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  1. If we don't get any press release or statement from either of them then I suspect the worse for DU. If the guy taking over has a history in finance and not really in game development then I believe he'll look at calculating the risk-to-reward of pushing development of the game vs. Selling the tech to Microsoft. Which one would yield the most money and over X amount of quarters and years. SWAT analysis of keeping the game up and probability it would succeed if they changed up how they ran it's production. If JC gives his response and not the new guy, then DU's in for some rough rode If the New guy gives a press release and not JC, then DU may have a chance because it shows the new guy fully intends on making DU a success.
  2. This is a very good idea however, it conflicts with recycling aspect of the game to some degree. But I do see it's use in DU. Really I thin, if NQ goes the cheap and easy route they should just make most of the T-1 elements up to medium sized items require no schematics or at least make those schematics all available on alioth Then provide a streamlined and easy way for people to access them. In addition to an indicator letting them know they can get most of the T-1 stuff at the markets but anything higher will require them to travel off world... using the T-1 elements made on alioth. The monster of .23 schematics is here so now the best the to do is for NQ to reconfigure it so it sits better with the community's ability to grow. Right now, it's too steep of a learning curve for the newbies and too strict of a game limitation that breaks more newbies than makes them. As a result, the population dwindles. Even if none of these ideas are adopted, one thing most of us can agree on is that the way schematics limit progression for new people in DU needs to change drastically. Otherwise DU won't hit those Beta launch numbers ever again.
  3. Given that NQ are swamped attempting to figure out how they're going to turn this game around with each release I doubt they'll have the free time to assist. If they do then it'll do them some good to get points with their salty community. ... that's just me from a community member perspective...
  4. I'm giving it time. The number of bad signs in DU, the NQ company and the response of the community and known streamers with NQ people either abandoning ship or getting kicked out from $$ or mismanagement events just reinforces the position. I, like many others, offered up suggestions to help NQ's development (outside of the energy management posts) only to see them withdraw further into the dark and sneak an update push to the community with nearly ZERO headsup... speaks volumes about where they're at.
  5. Ok then maybe I should backtrack a little and think like NQ: They should give the project management person paid leave for 3 months to think about what he did wrong and have him come back with a raise in his/her paycheck in hopes of doing better next patch...
  6. .24 may not be .23 ... and it didnt make the game worse.... it just didn't make the game better
  7. What can I say that others haven't already... how much more can one out of a growing number of people drive the point home that NQ's management is just ... about the worst thing that's happening to this game. of all the things to put your efforts on, it had to be better GFX, prettier rocks, a jet pack toggle... Things that are nice to have instead of the shit that the game needs to turn it around? Who ever is in charge of project management at Novaquark should be FIRED
  8. Nom... Nom ... Nom ::Stares back suspiciously:: ?
  9. lmfao If I decided to make the full decision I'll think about it
  10. Somehow, I feel like because they felt compelled to listen to the carebears about making a PTS server for them NQ is unable to support a public facing staff... or they're just in the hole entirely.
  11. The only way they have hope of stirring up any form of interest in the game is if they put in NPC generated PVP missions into the mission system. And even then it's a stretch to get any interest into it but still that's about the only thing I see anyone having an interest in doing anymore. JC needs to realize that PVP is THE golden ticket to saving this fucking game. It can look as pretty as it can be but if the mechanics are a pile of bullshit then you'll have a once excited community turning toxic ... like today. That's really the only true way this shit has any hope of turning around now...again it's a BIG stretch but they NEED to make PVP better and DO FUCKING AVA for any of this shit to have a chance in hell of returning. Quit listening to fucking carebears because they're going to be the death of this game. What's funny is even the carebears are losing their shit now because the game is just that badly done.
  12. Further incentive to just leave really... I dunno how No Man's Sky Pulled out of their downward spiral but I don't think this game will be able to recover from where it's heading. The loss of soo many PR people the complete blackout in communications ZERO transparency and overall number of problems mentioned just... do nothing but disappoint.
  13. With each passing day I resent this game more and more because of ... well.. everything... I don't even know if I can hang on till .24... because to me, them pushing out a successful 0.24 is like a man painlessly passing a kidney stone the size of a paintball.
  14. It's safe to say that after seeing the gross negligence and poor management execution NQ has experienced that this game is better off getting sold off to someone who can actually get the job done. The absolutely fucking dumb restrictions of NQ putting on their public facing people thinking it's a great idea to withhold transparency THAT THEY PROMISED have just only added to the internal inherent issues going on within the company.
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