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  1. They just need to spin off pets, AvA(and pets vs pets) along with Territory Warfare into a gacha game and start making billions of dollars.
  2. I started to notice poor server performance directly after they had a 4+ hour maintenance where they took all of their internet facing assets down (website, support, game, etc). The following week the servers had to be restarted at peek times in the US. I don't think that is a conspiracy, they don't want to admit to downgrading their service shortly after raising the price.
  3. DU is arguably at it's lowest population point since they started charging a sub.... and the servers are still on fire. This does not bode well for release. Paired with talk of a wipe still being on the table, and NQ has nailed their game to the cross. I don't like the next part of this movie.
  4. Every time I've attempted to play since Athena dropped I've logged into horrible server issues that has ruined the experince. Every time I had to wait for something to load I kept thinking "oh... NQ is probably gonna wipe all of this"... it's like that moment when you're looking at your phone and the screen turns off to reveal the reflection of your face from the most unflattering angle ever, and when you catch a glance you start to rethink your life a bit.
  5. Personally liked the more intense version it was initially on PTS..... Besides a few "issues" here and there the new graphics are pretty solid.
  6. Could be a unique game mechanic that some people find oddly relaxing and fun, though it sounds bandwidth intensive and expensive to support. They just need to tax the ore mined from the ground, like you can only use so much BAE (big aphelia energy) before your mining tool stops working. Then NQ could charge money for a premium subscription/currency, people could buy BAE to support the increased server costs to mine. None of it will matter when DAC is added and people can just trade/buy quanta anyways.
  7. I had realized the DU I loved has been dying for a while, and it has been me holding out hope that it'd come back. Though it's not over yet, and I still have a small bit of hopium that NQ will come to their senses. Myself and my group has largely stopped playing, not due to gameplay changes but from inaction/lack of direction from the developers... and we've played pretty "hardcore" since before 0.23 hit... Several of us are still poking at the DU Discord channels, and likewise chatting daily in org channels... we're all just waiting and slowly loosing hope. Weird feels for a game that's supposed to release soon. if by release, they meant relieving the game of it's suffering... it'd make more sense.
  8. You are free from her tyranny and just in time to take a seat on a beach of alioth and watch the servers get wiped.
  9. Scam... hard to say but arguably no; deceptive and potentially false advertising? Yes. I was hoping that Athena would bring PVP more in line with the videos showcasing it on the website/ads... and it doesn't really. It was a bit closer, but still- it's not remotely the same. I had imagined space cores/alien cores massively slowing down speed/weapon distance by emitting a quantum disruption field that fundamentally alters physics in a radiating space... which I had hoped was going to be the case, but alas- no... *edit to add* Also the servers caught fire in the middle of the PTS event... it was a mess. So, with Athena being the last major update before DU goes to full release, and the "envisioned" gameplay still missing... what does this leave us with? It may not be a scam, but it smells of fraud and it could be argued it is, legally. *end edit*
  10. Thankfully NQ isn't operating out of Germany and or under its jurisdiction? But yeah, I only played DU because it billed itself as a Persistent MMO. Charging a monthy sub... so to me it was 'launched' as a service, even if still in Beta. Being a persistent MMO is one of the only things that separates it from soooo many other games. Second to the scripting language, and voxel system. Beyond that the features are lacking compared to NMS, Avorian, Space Engineers, Elite, empyerion, etc.. where they don't have those key features that make DU unique but are still in the space games genere. All of which I love, but keep coming back to DU for what makes it unique. I don't think NQ is done with massive game changes, even after release they may need to revamp a system and be arguably back at the same technical point where a wipe is the easy option.... We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. -JFK Persistenance adjective 1. continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
  11. I'd argue it was stabilizing and the churn was improving. The talk of wipe and the sour taste NQ has left... may have had an affect on that, IDK- haven't been on a lot lately to see numbers, though https://mmo-population.com/r/dualuniverse/ shows it as it's lowest peek of players yet. There was a lot of positive buzz in my group about DU and the "comeback" it was starting to make.... it was cool to see. IDK, it's been nice to not be on the rollercoaster for a couple weeks. Haven't quit DU, but am taking a welcomed break till they decide what they want to do for wipe/launch coming up. I really hope NQ can sort things out and not kill their game before it's released.
