a phrase here in the South, "Dance with the one that brung ya", meaning that you should devote your attention to the person that brought you to the party. I guess that's how I feel about games, too. When I'm working on a game, I don't really play anything else (unless it's some silly little mobile game like Candy Crush). I'd been working on Crowfall for the last five years so that's what I was playing. I'm the n00biest of the n00bs in Dual Universe now, looking forward to learning the ins and outs from all of you. Speaking frankly, these won't ever be the kinds of questions I'll be able to answer. My role is mostly behind the scenes, writing things and working with the content creator community. Pann. It's the name I used as a UO volunteer and I've been using it ever since.
  5. Hihihi! I'm thrilled to be here as the newest member of the Dual Universe Community team. ICYMI, you can read my introduction post here. Tell me a little about yourself. What brought you to Dual Universe? Ask me anything. I'll answer what I can.
  6. Greetings, Noveans! I'm NQ-Pann, the latest addition to the stellar (see what I did there?) Dual Universe Community team. It is my esteemed privilege to be here, entering into my second week at Novaquark. Some of you may know me from previous projects. My MMO journey began as an Ultima Online player. It wasn't long before I began writing for game sites (mostly UO Stratics) and joining the UO volunteer program. This led to my first "real" job in the industry as the original community manager for EVE Online. I've also worked on Tabula Rasa, Auto Assault, Imperium: Galactic War and, most recently, Crowfall. I'm a native Texan, living in the Austin area with my husband (whom I met in UO!) and our very large, spoiled rotten cat. My role here will mostly be behind-the-scenes, writing news and blogs. I'll also be the primary point of contact for content creators, so if you stream, make videos, or resources for Dual Universe, I look forward to meeting you soon. Head over to my AMA thread and let's get acquainted!
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