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  1. oh noes dont make that stupid sky needle death trap an hq >.<
  2. this induced slide to bankruptcy, like communism looks good on paper, but players like myself who build stuff and generate little to no Q will be the first to fall, i do not have daily access to the game, more like a few hours a week, which was not an issue, the daily 150k bonus was not a priority, I guess i will get to see what happens when you leave miners alone for a week or two at a time.
  3. this..... i pay actual real money to play this game, so, like google, apple and all the other rich fux, i say no. poke the tax dans le derrier or say bye bye to my revenue Or make the tax selective so only fukn miners get taxed. no diggee holes no pullee ore no fukn tax bill.
  4. i dont have that kind of money in the wallet, i have never made that kind of money in game, i dont do missions i cant fly a ship without dying every single time( i am bad at building ships but til now i was learning), any ore i do have is 150k from any market, but the important thing is i do not have daily access to the game, rl can take me afk for several weeks at a time. if a go bankrupt while afk how do i earn the q to pay the tax if i cant mine or build on my tile, do i have to do missions or start a go fund me page
  5. i took several polls at a campsite and 100% of people complained their tents were falling down.
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