  12. NQ has slapped a few peoples wrists today... Just gotta make funnier memes? So far I've had zero warnings for the memes I've made, and I've made some spicy ones. Maybe the powers that be at NQ still leiks me, idk. Will say that before this mess I was more "constructive" in my posting on the forums, now it's mostly satire to stoke the flames of constructive discussion. Though the line between satire & trolling is pretty thin.... From the sounds of it several people have been reprimanded in the last few hours on the forums. The sad thing, instead of working to communicate and work with their community to resolve the issue(they created through multiple wipe mentions without an answer, and continue to pick at the scab!) they let it fester like a wound... day after day. and now their stop-gap is to start reprimanding people that are upset for what I see as largely legitimate reasons... for many MMO's are hobbies, and playing for many is a hobby due to the time investment. This is the first time playing a game where I've been this upset with the developers... have wanted to tell them how it is and well... doom/gloom. Have written a couple things out and was like 'Nah, this is just over the line' and figured "if I didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"... which is sad, I love DU, the community at large, and there are several key developers I think are legitimately trying to make it work under not the most ideal conditions on a tech/platform that does something no other game really does with pieces that no other platform uses. Feels bad man.
  13. Except historically a game wipe has never brought in any substantial amount of players. You're saying that they'll see a 2000% increase in player base when they add the "1.0" and "Release" moniker to the game and do a wipe? New World, for example- lost 80% of it's player base when going from Beta(and wiping) to release. It has since lost a further 80%.... and that is without a monthly subscription. https://steamdb.info/app/1063730/graphs/ The other difference, is with DU the player base largely makes the "game content"... paired with it being subscription based. it's a unique balance no other game has, and there is nothing to say wiping that content in the game would bring in more players. If you have any data to back up your claims, I'd love to see it! Math is nice, big numbers are big, but numbers mean nothing without data to give them meaning.
  14. Stop being a carebear, don't you know this is a FULL LOOT OPEN WORLD PVP GAME?!!!! Ugh, all these noobs that just won't git gud and complain when I gank them in PVP space. It's the game, not the player! Also this game needs to be more PVP focused, it's the only real content- everything else in game should just there to support it. I mean it's pvp space so expect to be blown up; it's all fair game! Yeah there is no prison system... or bounty system.... or in game NPC's to help police space... or incentives to not pirate, it's great! Full gank, full loot baby! If we didn't have safe zones all these whiny carebears would stop playing and the full loot pvp master-race of noveans will finally rise! The issue with every other full-loot pvp mmo is they tried to cater to the majority of their casual carebears making the game fun for nobody. Don't make the same mistake NQ, listen to your hardcore PVP crowd or this game will end up like every other full loot focused pvp MMO with a subscription, dead. I'm not being toxic, you're being toxic... there is nothing toxic about communities in full loot pvp games.. you just need to git gud. This post brought to you by salt-dipped sarcasm pops! Don't believe the taste, wipe away your doubt and try one today!
  15. Just in Beta they've had 3 different CEO's. That might also help shed some light on the managment struggles they've had. The poor developers that have lived through that must have some whiplash. feels bad man. DU has so much potential.
  16. I own 4 out of 6 of those games, the big difference is.... they don't charge monthly or advertise themselves as a persistent universe mmo built by players. What I don't get... is the sheer amount of "deafness" from NQ. Their players were in an uproar over slots/taxes... they appease us largely... and then like freaking gold-fish go back to the same behavior. All while the current player base dwindles away....
  17. Problem: Built up universe with a single solar system that is fairly built out without fresh real-estate for new players on release. Filled by players with built up resources. Problem: Kickstarter promise of multiple solar systems. Solution: Single shard universe with two+ solar systems that require a gate to travel between (or takes weeks/months of real world travel time) allowing for a "fresh" player experince. We were promised a universe, not a solar system. Don't do us dirty like this NQ.
  18. I just ended up getting auto-charged for $40 for two accounts at x3 months each. If you wipe, will I get a refund of all my money spent during beta? Would be a non-issue if this wasn't a monthly sub persistent universe/mmo I paid monthly for a persistent game. Are you telling me that was a lie?
