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  1. I agree, at this point the activity for players in the DU community is far too low for any sort of a comeback based on player creation alone. NQ needs to create the foundation on which content can be generated. They need to change their stance on having everything being only player made otherwise their numbers will continue to go down and Starbase will continue to rise up
  2. For the next event, why not make it in the PVP zone It can be a series of events linked one after another The construct or w/e it is can be indestructible and have a dispensers on it that will have parts meant for constructing the Warp Gate or a Galactic Probe. People will lose their minds and actually push their people to get into the game to help find the "elusive" parts meant to help them get out of the system
  3. As an avid PVPer of DU... I actually agree with him pushing the 0.23 patch and launching beta faaaaar too soon pretty much put NQ in the same path of No Mans Sky where they have nothing but a struggle and an uphill battle in order to return to some sort of operational status. Because of how they executed things, and the slowly dying lack of communication a LOT of people feel lied to and betrayed. Those who were on the hype train of NMS jumped off, never to return to the game again. Mainly because they don't trust the company that will lie or withhold the truth from them (which is a lie by omission). The PVPers may be around but I don't know if there will be as many as JC or NQ would like for there to be. There's just very little fullfillment in DU's PVP now and especially if they push Lock-n-Fire AvA You'll be seeing nearly all of BOO head straight to Starbase or StarCitizen if they take that route and don't at least TRY to put in an actual first person shooter. NPCs randomly spawning may just be what DU needs to help revive it and lure people back into the game. Asteroids will be a good start too but that's only going to last for so long... maybe like... 5 - 6 months with NQ driven events
  4. This isn't going to be a lengthy forum post. Why aren't the PVP mechanics for DU's Penetration correctly executed? Railguns should be able to blow deep holes through most materials Cannons should be able to severely weaken and swiss cheese surface armors Thermal Lasers should actually be a continuous firing thing that slowly burns holes and cuts through armor Missiles should be doing surface damage but covering massive surface areas leaving craters in the armor The fact that nearly every weapon, regardless of damage type has nearly the same damage effect on armor further hurts the DU PVP community and drives players away to other games like Starbase where weapon damage makes sense.
  5. Without going into too much detail... the .23 patch is poison for the game and needs a serious redo to make this game fun. While a handful of people only enjoy the markets or industry... more people play the game to PVP and really... there's no reason to even play. After yesterday's PVP event everyone on both sides of the field felt like the couple hours we spent killing each other was totally pointless and unfulfilling. The money is in PVP and if NQ doesn't do something to revert or change .23 to be less restrictive and make PVP more fullfilling and fun then this game will die... Please take a lesson from the pages of some of the other failed indi games and understand where they failed and why. So you don't repeat history. NQ devs don't even play their own game because they either hate sandbox games or already find this game to be extremely boring. More suggestions: Discovery/ Market: Schematics were probably the worst direction to take for the game. The redo would be to allow players to create their own schematics for their own custom made elements that would feature totally unique stats. Discovery/Salvage: Make the NQ built elements (from T1 - T5) the standard and then allow player's creativity to spur immersive gameplay by creating their own schematics. PVP: Remove the perma-destruction restore counter and replace it with Element efficiency mechanics where the elements performance & efficiency is based on the elements health. Each time the element is restored to full health it will lose 10% max performance and efficiency PVP/Salvage: Allow people to use parts required to make the element to restore the element's efficiency & performance Voxel/Design: Redo the textures on panel and painted voxel... because right now.. it's pure $#!7 PVP/Discovery: Asteroids... Asteroids everywhere with GOOD ORE DEPOSITES that are PVPable PVP/Discovery: DEEP SPACE SCANNING so we can actually discover stuff in space PVP: Interdiction for warpping ships PVP: Harpoons and Tractor beams PVP: We desperately need 1st person shooter AvA... and Not lock and fire otherwise you're going to completely lose the community. People will log on to see what NQ has done for AvA but when they find out it's lock and fire they're going to insta-uninstall the game. So you'll experience a spike in activity and an instant loss in subscriptions because people will change their credit card numbers because there's no easy way to unsubscribe from this game. Market: The Market bots were removed a bit too soon or the execution of their removal was not carried out well. The mass exodus of the bots created a vacuum the community wasn't 100% ready to fill. Reintroducing them in a small amount was a good way to walk back some of the extreme approaches done to the game.
