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  1. Not true, at one point backers could "print" more than their allotted keys. There are people that have armies out alts obtained this way.
  2. His point is the huge wall between you and even getting to that point in the game. Starting from scratch right now is insane compared to yesterday, unless you do pure org group play as a noobie it'll be a huge grind to get established as a solo-player compared to before demeter. Oof. As an established player, these changes are rough- but for new players starting out... it's near pure brutality mode now.
  3. So, two week if paid taxes followed by two weeks before the tile goes unowned due to non payment? The only real issue with this is timing. Your adding this system while removing mining as we know it. It will take a couple weeks for the economic engine of autominers to even begin to start. For those that are less... wealthy, this change will hurt massively initially. Require players pay taxes on tiles... while taking away players primary method for obtaining wealth. This is the real issue IMHO. Please give players a proper grace period if your NOT gonna lower the tax rate. Two/Four weeks is a bit tight.
  4. I'll be loosing thousands of hours of scanning. I've spent more than most in this game. It needed to happen, while I have a lot I know of others that have damn near entire planets of scan results. Literally giving me, and others a monopoly on the market. That all being said, myself and others will go back out and scan 18+ tiles at a time and will be fine.
  5. If a tile goes unclaimed and has static constructs on it- the next person to claim the tile can "requisition" (NQ's wording in game) constructs. I tested this on the PTS.
  6. That could still be achieved without a tax system that punishes the casual player. Likewise, 3 months is not enough for some- what about men/women in military service? Or heck, those that get sick and are unable to play for extended period of time? Even with low taxes with a years worth of time, it'd still allow a cleanup of the landscape of those that quit loooong ago. The taxation system doesn't feel like much to the "whales" in this game I've talked to- but not everyone is loaded with quanta, nor plays every-day. Some people I know play once a week, and for many of them this system is largely a let-down with the combination of taxes and perceived low ore outputs of auto-miners.
  7. Been on PTS now for 15 hours testing while collecting my thoughts. A lot of these changes will force players to /work/ to keep what they own in game... right now with rough calculations it looks like about /half/ of the ore dug may have to go back to paying taxes on the tiles, and thus players will need to work... to keep their land... to keep working to keep their land. I say work, because these new loops, for many- will turn it into active work/tedium to manage. Plus, potentially half of your ore income is spent on the hexes... now you'll need to take a cut for fuel to transport/logistics. After the end of it, you're left with very little to build/expand with. For new players, it will be muuuuch harder to solo while getting a foot-hold. So I ask, is this a move to slow players down and reduce overall server costs? As it stands this a soft-wipe of sorts, as many with "fun" projects people work on a few hours a week may now be forced into grinding to keep it going- or loose it... and if players don't come back, as it stands... you loose a tile, as it is on PTS... you also loose all the static constructs owned on that tile. So is this a change to reduce quanta/inflation? if so than look at the source, missions-alt runners to curb it vs creating a huge sink via land. Is this change for... data inflation? as more ore enters the game, more constructs are made- and in live(more data due to tunnels on top of that) so more ore = data costs. And I dare say this is the real reason for these changes, otherwise NQ will let up on them as player outrage seams to be more so than 0.23, and it hasn't fully sunk in yet for most players what these changes even mean... and while this post covers some core issues, it does not cover the ninja-changes to ship elements/flight mechanics or other core complaints. Give us more ore via auto-mining - more charges, more ore to pull from per hex and... some way to skip the lame mini game.. please? minimum efficiency of 25% vs 0? Nobody wants to login once/twice a day to hop around auto-mining fields to play a stupid mini game. Least while mining traditionally I can tune out and watch Netflix, with autominers- it requires just enough attention you cant let your mind easily wander... but not enough satisfaction to make it.... enjoyable. 2x more ore may not be enough, 3-4x may hit a sweet spot for most. More Roids - All safe zone roids get mined out within an hour of discovery already. fix discovery timer of 20 minutes/middle Colum! Likewise, PTS seemingly won't spawn in asteroids in time for us to check the new spawn rates.... This change will /encourage/ more people into PVP space. Lower the taxes for tiles. This is a game that people pay monthly for- not a second job. So say we all. BlindingBright -MTI Superlegate, Lodestar Chancellor
  8. if the market keeps inflating... 1mil tax per tile, per week- will seam like less of an issue. Though right now, as it stand- for many it will hurt them.