  19. Easy: This is where RDMS should be looked at. Org Notification RDMS could fix this, as a super-legate I hate that my fellow legates can't get notifications relating to org matters. Plus it'd allow the org to add non legates to that, brownie points if NQ can add different notification types as separate RDMS categories. Easy: Likewise, warp beacons need RDMS, give us RDMS to give an actor list access to a beacon... likewise create RDMS to RECIEVE access, so you can control who's beacons you see and not get overloaded with too many beacons just because people gave you access. As warp beacons will probably become more of a... thing, we need more ways to manage them. as it is nothing has changed since their initial implementation when JC wasn't expecting them to be common place for a while. Not so easy?: Or how about letting me create an RDMS roll for others to manage a "sub group" of tagged RDMS items. Allowing me to give NON LEGATES specific access to manage constructs with specific tags, aka allow them to add people to policies relating to those tagged constructs. Effectively allowing you to create sub-managers that could be used to help manage military fleets, haulers, scan ships... gas stations... whatever needs a "Management" roll and the ability to give out RDMS rights within a limited scope surrounding specific tags. Pie in the sky: Would also like them to finally add a "Duties" part of the rDms. and timed policies. For example pairing that with the warp beacon RDMS suggestion you could temporarily give access to an org to be able to warp out to a beacon on an alien core, but only for a limited time (for example, during an "invasion" giving allies the ability to use your beacon) or potentially charge for access. *Edit to add* You could also add RDMS for showing a players/construct on the map. For example, like the "two way" proposed RDMS policies for giving and receiving warp beacon access you could also do the same for showing a ships location in world/on the map. For example, this would fix the issues of the friends list in game being used to track people.... as you'd have to give them explicit rights to do this. But mostly, this would make fleet battles easier as you could potentially give allies the ability to see constructs in world past their radar range if they were "Friendly" and shared the RDMS rights. (past that, we need a way to "share" radar information for fleet battles, but I digress) *End of edit* It's funny to think how these "boring" RDMS changes would drastically impact the game, you'd more effectively be able to lead "War" efforts... setup special warp beacon networks, have "generals" with proper access to manage their war machines.... could create proper managment rolls for orgs to... organize. And overall make warp-beacons work as they should. As it is now, we don't have the tools to easily/effectively manage orgs of hundreds of people; the current tools start to break down past small groups of 10 or so. RDMS almost never gets the proper love it deserves, it's arguably one of the most powerfully unique and under-developed features in DU.
  20. I shall revel in this succulent win, for I- have bested you NQ... I have destroyed your Fools Defense. Also have video if this win is challenged I stayed up all night for this, having planned to load my ship up at 2am locally when the PTS was supposed to go live.. had planned to go to bed... to login 4 hours later for the event... but due to server troubles... didn't happen... and... well, no sleep confirmed. So I'm hibernating after this post, can't get me on April fools day if I sleep through it! TIL: Naming my ship "Not JC Ballie" and "Not NQ Pann" in honor of leadership past.... lead to fleets attacking me... I had thought this designator of "Not" would suffice in letting people know I am NOT JC Ballie and NOT NQ Pann.... but alas, for I was attacked mercilessly by those I was trying to help in battle! Upon changing my ships name, and getting back in to the field after a shield recharge I was able to land the killing blows against NQ's citadel station while Empire's Lovoda carried out his vendetta against the leadership of Serenity in their new... war or whatever it is.... Lovoda proceeded to take a proud selfie with Serenity's partially blown up ship to celebrate the cementing of their new relationship. I approve; you two are adorable together ❤️ Shout out to Legion: zergs gonna zerg. Also shout out to Habitant, we both got the final blow... we both?! won!?!!! but imma highlander you when they add AVA, so I can and absorb your kill sharing powers. I'd like to also thank the academy, and apologize to Chris Tucker for the slap he never endured at the 1997 Emmy's when Jackie Chan couldn't understand the words coming out of his mouth. Oh and thank you J.C. Ballie for that one time he liked a tweet of my ship..... *hey why is the mic getting softer and music playing?!* Happy April Fools #stilltruetho
  21. HQ tiles are "Safe" from going unclaimed after 3 months of no active sub, least "for now" till NQ changes it as they've left that door open in past communications. Cores though are a separate system that is not dictated by tile ownership, and as it's currently coded they go unclaimed after 90 days of no active subscription.... I don't see why it being on a HQ tile would change that. To my knowledge there is nothing stopping cores on HQ tiles from going unclaimed in the current system(though we haven't even seen the full effects of that update as cores are still in the 3 month limbo for many) Your tiles will not go unclaimed, but to my understanding after 3 months the cores will as these systems operate independently.... Compare all of that... to how you could mindlessly leave the game a year ago and come back after 6 months and not loose anything... it's a huge change. But as it currently is @PotatoMart unless your cores are personal and on your sanctuary claim, you can't take a break/unsub for more than 3 months without loosing the majority of your stuff... unless you just live off a single tile on sanctuary with minimal personal constructs. I am not saying that people should be able to hodl indefinitely without sub, while taking up active server resources... I am saying is that NQ implemented these features without offering up the ability to easily pack up your constructs and take a break from the game.... Most MMO players take breaks from playing... and this game now punishes you for it. So for me personally, having paid for an active subscription for over a year of beta... I feel like NQ is now holding my constructs and game progress hostage.