  6. Disclaimer: I know that MMOs are ones where everything is requiring constant balancing however, this is to point out an overwhelmingly obvious imbalance in the game that needs to be addressed soonish. After taking some hours to review some of the voxel I noticed something very problematic. T-5 Voxel overall, is not worth even bothering to use on ships. (Side Note) As far as design is goes, The only Textures that are easy to use for looks are: Gold Panel/Painted Niobium Painted/Panel Manganese Panel/Painted Now back to the Voxel HP It's understandable that the supposed market that NQ would want players to create would be created based on items made, the time it takes the make them, the ore required to make them and how long it took to get and refine said ore. However, when it comes to PVP or even the PvE aspect of the game voxels are horribly imbalanced and totally useless to even sell on the market. I'll first dive into the PVP aspect of Voxel's HP, Resistances, Rough estimated time to mine raw ore. Time to refine ore into Pure. For PVP: Voxel HP and the issues that currently exist After running the numbers I've found that basically all T5 voxel (pures AND products) are just about the worst thing you can chase after for ship defense. I'll start by breaking down a T3 Voxel (Silver) and a T2 Voxel Copper and compare it to Manganese and Vanadium (Both T-5 voxels): HP against the different damage: Silver (T-3 Voxel) Manganese (T-5 Voxel) Vanadium (T-5 Voxel) Copper (T-2 Voxel) (Antimatter Res.) (Antimatter Res.) (Antimatter Res.) (Antimatter Res.) 6713 * 0.25 = 1678.25 4614.00 * 0.30 = 1384.2 3840 * 0.35 = 1344 5734 * 0.20 = 1146.8 1678.25 + 6713 = 8391.25 1384.2 + 4614 = 5998.2 1344 + 3840 = 5184 1146.8 + 5734 = 6880.8 8391.25 HP against AM dmg. 5998.2 HP against AM dmg. 5184 HP against AM dmg. 6880.8 HP against AM dmg. (EM Res) (EM Res) (EM Res) (EM Res) 6713 * 0.15 = 1006.95 4614.00 * 0.30 = 1384.2 3840 * 0.25 = 960 5734 * 0.1 = 573.4 1006.95 + 6713 = 7719.95 1384.2 + 4614 = 5998.2 960 + 3840 = 4800 573.4 + 5734 = 6307.4 7719.95 HP against EM dmg. 5998.2 HP against EM dmg. 4800 HP against AM dmg. 6307.4 HP against EM dmg. (Kinetic) (Kinetic) (Kinetic) (Kinetic) 6713 * 0.20 = 1342.6 4614.00 * 0.35 = 1614.9 3840 * 0.30 =1152 5734 * 0.15 = 860.1 1342.6 + 6713 = 8055.6 1614.9 + 4614 = 6228.8 1152 + 3840 = 4992 860.1 +5734 = 6594.1 8055.6 HP against Kinetic dmg 6228.9 HP against Kinetic dmg 4992 HP against AM dmg. 6594.1 HP against Kinetic dmg (Thermic) (Thermic) (Thermic) (Thermic) 6713 * 0.20 = 1342.6 4614.00 * 0.25 = 1153.5 3840 * 0.30 =1152 5734 * 0.15 = 860.1 1342.6 + 6713 = 8055.6 1153.5 + 4614 = 5767.5 1152 + 3840 = 4992 860.1 +5734 = 6594.1 8055.6 HP against Thermic dmg. 5767.5 HP against Thermic dmg. 4992 HP against AM dmg. 6594.1 HP against Thermic dmg. Silver (T-3 Voxel) Manganese (T-5 Voxel) Vanadium (T-5 Voxel) Copper (T-2 Voxel) (AM Res.) 8391.25 HP 5998.2 HP 5184 HP 6880.8 HP (EM Res) 7719.95 HP 5998.2 HP 4800 HP 6307.4 HP (Kinetic) 8055.6 HP 6228.9 HP 4992 HP 6594.1 HP (Thermic) 8055.6 HP 5767.5 HP 4992 HP 6594.1 HP Rough time to mine materials: For Copper it takes about 10-15 minutes to both find and mine out combined For Silver, for me at least, it takes anywhere from 15 - 35 minutes to find and mine out a single node For Manganese takes me about 45 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes to both find, dig and mine up a single node For Vanadium it takes me about 1 hr and 20 minutes to upwards of 1.5 hrs to find, dig and mine up a single node (most time is spent finding/scanning for it) These times scale up as planets become more claimed over time and thus SHOULD be increasing their value at varying exponential rates. Which should thus show on the markets however, because Silver and Copper are more used in PVP none of the T-5 voxel ever see the battle field and thus never see the market (for this and many other reasons). The value for T-5 only exists within crafting and scrap for repairing elements in PVP. Even when people have found super nodes of T-5 rarely will you ever see any of them convert the raw ore into Voxel. Especially when the schematics are priced so high and the ROI on the voxel in PVE and PVP is non-existent. Arguements against this: Well the HP is based on weight per cubic meter Response: Yes, however the weight is totally negated and barely even a factor when you have the T2 - T3 engines, the Talents for those engines for placement, AND for usage AND for weight reduction. So overall, HP based on weight per cubic meter is negligible. ESPECIALLY when it comes to PvP Well there's other uses for T-5 voxels Yes and no, T-5 Voxel being used for armor is a pointless journey to embark on since The Textures are extremely difficult to find a use/flow for other designs. (believe me, I tried for days) The HP to