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Unfortunately only about 1 in 10 make it to my gallery. Rest have to be dismantled and sold to be reused next time I meet the new owner.



Links to the originals before our "meeting":

https://du-creators.org/makers/Gerokz Aerodynamics/ship/K-480

https://du-creators.org/makers/Captains Customs - Ship Sales/ship/Horizon




P.S: It would be nice that a game that creates 1.6mb screenshots would allow them to be posted without being recompressed to 0.5mb. In a forum thread asking for screenshots...

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Most of my people are playing other games.

If Novequark doesn't turn this game around and make PvP, discovery/exploration, mining and events fun and truly worth enjoying with:

- less effort

- Less tedium

- Less ridiculous mechanics that make people want run their hands through a wood chipper


then there will be less of the following:





Please NQ please please please...


Don't push out patches that kill your own game

LISTEN to your ATV people, they're telling you what the community wants and enjoys

Quit listening to the carebears when there's literally thousands of people willing to PvP but not willing to subscribe to a game that feels like work.


Some suggestions (Don't be mad, these are some suggestions based on conversations I've had with hundreds of people who barely play or are waiting for NQ to turn this game around):

  • Make more Events ( you may not want to but in the end you're going to have to make engagable NPCs in order to drive activity in this game pre-launch, otherwise this game will stagnate because there's little enjoyment in the game's PVP and very few people enjoy industry mining and markets)
  • Make Asteroids span the entire circumference of the current DU solar system or Make them randomly generate in space
  • GIVE US THE ABILITY TO DO DEEP SPACE SCANNING so we can actually DISCOVER stuff in the game.
    • Don't just expect us to travel endlessly in this game with a 2su view and think "This is a great idea, they'll definitely find something with that range!"
  • GIVE US:
    • Interdiction fields


For AvA:

  • I personally say DO NOT DO LOCK AND FIRE
  • however, if you believe that's the only route then I'd highly suggest making it auto-lock and the firing part is done by the player... you know.. like how a normal 1st person shooter is. The chance to hit could be based on where your cross-hairs  are focused on the person you're auto-locked on to. The auto-lock can change based on how close or far away you move your cross-hairs to/from the target. This will give the closest simulated feel of 1st person shooter using the lock-fire approach. DO NOT add in some ridiculous mechanic timer such as the "You are being targeted" feature with ships. It's probably the quickest way to permanently turning all Eve and other PvPers away from your game.


for grenades: Lock and fire just won't be optimal. This SHOULD be done in a way where a person doesn't have to be locked onto anyone to throw a grenade. The server can do all the little calculations it needs to if at all to simulate the arching and explosion and even the object bouncing off the wall and/or bouncing next to the intended area to be detonated.

Think about it this way.


Sometimes you don't always mean to shoot to kill. Sometimes you shoot to suppress the enemy and stop them from moving. Sometimes you toss a grenade (or flashbang) to disorient any targets in a nearby area.


Above all else... DO NOT:

  • Produce AvA with some time-delayed targeting mechanic thinking it's a great idea
  • Produce more limitations to either slowing people down or turning them away from either PvP or the game over all
  • Make AvA more of a drain on energy and resources than necessary. There's been some valuable lessons to be learned from EVERY patch and update since alpha 1.
    • Basically... EVERY time you've put out a new update with severe extreme resource, time and energy demands on people, you lost a sizable portion of your community either immediately or overtime. LEARN from your mistakes and stop repeating history.

There are a lot of extremely talented people who have walked away from this game because the mechanics that have been added since .23, please seriously listen to the ATV and others who know what people are willing to spend their money on. There are those who are holding out for hope and we're rooting for you, but when you push patches that have overzealous features because it's "too easy" then you'll get a mass exodus and bad word of mouth resulting in less people signing up & logging on.


We believe in you, straighten up and fly right NQ!!!!!!

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On 1/8/2021 at 11:34 PM, Demlock said:

Most of my people are playing other games.

If Novequark doesn't turn this game around and make PvP, discovery/exploration, mining and events fun and truly worth enjoying with:

- less effort

- Less tedium

- Less ridiculous mechanics that make people want run their hands through a wood chipper


Along similar lines, my entire operation has been stood down, with my players elsewhere. I have several prolific builders completely walking away from the game at present.

The only other thing I would add to Demlock's point is that we also need a reason to fight, i.e. something to fight over. It's all very well having combat in the game, but unless there is a reason for players to fight one another, then it's going to be a limited lifespan at best.

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On 11/30/2020 at 2:35 PM, NQ-Naunet said:

Hey everyone!

I wanted to kick off this section of the forums by inviting you to post about your fave in-game creations. :) 

If you've made something you're really proud of, we'd really like to see!!

Take care, and happy Monday!

While most proud of my word, I do hope that JC sees my post (looks past the rash stance) and internalizes the overall meaning behind the statements.

I made these hallways in extreme detail and depth and I'm producing another one pushing the bounds of this game to the limits and beyond.


All to say, this is what the people will lose the ability to do if this game fails to deliver fun to the people who are paying NQ to make a great game... NOT A SIMULATOR.

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On 1/14/2021 at 4:08 PM, NQ-Naunet said:

@Demlock Great feedback for us and stellar builds - totally agree with the light and shadow comment. The ambience you've created is superb. :) 

I really hope they change the panel and painted textures though.

The ONLY good ones so far are the Panel/Painted for:

  - Gold Black

 - Niobium

 - Manganese

 - Carbon


Everything else is just too jarring and horrible to use. There's no consistency or flow with them making it impossible for a designer to merge Iron, Steel or Chromium Pattern with any of the Panel or Painted textures.


Can you please relay that to the NQ dev teams?


Aside from that, thank you very much!

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