  22. Yes, yes you can wait. Nothing we say matters, we're gonna get this shoved down our collective throats either way so why spend time reading our responses? 'Doesn't meet our vision of Dual Universe' I'd really appreciate anyone within NQ taking 30 minutes to an hour to film a video or write a blog about the vision for Dual Universe going into and after launch... With launch coming up and little to scant details on over-reaching game design implementations of features promised that won't make it to release. Pair that with features in Athena that were never promised... and it makes sense that the DU Community is at least owed a video explaining the vision of the game going forward... as it's clearly not the one people bought into. Stop dancing around the elephants in the room NQ brought to the party, you're only harming your own product by staying silent. Customers are owed an explanation. Rip the bandaid off, clean the wound, and let stuff heal. This festering infection that NQ created isn't gonna heal on its own.
  23. To my knowledge, cores on HQ tiles will still go unclaimed after 3 months- they are not 100% safe. Sanctuary I've heard is the exception. I cannot easily pack up my base and go to sanctuary... that's part of my complaint.
  24. I hope you read this @NQ-Nyzaltar and NQ team. I am not going to post 1000 times on the forums about this subject, and as requested in the other thread regarding wipe news... posting here for visibility as requested. Have taken the last few days to gather my thoughts. I've already had a wipe of 5000 or so scan results I personally obtained, hundreds of hours of scanning... though with that wipe, I was largely okay with it as I had already mined out those meganodes and made use of them. And with Demeter it largely opened up scanning again for new gameplay opportunities, and I quite enjoyed scanning to find some fields. If NQ wipes industry/quanta/schematics... then all that time I spent setting up for the future would be largely for nothing, as that was all built with the purpose of supporting ship sales for the future. If NQ deleted all of that, and left me with BP's... it'd be a bit heart-breaking, as I did not spend 100% of my time just building things... and had/have done almost every aspect of DU's gameplay spreading my time out more. I probably have over a 1000+ hours of grinding/work on that single factory core. It's been a fun hobby haha. So even a partial reset would feel like a slap in the face at this point, and if NQ deletes my factory... I will never give NQ another dime and urge others not to as well. It's bad enough that core slot changes & tile taxation makes players slaves to our own constructs(Keep paying... or loose progress.. which almost no other monthly sub MMO does besides EVE.... and it's dying), but if NQ goes forth with severing that tie and wiping... than I and many others will not be coming back. This is actually my biggest fear with DU, that right before launch being able to easily pickup/put down the game has become an issue.... for the longest time you could take several months off from playing and come back, now- you can't really... pair that with a forced subscription. ooof. This would be less of an issue if we had an easier way of storing in game assets long term(past the 3 month no sub delete mark). A feature to at least easily de-construct a construct was briefly mentioned by the dev team but never followed up with? Why does this matter? DU's playerbase will probably always stay niche... meaning you'll only ever have so many people that will be interested/play DU. If I pickup the game at launch, play it- then go play something else.... I can't come back to it nearly as easy as as most games. 95% of MMO's where I can get board of the game, and come back to it later and pickup where I left off as most do when there is a major patch. The recent game mechanic changes will dissuade players from wanting to come back after they drift away from playing actively their first time. Plus this past week or so NQ has had 3-4? complete server outages paired with poor performance the last couple weeks.... The writing is on the wall, and it's disheartening because DU has the chance to be the most unique MMO in the world if handled correctly. I just worry board of directors marching orders and dev-resources/time are not lining up and it's going to be a messy launch because of it. TL;DR I'm going to keep cheerleading through launch, though the dark cloud of a wipe looming over our heads and the uncertain future (lack of roadmap, launch details, and features most see the game needing by launch) has many of us concerned. So till those things are addressed further, myself and many I know are cooling off from the game.
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