weight, EVEN FOR ATMO PVP is negligible when considering the talents (placements and handling) and the higher teir engines The only true use for T5 ore is for either Scrap or crafting. Use for voxel is pointless since Gold, Silver and even COPPER are better than a T-5 voxel. WHY IS THERE EVEN A T-5 VOXEL IF IT'S WORSE TO USE THAN ANY OF THE OTHER ONES?!?!?! In terms of ATMO PvP? I'd just use Silver or Copper because T-5 is just that bad from start to finish. Other use for it is to recycle it into scrap... which begs the question why it was turned into voxel in the first place... Well there is a market for T-5 Yes, barely and only for pointed and specific crafting approaches, because you'll never see T-5 voxel sold on the market when it offers ZERO value for anyone. Also, The amount of time it takes to mine up the T-5 and refine it makes deciding to NOT create T-5 voxel a much easier choice since it's totally useless. Even the new product Voxel offers less than most of the T2 voxels and even some T1 voxel. T-5 Voxel for PVE (Markets): There not much to be said on the PvE side of the game for T-5 voxels. Because if T-5 voxel is useless to PvPers then why would a PvEer bother trying to sell something no one will buy when they could make ten or hundreds of thousands of quanta for T2 - T4 voxel? Conclusion: T-5 Voxel is pointless and begs the question of why it even exists since T-2 voxel is better than T-5 for both Space and Atmo armor especially when you consider the following points against making T-5 voxel: Average time required to Scan, find, mine, refine, craft design the voxel/ship Textures of the Painted and Panel (minus the Manganese and Niobium and Gold) voxel for nearly all of them are just horrific The resistances or HP for All T-5 do not justify even thinking of crafting the Voxel for PvP usage. Again, timing to make T-5 voxel is not justifiable Again, the Textures of Voxel's Painted and Panel Voxel are extremely difficult to use. The pattern voxel approach should've been reused in terms of the next set of designs. Ways to Correct: Increase the Resistance for T-5 voxel so that it MAKES SENSE to decide if chasing T-5 voxel is worth chasing after. Reduce the time it takes to create T-5 voxel or increase the time it takes to make T2, T3 voxel since T-2, T3 and T4 voxel are ALL better than T5 lol (Even I'm not too sure about this one, but total time to make doesn't justify how useless it is) Review the painted and panel textures added into the game and attempt to mirror the approach used for the Pattern Voxel. (If you claim T-5 anything is supposed to be the best for most things then why does it look so crappy? if it had better or worse stats wouldn't you at least want it to look nice??) Adding in negative resistances for voxels that should OBVIOUSLY have it. For example: Why is gold not weakest against thermic damage? Why is marble (T-1) with zero resistances STILL stronger than T-5 voxels?? None of this makes any remote sense here. DO NOT NERF SILVER AND COPPER JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE USES IT AS A REPLACEMENT FOR STEEL AND THINK THIS WILL FIX THE ISSUE. People will end up flocking to the next best thing and the cycle will continue until you make the decision to actually balance the right mechanic of the game (T-4,5 Resistances) instead of just NERFing stuff just because everyone's using it. Nerfing solves nothing if you hadn't noticed. P.S - Titanium is a material used for 95% of jet engine parts because of it's insanely high resistance to heat and extreme strength under high velocities. I'm saying as a jet engine inspector so seeing this was a serious pain point for me. (Skipping past the math) AM Res. HP = 3402 EM Res. HP = 3543.75 Kin Res. HP = 3969 TH Res. HP = 3969 Copper (T-2 Voxel) AM Res. HP = 6880.8 HP EM Res. HP = 6307.4 HP Kin Res. HP = 6594.1 HP TH Res. HP = 6594.1 HP (Skipping past the math) AM Res. HP = 3607 EM Res. HP = 3896.1 Kin Res. HP = 3751.8 TH Res. HP = 3751.8 Copper (T-2 Voxel) AM Res. HP = 6880.8 HP EM Res. HP = 6307.4 HP Kin Res. HP = 6594.1 HP TH Res. HP = 6594.1 HP (Skipping past the math) AM Res. HP = 6696 EM Res. HP = 5456 Kin Res. HP = 5456 TH Res. HP = 5456 Copper (T-2 Voxel) AM Res. HP = 6880.8 HP EM Res. HP = 6307.4 HP Kin Res. HP = 6594.1 HP TH Res. HP = 6594.1 HP So T-5 Voxels are BARELY better than Stainless steel which is actually suppose to be pretty strong
  7. I really hope they change the panel and painted textures though. The ONLY good ones so far are the Panel/Painted for: - Gold Black - Niobium - Manganese - Carbon Everything else is just too jarring and horrible to use. There's no consistency or flow with them making it impossible for a designer to merge Iron, Steel or Chromium Pattern with any of the Panel or Painted textures. Can you please relay that to the NQ dev teams?
