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    Vonboy got a reaction from ZeroPainZeroGain in Look back at 0.25, look ahead at 0.26 - Questions thread   
    Is there gonna be any changes to nerf using many alts with the hauling missions?
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    Vonboy reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Pre-Beta wipe announcement!   
    Dear Alpha testers,
    The Beta launch is coming in just a few weeks and as you might expect it, so is the pre-Beta wipe! You will have 2 last test sessions before the wipe, during which we ask you to save all the Constructs you want to keep under the form of a Blueprint. 
    We know that this official announcement comes on short notice, but as you can imagine, the whole team is on a tight schedule to deliver the Beta at the end of the month and we’re trying to inform you as much in advance as possible with the time constraints.
    The last test sessions before the wipe will occur will be:  
    From Thursday, August 6th at 14:00 UTC
    To Monday, August 10th at 14:00 UTC
      From Thursday, August 13th at 14:00 UTC
    To Monday, August 17th at 14:00 UTC  
    Remember, everything will be wiped following this session, except the normal blueprints located in your Player Inventory (Nanopack), so be sure to keep those previously on your character, and not anywhere else (like in a container).
    Last but not least, we also want to apologize for the inconvenience regarding the very short notice about the extended PvP zone and the issues that may have resulted from the situation. However, if you’re in a situation where some of your Constructs have been damaged before you can make an up-to-date blueprint of the said Constructs, please contact our Customer Support as soon as possible so you can get help from our team before the next test session. If you’re in such a situation, please read carefully the process described in the previous announcement published here.
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark team.
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    Vonboy reacted to NQ-Naerais in Alpha 3.1 Twitch Stream! June 18 @ 11am EST / 3pm UTC   
    This Thursday at 11 am EST / 3 PM UTC we’ll be holding our second Twitch live-stream Q&A, with JC returning and answering more questions from the community regarding the recently released Alpha version 3.1. In particular, there will be an emphasis on the use of warp drives and surrogates in Dual Universe, so be sure to join the stream, grab a snack, and ask any questions you may have. Preceding the live Q&A will be an exclusive first look at the latest Dev Diary, featuring lots of cool new features coming to Dual Universe, including...well, you’ll just have to join us live this Thursday!  
    Join here:  https://www.twitch.tv/dualuniverse
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    Vonboy got a reaction from yamamushi in Congrats to Yamamushi (and possible feedback on Novaquark Employee Policy)   
    Congrats Yamamushi!
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    Vonboy got a reaction from Phoenixellis in Looking to jump in...   
    You could always form a organization focused around hunting down and destroying creations you find "not Sci-Fi' or whatever.
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    Vonboy reacted to Anderson Williams in The Third Age - First Crusade   
    It has become apparent soon we will be able to battle each other in Dual Universe. Our weapons are being forged as we speak, and usher in a new era. This era is filled with mysteries and woes the likes of which DU has never seen. However in the dark mist of the unknown has come a light. The light of the All Father, and his vision to our Master Architect over what is to come. The light shows us what we are to do. When the first days dawn on Alpha 3, the Third age of DU, New Genesis will position itself near the Space that is contested. From there, we will launch our first crusade.

    The First Crusade

    This crusade will aim to cleanse the conflicted lands of its dreadful blight... and burn away the non-believers like the cancer that they are. In a vision our Lord has sent to us a sign... to claim the Lands of War as our own. In it we will place a Shrine to his Majesty and we will endeavor to protect it daily... If it falls down we will build it again... if we are defeated like a great Phoenix we will rise from the ashes. The Holy Chosen of the All Father will know NOT the pain of defeat or fatigue of failure. We are charged in keeping his Holy Land Pure, and protected from the filth of the non-believer to which we shall not Fail.

    Sharpen your swords Brothers... load your rifles... and warm the engines of our behemoths of war. The opening salvo of the First Crusade are upon us, and Non shall survive our Purge!

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    Vonboy got a reaction from KRidelve in Devblog - r0.15 Update (Part 2): Inventory Revamp!   
    Very interesting. sounds like we'll be able to mine for longer to fill the same container space, but I wonder how that will translate to how many voxels/elements/ect we'll be able to build from that.
    I'm wondering now how much finished products we'll be able to make with the ore we mine now. You mention that now weight will (mostly) be consistent though out crafting tree. Guess I'll just have to hop in after the update and see.
    I really wanna play DU now.
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    Vonboy reacted to NQ-Nomad in Alpha Tests Schedule Modifications   
    Dear DUdes and DUdettes,
    Today, we have an announcement that should make our Alpha testers happy! Due to our internal development process and by popular demand, we decided to bring some modifications to our Alpha test schedule.
    So, from now on, next Alpha tests will happen as follows: three times a month, a 96 hours test session will occur, spanning from Thursday, 14h00 UTC to Monday, 14h00 UTC.
    That means there won't be any test session once a month. This way, it will be easier for us to better plan production. We'll continue to analyze your feedback and the data produced by your crazy adorable in-game behavior It will allow us to better refine things along the way on our road to Alpha 2.
    Overall, we think it's an improvement: longer test sessions covering weekends every time. This should be more comfortable for many of you!
    Our Server status page remains the best way to get informed on when tests happen. It's up to date for next month and still here for you to visit (if it's not a bookmark in your web browser already): https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/
    The Novaquark Team
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    Vonboy got a reaction from TheHardmanGAMING in SHIP Ideas Box   
    I don't care about making sense. I just want to build a giant space station, shaped like a T-Rex, that's a casino/bar/some kind of gladiator stadium, or even a robot wars like game, where people build small drone type ships, program them in LUA, and pit them against each other.
    Or, you know, a ship shaped like a T-Rex would be cool, too.
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    Vonboy got a reaction from Bambino in Did someone say.... Wednesday? :O   
    I'm thinking this might not be that bad.
    Remember, this game is kind of going under the radar right now (Heck, I didn't even hear of this game till a week ago.) Most gamers still don't know that this game exists. I feel like they could get away with this, as long as they are prepared to launch a massive marketing campaign whenever they decide to drop the NDA. This way, they can reach a lot more people, who haven't heard of the game before, when the game is closer to a finished state, and actually looks good, with servers that aren't lagging anymore, with more features and less bugs.
    It seems like this is kind of what JC wanted, too. From all the videos and text I've read on this game, it sounds like JC didn't want to make too much of a fuss while initially funding this game. He stopped the crowdfunding for a time, when he felt he had enough funds to go ahead with the project, and he wanted to avoid adding stretch goals and feature-creep, instead wanting to focus on getting the initial game ready, with what he did promise would be able to work for the release, and then focus on other features later.
    Now, they will probably loose some people who already pledged, but that is only a bit over 30,000 right now, much less than the tens or hundreds of thousands they could pull in later.
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    Vonboy got a reaction from Hades in Little Poll about your intention to begin DU   
    I'm thinking when the game get's close to release, I'll bring it up on a small online forum I'm active one, and hopefully get a few people willing to try the game out, in a small group.
    I just don't see myself joining a large group, though, unless it's something like my small group acting as more of a corporation, and allying with a larger group for protection. Would something like that be possible?
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