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  1. People are drastically discounting the most important things we are keeping after the wipe: Friendships we formed in Beta and Alpha The game knowledge we acquired in Beta and Alpha Not repeating the mistakes we made as n00bs These things above are going to give us Alpha and Beta players a huge advantage over new players. Wipes are never fun but not wiping between Beta and Release has never been a norm in any game.
  2. Don't give a flying feck about rewards. Care about a stable game with an even playing field and no GM/Dev bias.
  3. My group and I have been waiting for announcement like this. We are excited to begin playing again upon reset. Most of us having multiple accounts ( revenue). TIA NQ!
  4. I too go out to pvp space to mine in a non shielded thin voxeled unarmed ship.
  5. Incorrect. You are speaking of things you have no insight into. It would be very easy to create gameplay mechanics to disable/disrupt this. Don't jump to all doom and gloom and have a little imagination.
  6. Really like this devblog. Repulsing ships that try to ram you in pvp will be nice. As people build "kinetic impactors" to try to intercept a larger construct where the aim is to get the larger construct to collide with the kinetic impactor destroying the target. The other thing in PVP it is common for people to logoff chars on rival pvp ships so they can easily track locations. Furthermore people taking this step further by carrying as much weight in nanopacks to weigh down a target construct to reduce its performance. Very cool I really like this thumbs up NQ.
  7. I feel like every poster to this thread just needs to spam this: GAMEPLAY LOOPS WHEN? Also NQ if you know better than what us users are saying to you ( how you come off). How did you get into the position you are in anyway?
  8. I have been trying to figure out how to say what needs to be said without sounding toxic or doomsday-esque. I don't know how to fully do that so I am going to preface this post by saying I want good things for DU and NQ and the people that make up the NQ staff. With NQs current trajectory you are in a death spiral. If you stay the course you are on it is my fear that DU will not survive and all of the NQ staff that has poured heart and soul into DU will be unemployed. I get the impression that NQ looks at DU and gets caught up with jubilation of the technical marvel that is DU. To that I agree it is a masterpiece and you all deserve a thousands applauses. However applause doesn't keep the lights on. It is my firm belief that NQ needs to let go of the methodical roadmap you are using to develop DU. Yes if you continue on the course you are on you will eventually make a masterful product. The problem is you do not have the funding to do that. NQ needs to increase revenue. The best way IMHO to get more users interested in the game is to prioritize gameplay loops. NPC Pirates that players can kill to get things. Asteroid belts to explore and fight over. Gameplay loops these are the things that will bring users to DU and more importantly retain them. These foundational pillars NQ are working on to set itself up for a more robust world down the road so you can then add gameplay loops is a recipe of your undoing. Give the people what they want so that they will give you money to do the things you actually want to do. Basically this is a long winded post saying " you are putting the cart before the horse" and "it will be your undoing if you do not beware". Us users will be sad if DU fails but we can go play another game. Sorry for being the asshole who said it. Edit- it is anecdotal but all my friends in DU have been doing there best to give NQ the benefit of doubt but faith is running low and many have said this is the last billing cycle (3 month sub) that they will pay without seeing some signs that NQ is actually making progress and adding actual game play loops to the game. I must admit I am more hard headed but I have asked myself "at what point in time do I cut and run". I invest large amounts of time into the main game I play which is DU but I do that to build up for a future. If there won't be a future (game death) why am I investing for that future?
  9. If there were more things to do there would be more paying customers. Right now you got a sandbox with sand. It aint got no buckets no shovels no toys of anykind just some sand.
  10. We need gameplay loops and sooner the better. Tangible things to do. Asteroids for exploration and pvp. Territorial warfare , energy production and the automated mining thingies JC talked about. Pirate NPCs that give bounties or resources or both. In the interim till NQ can deliver on those things more manually placed nuggets for people to explore for or fight over could be a good stopgap. Basically we all play in this universe NQ have made and it has the basic walls and things you need but after a short period of time you quickly run out of things to do. IMHO we need destruction. We need destruction for entertainment. We need destruction for accomplishment. We need destruction so there is a new reason to gather resources. We need destruction so there is a reason to produce new things. We need destruction so there is a reason to buy and sell new things. We need destruction so there is a reason to design new things. We need destruction to create and fuel rivalries. Destruction fosters life as it gives people so many new purposes.