  8. The Above image is a snippet from a post on the .23 patch regarding Perma-destruction of elements and Weapon limitation of core size. Below I go over some of the problems with these two aspects of the 0.23 patch and outline potential ways to make it better and more enjoyable. Element Perma-destruction: Problems: Creates excessive risk and inclines less people to travel out into space Inability to trade "used" elements... even though you can buy/sell used cars, games, GFX cards, laptops ect. in real life. Forces people to carry excess weight on their ships by having whole replacement elements. Severely hinders PVP since there is virtually no reward or fully developed, profitable, fun and engaging salvage mechanics Suggested ways to fix it: Due to excessive risk, instead of just the counter to an element make perma-destruction occur in this fashion When an element takes damage, have it's efficiency decrease by the percentage of health removed from the element. Simply put, if an engine, wing, adjuster, air/space break ect. has 90/100 hp then it will function at 90% efficiency. When an element is destroyed and restored it will function at 90% efficiency even if it's at 100% health. Every subsequent destruction/restoration of an element will result in the element operating at an addition 10% loss in efficiency When restoring the efficiency or running maintenance on an element that has been destroyed say 4 times (making it 60% efficient) create a UI that will require the person to use X number of parts that it took to create the element. This X number of required parts is reduced based on the maintainer talents applied when fixing the efficiency (yes that means new talents to train for a maintainer/grease monkey). The maintainer can use a portion of the parts required to restore a portion of the elements efficiency, because not all of the time will you be able to fully restore a weapon or engine and will need to stop at a market to buy more parts to fully repair the engine. The Inability to trade "used" elements that feature a low max efficiency should still be tradable on the markets and not limited to just bartering. This aspect cuts out the PvPers who want to sell salvaged parts on the market and also cuts out a whole market from those who like to buy/sell items new or used. Forcing people to carry whole replacement elements (even a core) is not an optimal stance. Or, I should say that it should not be the ONLY choice a pilot or crew have to repair/restore/maintain the elements on their ship. Allowing people to use parts to restore the efficiency of an element will help virtually everyone since perma destruction will no longer exist and it will remove the risk factor for everyone to be able to jump back on and enjoy the game. In addition, the perma-destruction of an element will only exist if a person/crew is unable to restore the efficiency of an element. Because at the end of the day, if they can't restore the efficiency of an element then when it's max efficiency, after getting destroyed 5 - 9 times, goes down, then the element is nearly useless to begin with. This brings back the reward aspect of the risk of PVP. When two ships go at it, in the game's current state, they both stand to gain nothing and lose more than just ammo and voxel and elements... and time. Giving people the ability to repair and then restore an elements efficiency will encourage PVPers to get back out there more and plunder the booty. Weapon limitation for core-sizes: Problems: Too overzealous of an approach and clearly focused on just the excessive borg cube issue which lead to no one building legitimate ships in PVP Still didn't stop people from building Borg cubes destroyed a lot of builds where some ships could feasibly support a weapon that was 1 size higher than it's core size. Suggested ways to fix it: Allow for cores to use a weapon size 1 size up. By doing this it will make XS and S core ships feasible in combat once again. Medium size ships will be able to contend with Large cores. and Medium core ships will actually be afraid if it is taken on by multiple Small core ships. However, Medium core ships will still be able to hold their own in a fire fight. Balance the numbers better. Right now the initial numbers for the T2 -T5 items seem unjustifiable. Meaning, there's no justified reason to go for T3 or T4 cannons when T2 does the job just fine. The current "why" behind chasing after higher end items does not line up with the reasoning for gathering up all the needed materials to produce them. (Disclaimer: Yes, I understand that MMOs of this kind always have a balancing act going on when it comes to content so you're probably already aware the need for better balancing)... I'll update soon with proof of concept.