  9. There is more than balance issue NQ needs to fix- the underlaying network code and client side of PVP needs a complete overhaul. Let me explain why: As it stands, your FPS dictates your max speed in flight- and if you have any sorts of lag your ship will burn more fuel, and be slower doing it. Literally- Max Speed in DU is dictated by your frames per second, haulers going max speed can be more easily caught up to because their 29,999kph is not the same as a nano-ship flying at it due to frame lag. This also plays into laggy L core ships, and their fuel consumption/sluggishness. Have extensively tested this, its disgusting... If you open/close your map really quickly over and over you can lag out your client, and because your client is responsible for your ships physics and "state" you stop taking damage and stop moving while this happens. and don't get me started on client side game "hacks/cheats" since EQ8 is easy to bypass with a bit of noodling, and with the game giving authority to the client- lots of baaaaaaad stuff can and will happen if this game ever gains popularity, I don't know if NQ even has the tools in place to check server side from what I gather. Every online PVP game has to deal with this issue, and I don't think it's even on NQ's radar. DU's PVP is broken, like quite literally- on the technical side. With them pushing it more and more and forcing players into it, without doing the work to make it work right... is extremely concerning and WILL bite them in the butt, if not already is as most that get into PVP at a serious level see how broken it can be and are turned off by it. Could write an entire breakdown/paper on how bad it is- what's mentioned here is only the tip of the iceberg. If NQ can fix these issues, and balance PVP a bit- I'd quite enjoy getting into it more.
  10. it's literally STILL listed as an alpha in windows uninstaller. PTS though is that beta is fire. This was just screen capped- and fresh. DU is by definition still alpha
  11. That... makes sense? Least that is the most sensible concept I've heard for re-working it. Though apart from that, a general weapon rebalance would be nice. I do not envy NQ for trying to fix pvp issues (from performance, balance, and exploits). Ironically New World and DU both trusting the client to do the hard work vs server side calculations... is a larger problem to solve. we'll see- even a fully funded games studio backed by daddy bezos can't get it right.. but NQ is scrappy- with a team not devoid of souls.. with devs that seemingly care? so trying to hold out faith it'll get worked out. I liked the weapon, shield & CCS changes, just needs some serious work still in a few areas.
  12. Ehhhh maybe? If anything it might help fuel Andurance Ventures investment into NQ/the metaverse technologies they've been building out. They share the same CEO now- easier to make a case for investment if you're the one investing largely. With "metaverse" becoming a new hot button buzzword again, and NQ being years into development of a metaverse platform that has been live for over a year? .... sorta gives them the leg up in the market and a position most companies don't have and an easier sell to the board. Nicolas(Novaquark CEO, and Andurance co-founder) would be sorta foolish to let this investment die, and or to sell it off too early. As they say in crypto, hodl- too the moon. DU is one of the closest things to a metaverse we have right now. Selling out to facebook(and or other tech giants) would be nice, but they're more interested in directly competing... Unless NQ has real magic/patents on the underlying technology it's easier for Big Tech to spool up their own competitors outright and compete.... or if NQ can build a large enough customer base (for DU and possibly future enterprise solutions based on the tech stack) they may get acquired. but I know nothing, take it all with a salt shaker
  13. Most of those large orgs were mostly dead before Legion was even formed, pickups the PVPers that were leftover from their picked over bones. Then challenged the galaxy to come after them, sucking up the majority of pvp players creating a zerg. And now the zerg has no competition. The other orgs I know of haven't largely given up on the game, they've given up on PVP as it's currently a exploitative broken mess.... When you can stop receiving damage and "stop" your ship by opening/closing your map by spamming the M key... it tends to turn off people from wanting to participate- and that's just the tip of the iceberg of pvp jank. That last "PVP Exploit Fixes" in the last major update is the largest joke I've seen in a while. Go forth and rule the galaxy, it's about to become a lot more boring... if NQ wants to push PVP as a large part of DU it's gonna have to take it serious in terms of properly implementing it... because as it stands I know many orgs are fed up with it in the current state, and NQ seemingly wearing blinders with fingers in their ears.
  14. Shouldn't turn investors away, if anything- it's a strength right now due to how different it is in the MMO space. New World surprised the industry and showed people are hungry for new MMO's.... a genre that I think many overlooked for battle-royals and the cookie cutter rehashes. Have seen a few smaller MMO's get angel investment on the heels of New Worlds giant launch.
  15. The actual number is closer to 125k, can find this data by mining the community site. 20-30 average new sign ups last I checked the info Average player count is per day arguably much lower than they're reporting.
  16. I have scanned, mined, hauled and sold more ships than I can keep track of- and am okay with the grind largely... I solo grinded most of a warp beacon line before ore prices/inflation hit. The issue is, it's not for everyone- and the more or less singular grind of mining isn't enough to keep people engaged, and unlike eve you can't easily multi-box while mining... and mining, for most, is less interesting than gathering mats in other MMO's. I know many people that have left due to the /grind/ after taking on large projects and burning out. The game starts to feel like /work/ vs fun for most. I will say, the positive of the ore markets being this inflated- is least schematics feel less painful for most getting into factories. Weirdly balancing it out a bit. I've played most major MMO's since Everquest- from DAOC, to SWG- and onto modern games like ESO and New World.... The thing that keeps me here in DU is the amazing open ended sandbox nature of the game, which none of them have. DU is a creative paradise for space lovers, and has sooo many things people love engaging in, but tend to get burnt out on the grind(along with all the bugs, and beta headaches)
  17. All I know is the grind of post 0.23. I didn't get to take advantage of cheap blueprints, or resources glitches I heard happened before hand... and have grinded... a lot. For some of it I love the grind, and weirdly mining is enjoyable if a bit hard on RSI.... which at one point I got from mining 20 hours in a day. I'd like to think/hope NQ is working to reduce the grind and are aware of it burning peeps out, and hoping autominers will be a bit of a relief and hopefully spark a renaissance for DU.
