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  1. So as the title states I am a new player. I just started about 2 weeks ago. However I have a few questions that I need some answers on. 1. Is it possible to use the Thurst Master Flight control System with this game? I was thinking that it would make space flight/Combat really fun as well. It would add better control for mining in space as well. 2. What would be the beginners ship for Space Travel/Mining? I would like to build something that I could go to other planets and such on, have a 2 person cap, and be able to mine as well. Any help here would be great. As I have a friend of mine that is plying this game with me as well. Figured 2 is better than one. Thanks in advance.
  2. Interesting that they do PVP this way. You would think they would have almost a comfirmation system for PVP, unless you where on World/Server that was only PVP, like WOW. However to each their own. Let me ask this, is there a profession for building different wepaons and armor for say a more hand to hand combat system in this game? New player.
  3. As a new player as logging in for the first time this evening. Are their harvestors you can build for mining ore? Like can you build an setup and go back to them to empty them and start them up again. Or is this on the single person/player you mine what you carry?
  4. I think this is a great idea. I would like to see something like the profession of a shipwright. If you are rebuilding your socitie they would have several different professions. This was one of the best things baout SWG. As you progressed through the Traders Pofession. In this you moved forward crafting basic items for sale, you had a basic mining to make your items to gain the exp you needed to keep moving up the prgression ladder. As you did more items became avalible to you to build. This was part of grind to becoming an Shipwright. With the Trader Profession you can build simple houses and speeders and such for use and sale. One the things I would do is make 10 simple speeder and 10 simple houses. New players needed these to have a place to store items and resources and then the speeder helped them get around. Sold them for 1,000 creds per for each item. Resources where mined by Harvestors your create or bought at the local market or private vendors. i look forward to see how this all works in the end in this game.
  5. I miss how it was done with SWG, You would have to create the parts you needed for your Starship, then have the shipwright skill/profession, and put everything together, then you had your ship. Made hings a bit easier I would think. I am new to the game and look forward to the challenge of this game as well. From what I understand it is better to start small and build up. Question and this might be the wrong place for this question: Are you able to build mines like to mine the different ores and such?
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