  9. While most proud of my word, I do hope that JC sees my post (looks past the rash stance) and internalizes the overall meaning behind the statements. I made these hallways in extreme detail and depth and I'm producing another one pushing the bounds of this game to the limits and beyond. All to say, this is what the people will lose the ability to do if this game fails to deliver fun to the people who are paying NQ to make a great game... NOT A SIMULATOR.
  10. If NQ would make a system that actually drove content then maybe the game would not be in such hot water. instead we got .23 and a response saying "WE HEAR YOU" when it was obvious they weren't paying attention the first time people told them DO NOT PUSH THAT DUMBASS PATCH. Sometimes over-zealousness in reaching deadlines will blind you to the negative effects you'll have on the product you're about to modify.
  11. Here you go Physics I what you're saying is what I and others are saying here too. It's literally all over the DU forums. The carebears got what they wanted and now the game just isn't worth playing. What's going to bring in the people and the money is better PvP. NQ needs to face facts that people play these kinds of games for combat. If there's nothing like that in good quality and fun. People will say "F*** this game, NQ ruined a marvelous idea"
  12. Most of my people are playing other games. If Novequark doesn't turn this game around and make PvP, discovery/exploration, mining and events fun and truly worth enjoying with: - less effort - Less tedium - Less ridiculous mechanics that make people want run their hands through a wood chipper then there will be less of the following: Please NQ please please please... Don't push out patches that kill your own game LISTEN to your ATV people, they're telling you what the community wants and enjoys Quit listening to the carebears when there's literally thousands of people willing to PvP but not willing to subscribe to a game that feels like work. Some suggestions (Don't be mad, these are some suggestions based on conversations I've had with hundreds of people who barely play or are waiting for NQ to turn this game around): Make more Events ( you may not want to but in the end you're going to have to make engagable NPCs in order to drive activity in this game pre-launch, otherwise this game will stagnate because there's little enjoyment in the game's PVP and very few people enjoy industry mining and markets) Make Asteroids span the entire circumference of the current DU solar system or Make them randomly generate in space GIVE US THE ABILITY TO DO DEEP SPACE SCANNING so we can actually DISCOVER stuff in the game. Don't just expect us to travel endlessly in this game with a 2su view and think "This is a great idea, they'll definitely find something with that range!" GIVE US: TRACTOR BEAMS HARPOONS Interdiction fields For AvA: I personally say DO NOT DO LOCK AND FIRE however, if you believe that's the only route then I'd highly suggest making it auto-lock and the firing part is done by the player... you know.. like how a normal 1st person shooter is. The chance to hit could be based on where your cross-hairs are focused on the person you're auto-locked on to. The auto-lock can change based on how close or far away you move your cross-hairs to/from the target. This will give the closest simulated feel of 1st person shooter using the lock-fire approach. DO NOT add in some ridiculous mechanic timer such as the "You are being targeted" feature with ships. It's probably the quickest way to permanently turning all Eve and other PvPers away from your game. for grenades: Lock and fire just won't be optimal. This SHOULD be done in a way where a person doesn't have to be locked onto anyone to throw a grenade. The server can do all the little calculations it needs to if at all to simulate the arching and explosion and even the object bouncing off the wall and/or bouncing next to the intended area to be detonated. Think about it this way. Sometimes you don't always mean to shoot to kill. Sometimes you shoot to suppress the enemy and stop them from moving. Sometimes you toss a grenade (or flashbang) to disorient any targets in a nearby area. Above all else... DO NOT: Produce AvA WITH A UI THINKING ITS GOING TO BRING PEOPLE BACK INTO THE GAME. Produce AvA with some time-delayed targeting mechanic thinking it's a great idea Produce more limitations to either slowing people down or turning them away from either PvP or the game over all Make AvA more of a drain on energy and resources than necessary. There's been some valuable lessons to be learned from EVERY patch and update since alpha 1. Basically... EVERY time you've put out a new update with severe extreme resource, time and energy demands on people, you lost a sizable portion of your community either immediately or overtime. LEARN from your mistakes and stop repeating history. There are a lot of extremely talented people who have walked away from this game because the mechanics that have been added since .23, please seriously listen to the ATV and others who know what people are willing to spend their money on. There are those who are holding out for hope and we're rooting for you, but when you push patches that have overzealous features because it's "too easy" then you'll get a mass exodus and bad word of mouth resulting in less people signing up & logging on. We believe in you, straighten up and fly right NQ!!!!!!
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