  18. I love DU- and IMHO this game is in a better place than it's been since I started playing right after beta launched. NQ has started to turn things around, is it perfect? no. Is it improving? mostly! Does it still need work? well it's still beta haha When missions came out, it opened up the flood gates of quanta for many small-to-large orgs. It was profitable to run Aphelia missions in the safe zone, and in pvp space as a solo player. Currently with the inflation in the market on ore prices quadrupling in a matter of months.... causing fuel costs to skyrocket, it's nearly impossible to turn a decent profit for running aphelia missions anymore... and I see a ton less people taking them/delivering at Market 3 on Madis as time goes on. Meanwhile, asteroids come out- with them giving us something to fight over... high tier ore that's in short supply planet side. Activity flourishing, finally orgs have some new targets and possibly something to actually fight over. With it, spawning an entire player-driven war of sorts, creating player driven content and contention. Though, in time- the price of high tier ore has decreased to the point of roid hunting/mining loosing it's profitability- with nearly the same hour of time spent mining an asteroid a player can make on a planet mining T1 / T2(and not even meganodes....), not even including the risk of loosing a ship.... a ship that was ultimately dug out of the "ground" by hand..... and for many not worth the risk. The missing piece? autominers, they're coming soon, people are getting ready for them and old players are starting to have their ears perk up a bit again... and probably one of the hardest to balance. From land being horded/claimed in mass- to how much they'll mine per hour.... and price of creating them. And while any suggestions may be too late, I would urge... air on the side of /more/ I'd personally like to see this game move from spending countless hours mining- to spending countless hours creating and growing the player made content in the universe. With enough ore supply orgs could finally have the resources to expand without burning out members on the "grind", it'd allow for more people to get into PVP- with my hopes to allow orgs an easier way to gain ore and fleet fields of ships to be destroyed... so not every major PVP loss feels like hours of your life gone. This PVE content could help balance the needs of PVP, bringing lower tier ore prices down- making roid hunting and high tier ore mining more viable again... and in doing so balance the price of fuel/mission system to be more viable again as a solo player. So am excited for this next path, and hope that it brings some much needed balance to the game.
  19. Look into a VPN- it looks like several service providers are throttling AWS traffic(which hosts Dual Universe) friends are getting much faster load times that way. Thanks ajit pai.
  20. Posting the video probably isn't even allowed as it showcases an exploit, nor is talking about exploits if you're gonna go down the rabbit hole of NQ's rules. Nor is posting any of the communications with NQ allowed under their rules. What I will show you is the ship that was given to us by our game overlords, as I'm fairly certain that's allowed(ish)
  21. We had it confirmed by NQ after they looked at logs, the ships, and video of the situation. They literally handed over the legion ship to us because without the shield glitch we would have cored it.
  22. "Good fights all round and condolences to Havoc who had their destroyed lead ship the Box Turtle confiscated by NQ after they rode it back to the safe zone (no longer acceptable) and the prize was rightfully restored to Legion hands. " Has NQ made a statement publicly about this? I have not seen any regarding this no longer being acceptable. Ah, not good fights all around- for you see.... A Hyperion Legion ship was just confiscated by the powers that be(and given to Lodestar) for venting their shields before it's in the game, which NQ doesn't allow How many of their ships also used this same glitch/exploit/mechanic, not sure- but I can say ya'll are a bunch of grifters unequivocally.... and we now have receipts to prove it, and our prize was rightfully restored to Lodestar hands. If you're going to point out use of an 'exploit' in the forums and the mods are gonna allow it, it's only fair that the one's legion uses is also pointed out. IMHO, it's far more severe than sitting on a ship floating back into safe space. This is why care-bears don't want to join PVP. You have groups constantly exploiting mechanics in fights- people installing spies for social engineering into other orgs- all around bad sportsmanship from core PVP groups... why would any sensible person want to get into PVP? Sounds like a great, and productive use of time!
  23. Because the details are nebulous, with NQ telling people they can find out the values via LUA and for the community to do its own research. There is no mention of the formula, or how it works. Just that it's based off of voxels on the ship, and has a exponential fall off and a maximum. beyond that, ya gotta find the values/info for yourself.
  24. This policy is going into affect tomorrow.... and the questions are still not answered about the policy and how it affects player owned tiles directly next to markets. The lack of communication is.... concerning.
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