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  1. There is a DU trello for community suggestions, but it doesn't look like it's in use any more.
  2. I disagree. I like the element and terrain changes that I've seen so far. As a small example, the new elevators look nice and I'm able to see more detail in other elements. The lighting and voxel changes are mixed for me, I'll need to update the materials on my constructs to see if there are new versions I like better. I was using vertical lights and voxels to create some simple shadow patterns before and that no longer seems to work. It's a shame if there's no longer a way to do that.
  3. I agree with your general point. Concrete is tier 2 though (uses limestone) which is why you can't make it in the nanocrafter. The ones you can make in the nanocrafter are only tier one pure and tier one product (aluminum, iron, steel, plastic, wood and carbon for example). Even then you can't make all of them, since some still require machines for some reason.
  4. I have this concern about territory warfare in general. Without a timer very little will be built on pvp territories because 24 hour defense is nearly impossible for most groups. With a timer and the most valuable resource on many tiles (the ore) can just be extracted before the timer triggers. It will be interesting to see what solution NQ comes up with.
  5. I try not to speculate on reasons or intentions behind changes, but yes interaction on the forums has gone down over the last few months. Social media posts on twitter/facebook are still fairly active. There has been a wreck event and share the love contest this year as well. It seems that the more interactive forms of communication (forums, discord/support, and interviews) have gone down while the less interactive more curated content (social media posts, events, devblogs, tutorial page) has stayed the same.
  6. I agree with you that schematics are flawed and should be changed. High barriers to entry generally hurt competition and limit an economy. I think that is the effect we're seeing here combined with reduced demand from the smaller player base. Producing XS and S items without the schematics is already possible through the nanocrafter. Other than space fuel, you can get fully operational atmo and space ships just using the nanocrafter. Nearly all T1 honeycombs can and decorative items can be produced as well.
  7. Do you know how this works with the schematic talents like refining and productivity? Are the talents of the character starting the unit through the programming board used or the character that initially applied the schematic in the unit?
  8. Unfortunately for XL the mass and volume do not scale in line with capacity. As mentioned in the original post the only good use for them is when you need the extra capacity connected to a single hub. On ships they are generally not worth the extra mass and on static constructs they are less space efficient. Here's how they scale: L = Large container XL container - Capacity: 2*L Volume: 2.8 * L Mass: 2.98*L Expanded XL- Capacity: 4*L Volume: 5.6 * L Mass: 5.96*L
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by the first part. Right now if you warp to any planet you land in the small safe zone area around that planet. Warp is a 100% safe method of travel currently. There are games like Eve that provide methods to pull ships out of warp. To counteract this there are ships available which bypass warp interdiction and a lot of people rely on scouting ahead with a less valuable ship.
  10. Factorio is another great example of developer communication. The Friday Facts provide a good breakdown of what's being developed and the direction of the game. Example: https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-361
  11. The forum post you're talking about is from an NQ employee, in a forum called Rules & Announcements, and titled 'Clarification regarding Bug Exploits & Griefing.' It's not an assumption to read this as a post from NQ about rules clarifications and exploits. You may not have known about the rules when you did it, but parenting constructs without permission is not allowed in the game. The rule even specifically calls out your use case of dragging ships into pvp space.
  12. I don't know if any details have been released, but a creative mode has been mentioned by NQ that may have features similar to this.
  13. There was a talent reset back in Dec/Jan. If you still want to train you'll have to redo it.
  14. Whether it's rude or not has nothing to do with the rules. If a group is playing basket ball at a park; you can run onto the court, kick the ball, and yell "Let's play soccer!" If you don't steal the ball, it's not illegal. It's still rude.
  15. Here are the general details, there is more information on the du-creators event page: https://du-creators.org/event "Deravi is co-organizing an upcoming Star Wars-themed open pvp community event Feb 20, 2200 UTC, a Saturday. Hoping to get you all on board! Here's the Google Sheet to sign up for your preferred side: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ky9Nr4Jl2jyr0MdowvKjmFRVP0hbDJjqIUtlllGRBGE/edit#gid=0 Main event channel: https://discord.gg/M4EEuZtYWw "
  16. I disagree with this. For games I play less frequently, time-based skills are a nice way to continue making progress even if I can only login to the game for an hour a week. I'm not sure if there are games that have tried a hybrid approach, but that could be interesting. Reward active players with increased training speed, but maintain a slower background training rate for players who can't devote as much time.
  17. I'm not in game to get the exact names, but the skills related to this are under Mining and Inventory. There are two paths you can train: 1. Active cores controls the number of cores you can have assigned to your character. It gives two cores per level. After hitting level 5 there is then an Advanced Active cores you can grain to further increase the core count by 1 or 2 per level. 2. Organization cores - If you are the legate of an organization you can use this skill. It gives 5 per level and you can assign the core to your organization when placing it. There are two additional Advanced
  18. I like that the jetpack cannot escape gravity. It allows for unique ship designs for things like atmo/space rescue operations and entering/leaving mining tunnels. Admittedly, I usually use a res node to leave mining tunnels though.
  19. I guess it depends on the margin you're looking for. I just looked a territory units today and there are several markets on Alioth that either have 0 sell orders or sell orders at 100%+ of the prices at district 1, 6 and 7. I'm still making money by moving things between Alioth markets for 20-50% markup depending on the item. Bringing schematics in to Alioth from the outer planets is profitable as well, although that takes a bit more startup capital to get going. The main issue I'm seeing right now is that overall demand for items is low, so it takes time for inventory to sell. Most things sel
  20. I don't have the timestamp, but in the 0.23 patch video JC specifically said that he didn't think any org could produce everything with schematics in place. I think he said the cost came out to 150 billion quanta to do it. That was before the price reduction though. It's much more realistic now.
  21. I don't know all of the reasons this happens, but from my experience the two main ones are: 1. You need to be standing on the ground or a static construct. If you're standing on a dynamic construct it will drop. 2. Make sure your character is not moving, sliding down a hill, etc. If your moving when you maneuver the construct will drop. This is the one I've ran into the most as it seems to be quite sensitive. I've been standing on a hill and appear stable, but the construct won't stay in the air. If I move my character slightly and it stays in place, that usually fixes it.
  22. I'm not sure if anyone at NQ has the time, but having periodic reports like this about the current state of ore and the economy would be really interesting. It could be combined with upcoming patch announcements to show where the game is now and how they think the planned changes will change things. Examples: 1. X and Y ores are running low and we're designing asteroids to fill that gap. 2. There is a lot of Z ore remaining, but it is all on claimed tiles. Here is how territory warfare can help redistribute these resources. 3. Based on where PVP engagements currently take place, we t
  23. I haven't been around that long, but wasn't the safe zone much smaller originally as well? From the posts I've read about how the game has evolved, it seems like a lot of the original kickstarter design goals have changed over time. From your experience with pvp how much would removing the outer planet safe zones actually improve things? If people continue to enter/leave planets in different directions until they reach warp distance, wouldn't everyone still be too spread out to have frequent pvp engagements?
  24. Welcome to the game. Schematics were added in December with patch 0.23 and a lot of the youtube content was made in September/October when the beta was first released. For industry related content that includes schematics, you should look for things made after December 10th or that mention the patch. There were other industry changes as well that earlier videos would not have covered. More advanced items now require different tiers of industry machines. For example, refining a tier 3 ore now requires a higher level refinery. As a new player, I think you'll enjoy the game more by
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