  11. I don't think you understand the power a pissed off gaming community has. But I would perhaps google monoclegate.
  12. I see you couped JC. I would like to leverage an official warning too you. I see you are a ex finance guy. Please I must warn you if you give into your base instincts and go for the money grab with pay 2 win elements. We the community will bring this house of cards down on you very fast. This is our world , welcome guest. Edit - Ok maybe I was a little too heated with my OP sorry for that. We the community are invested in this game and are a pack of growling wolves guarding over it.
  13. Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Jetpack On Jetpack Off Isn't this post annoying?
  14. Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids
  15. Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids ffs please for the love of god give us this conflict driver. You can revamp/rebalance it later put some high tier rocks in the pvp zone so we have something to fight over. how fucking hard is it to understand?
  16. I am more into dramas and boy this thread is drippin.
  17. The message is it's a Massively Multi-Player game and you can not predict the actions of other players. Perhaps if we (BOO) are lucky we have made some new enemies that will seek to bring about our destruction and attempt it. Wouldn't that be fun interesting and immersive. Judging by the tone of "some" replies itt we have "rustled" some people. Here's hoping they make the leap to vengeance. At any rate they can build a bridge about it and get over it , keep posting hilarious tears or lastly and my most favorite option come do something about it.
  18. My choice was to pvp in a pvp event. There was no Machiavellian plot. There was PVP I like PVP I go PVP YAY!!!!!!! I mean my name is Manfred SIDEDOUS (Manfred for Manfred Von Richtovfen and Sideous for Darth Sideous basically an ace evil guy)
  19. Dynamically driven player content is a huge marketing tool for games like Dual Universe and Eve Online. I am the guy responsible for the battle of B-R5B in EVE Online. Which up until recently was the largest most costly and longest battle in online gaming. One of the beautiful side effects of this battle is the stories it generated. (CCP ) makers of EVE Online stated that they saw a huge influx of players as a result of that battle and the stories it created. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloodbath_of_B-R5RB
  20. I was captaining/piloting a L core pvp ship 24 gun monster. I got shot by a ton of star wars ships but the only thing I shot was AC ships. Killing little duders out for some fun who have no clue what pvp is in poorly built (pvp engineered) ships isn't really fun. I was there to fight the whales ( the guys with proper kit).
  21. I am the leader of Havoc one of the Boo orgs that was there. When you venture into the pvp zone you consent to get your boat violenced. Without any form of conflict drivers to create opportunities for PVP we have to take what we can get. So you can be sure that if there is an event that PVP will happen PVP'rs are likely to turn up. Don't hate the player , hate the game. You non pvp players can engage in your dollhouse building endlessly us pvp'rs have no gameplay loops to service our desires. About the only thing we can do is camp a pipe and hope to catch a ship but that is ganking not fighting and pretty boring (its more fun when they shoot back). The only other alternative is to come up with cringy roleplay reasons for pre-arranged fights. There are no resources to fight over no territory to take or defend in conquest. Hell we have no means of interdiction or tackle once we do find something to shoot. We are holding on out of shear will in hopes of the potential that the game has. So tl ; dr if you don't wanna pvp don't come to the pvp zone. For the record this is what NQ had to say about the matter:
  22. Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids Asteroids in the pvp zone!
  23. Has NQ given any consideration to just rebranding themselves to Banana Republic Development Inc? It seems to be a more fitting name.
  24. Someone wake me up when they put some conflict drivers in the game. Like man holy F#$& just put in asteroids out in the pvp zone that is good high tier ore for us to fight over. This mission system I doubt will yield much in the form of conflict. Really feeling let down here. Starting to ask myself why I am keeping 3 accounts subbed.
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