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  1. It's going to be interesting seeing what the return is for mining them. At the moment, there is very little reason to leave the safe zone, as you can get pretty much anything in there. If asteroids are giving the same stuff, are dangerous to mine due to combat, and a pain to find in the first place, the reward would need to be significantly better than just going mining on planet. It'd be like trying to encourage me to go and buy beer in a bad neighbourhood on the other side of town. Sure, I might get more for my money, but I can get it closer to home, and not risk getting carjacked.
  2. I really, REALLY hope they are, to be done in line with new content. Yes, it will piss a lot of people off, but at the moment, people already are, and aren't playing the game. With a wipe (preferably a scheduled one we know about well in advance) I'd hope to see a return to some of the fun "It's all going anyway, so lets go shoot stuff!" attitude that led to people actually doing things in game. Obviously, without the core gameplay loops becoming something entertaining in their own right, it's not a fix, but it would at least be a step in the right direction, and a very, very necessary one. To any at NQ reading this - if you are considering a wipe, and keeping it quiet, don't be shy! A wipe would be a great thing for the game in it's current state IMO.
  3. Gotta say, I'm currently the most active member of my group by a long way, and all I'm doing is logging in daily to buy raw mats on the market, and sell a refined product to make sure i;ve got the cash to buy schematics, on the off chance that the game becomes something worth playing again in the future. That's literally it. I was actively recruiting and recommending the game to people, right up until the Beta launch. While the game was in Alpha, the community was much more active, and I reckon that was down to the fact that we all knew that our assets weren't permanent. We knew there would eventually be a wipe, maybe more than 1, so going out and doing organised fights was something people were up for. After all, if we lost stuff, so what? Not like it was something we'd be keeping in live, so we could afford to have a bit of a laugh with it and have some fun. Now that the game is in Beta, we're ostensibly in the live environment. Losses affect the live game, and without a scheduled wipe, those losses are long term. With no reason to fight, why should I risk it? There's nothing to gain in real terms by going and fighting, so why should I risk my assets to do it? It's not even as if the combat gameplay is even that enjoyable, and it's certainly not worth all the grinding you'd need to put a fleet back together afterwards.
  4. Having just landed, and switched the links on my radars so I can detect things on planet, I fully agree!
  5. Along similar lines, my entire operation has been stood down, with my players elsewhere. I have several prolific builders completely walking away from the game at present. The only other thing I would add to Demlock's point is that we also need a reason to fight, i.e. something to fight over. It's all very well having combat in the game, but unless there is a reason for players to fight one another, then it's going to be a limited lifespan at best.
  6. So, I was doing some mining recently, and noted that the price of Coal had dropped through the floor at my local market, as all the bot sell orders had been fulfilled. Not a major issue, I just flew to a market where there was still a decent price. What I did notice however, is that the buy offers for materials are wildly variable, and often very low even by comparison to the "Normal" bot buy rates. Over time, that will stabilise, but it did give me an idea of how we can speed that up. Real world, currency used to be based on a fixed value of a given material, generally Gold Or Silver, which helped provide a basis of transaction. People could agree if something was worth more or less than Gold/Silver, and things could be valued against that. Over time, when coins started to be made of things other than precious metals, the nation minting the currency guaranteed the non-precious coins against a certain quantity of the precious material (Silver in the UK, hence Pound Sterling). That all got abandoned in the real world over time, as the value of money became more broadly agreed on. We're still in a very young market, with a currency who's value is still being established. If NQ were to implement a currency standard, I reckon that would really help get the market running smoothly. The way I see that working would be: NQ decide on a material, and a value. (I'd suggest a T1 Material, as it's something everyone will be able to lay hands on, and have a use for.) Aphelia will then buy and sell that material (and that material ONLY) at that rate, from a dedicated market at the Arkship (or close by) All other Bot buy/sells are then either removed, or not refreshed when they're fulfilled. What do people think?
  7. It was the sheer cost of the schematics, coupled with the fact that you need a schematic for literally everything, even the things you can already do in your pocket. They seem to be addressing the T1 level, but at time of writing you were looking at 300k to refine the 4 Tier 1 ores, another 375 to get you the 5 Tier 1 products, and a further 450k to do the intermediary parts. That's well clear of a million just to get producing the intermediaries on the initial maths. Ludicrous.
  8. I take it back. Having seen how this has been implemented, this has no place even in a well developed game.
  9. So, I quite like this change, but it's absolutely not something that can be injected into the game in the state it is. There is little enough for players to do in the game at the moment. This will make building constructs significantly harder for people, taking that activity out of reach of many. That leaves us mining, and flying around in space shooting at other ships. With little to no reason to engage in the latter. If this is something that's going to work, it needs the whole game to be on board. Atmospheric combat, not just space Incentive to engage in combat (strategic benefit to holding certain areas such as fighting over resources) Resource sinks such as power to make sure that, once up and running, there's an ongoing cost to running a factory other than feeding it mats. And most crucially... A full, comprehensive wipe. Skills, mats, resources, reset the planets, delete all constructs, start all players back at the arkship. Potentially allow people to keep blueprints so that all the design time that's gone into those isn't lost, but that's it.
  10. Given the comments on implementing a replacement tool for swapping engines etc in without having to re-do all the links etc. Will this tool also allow replacement of existing industry units for the new higher tier variants?
  11. Oh yeah, and the trees not having physics sucks, but they used to regularly pop in and trash your ship, which sucked even more! Definitely get why they pulled the physics. The playing experience is a lot better for it. I'm confident they'll solve the pop in problem at some point and bring the physics back, but for now I'm thankful for not getting sneak-attacked by trees!
  12. "But Why?" That question, right there, is the crux of it. Yes, the game has significant issues in a lot of ways, but for me none are more significant than the lack of reasons for players to interact. As it stands, you can mine to get mats, build industry to make things, make ships from those things, and then go fighting. You can do any one of those stages and sell your stuff on to people who want to do the next stage. But there is no reason to fight, as fighting is space only, and there is nothing in space to fight over. Safe space has everything you need, without risk, so there's no point going out into PvP space unless you want to go for a fight, and sadly combat is not a satisfying experience in and of itself. Without people losing ships or equipment, the demand for new ships is minimal, which affects the builders. The builders have no customers, which means they don't interact with the industrialists, who don't interact with the miners. Just one example, but it follows through for the rest of the game. You cant be a trader when no-one's buying goods, etc etc. I'm really glad you asked this, as a new player. My org had a big influx of players as Beta launched, and nearly all of them have since unsubscribed, as there is nothing meaningful for them to do now that we've got everything established, so you're far from alone in thinking it. There really is a lot of potential in this game, which is why I've been playing it, but I must admit to asking myself that same "But Why?" question a lot of late, and I really don't like that.
  13. discordauth:MraqL3JYioI3KiH3gqf4Leo-9ZvB0U70VNRJtqphvBc=

  14. So there's only issues with large numbers of players collaborating if theyre in the same org? Whilst we know almost nothing about combat, I'm fairly confident that a 100 players from a single org, or 100 players from 10 co-operating orgs will have roughly the same effect.
  15. You don't even need to alt spam. A group of allied smaller orgs who give each other rdms access would have the same effect. And I think they would have a really hard time putting in a mechanism to stop that. It's a civilisation building mmo, people collaborating is a core concept.
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