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  1. instead of the name Pirates, you should use the name thieves who rob other players thieves who rob others of their hard work
  2. what idiot wrote the updates? Why is there no information in the diagrams about what skills are required to revive them?
  3. so what if these elements have? I have them too. I play I built the steak myself. I built the factories myself. I myself have flown in space in pursuit of Lithium and other rare ores. After you equalize the amount of money in your account, you level the chances of all players.
  4. New rules A new beginning. Let everyone start with the same amount of money
  5. this game was launched over 10 years ago, it was fine then, so getting into TV was not difficult. Anyone stupid enough to do something unusual can appear in the Gines Book of Records. my lofika is good. It is illogical to make a similar game to another, and the whole dorum is full of ideas from this arcane game. I'm not saying that everything is bad about it. The idea of Aggressive PVP is bad. The developers do not have an ambitious idea for the game. Killing others pointlessly. It is not a good idea to destroy the efforts of others. outside the crowd, CCP was bought by Koreans. That's what you call a success :? EVE in name only is sandbox. Each player is restricted like in prison. And the old players can not leave because they put too much in this game / New players are mines of money and resources for old players. It's not a success it's a failure. Fual can be better but only if it is different.
  6. Start all over again. the intro clearly speaks of the rebuilding of Humanity, not its destruction. \ All PVP ideas are stupid and isiotic. Each occupied zone is a safe zone. If you want to shoot, let the developers allow you to shoot with Surrogacy. You can move to government ships and there you can fight to expand the Empire and the safe empire.
  7. The planetary trading network will be organized by the "government". You either join in or not. profiting from this personal gain is unjustified.
  8. No. No additional taxes. The mere possibility of accessing a global market is a great bonus. you are not afraid of cgytry. The global hanfel is a value in itself.
  9. Vazqez

    unit territory

    The unit should have a load capacity that allows you to automatically collect resources from a given area. when the tank is full, the unit stops collecting. Harvesting is percentage. If the carbon is 100% it only collects coal. if the pyrite is 5 percent it will fill its reservoir with 5 percent pyrite. Tank size to be discussed.
  10. a very good idea, with the exception of the possibility of charging for the use of terminals. !! planet 1 shared market. You could add the option to connect your own to the terminal to the Planetary network. e.g. I build my own terminal and connect to the market. the transfer of purchased raw materials is carried out automatically through a short-range teleportation network.
  11. Success? Archaic game mechanics. Armies of resource mining bots. Armies of money-farming bots. Armies of idiots shooting at each other without any semsuits. And sorry, the point of the game is masturbation with the kilboard. However, there are a few things to implement. value calculator. In Dual Universe PVP you can arrange a surrogate. You want to fight, you move to "government" ships and fight on behalf of the "empire"
  12. Aggressive PVP will kill this game If you want to fly and shoot without sebsu and mind, play EVE onlita is a game for idiots who shoot everything that moves or stands. so far there is no sense in this game. And shooting at others is not an edifying sense of the game. Owning a territory does nothing, so why fight for it? There are less and less raw materials and the fuel will eventually run out. why fly Flying in the pursuit of resources is another form over content. And you also want to add a gang of thieves who, instead of taking a busy job, will simply rob other players of their time and dreams.
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