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  1. One crucial element people are forgetting is orgs and alliances. NQ has emphasised the notion that this game will be very difficult for someone to solo so most players will belong to and org and possibly an alliance of orgs. In that case, the guy mining will probably be mining for the benefit of his org/alliance who need resources to build ships, bases, gates, etc. So more often than not, when you attack a player, you will be attacking an org. That's where things get complicated. Are your orgs friendly in which case you broke a treaty and caused a headache for the leadership. If you're orgs aren't aligned one way or another or hostile to each other, you could trigger a war. Additionally, you could end up with a bounty on your head. Not a fun thing if the person paying for the bounty puts out multiple consecutive bounties. Trust me. You don't want 100s of players killing you over and over and over again.
  2. There also has to be some way to tie permissions to a financial transaction. No idea how this would work. Pay per trip? Pay for multi trip packages? Weekly/Monthly all you can eat subscription? Variable cost based on ship size (i.e. $1M for an xs core, $10M for a small core, $100M for a medium core, $1B for a large core?) There are orgs like Infinity Corp and Hyacinth Partners Ltd. who plan to offer transport services as a way to generate revenue. I don't think it's unreasonable to incur a stiff charge for interstellar travel. If the cost to travel is so low that any joe can travel, the business model breaks down.
  3. I think people will have to think very hard before destroying a stargate and nerfing the community's ability to travel. If you're just a small band of pirates, I suspect you'll suffer never ending deaths for pulling a stunt like that. HOWEVER, if a very large alliance (affiliated organizations) decides to cut off a competitor by destroying a stargate, that will make for some very interesting politics.
  4. I was watching SoCal work on that ship after the expo. I love the line work. It sort of has this 50's vibe to it.
  5. Yup. Initial release and restricted PvP areas will not be great for the typical PVPer. PvPers interested in testing the mechanics and providing valuable feedback will love it. You know these players as the max/min players who spend most of their time on the pre-release servers in WoW and ESO, etc.
  6. So I voted for the ship based FTL drive but getting one of those and being able to use it should be extremely restrictive wrt to acquiring one and actually being able to use it. Cargo transport and busing could be very real business' in game but if every knoob had the ability to bounce from planet to planet in a palatable amount of time, it would hurt the economy.
  7. Close. What will really drive the construction of a city is Organizations. Particularly the large ones with >50 players. The leader picks the planet/moon and lays down a territory unit and the rest of the members lay down territory units adjacent to other members and suddenly, you have a sprawling city of bases, meeting places, space ports and residences (people love their residences). This may also drive an architectural council that may intervene if your neighbor raises a massive penis right next to your life's work. Additionally, you could coordinate defenses across the whole organization as well. It all depends on what the PVP mechanisms look like.
  8. At minimum, a "snap to grid" option would be nice so that you can at least line up your voxels between two static contructs. That would provide a nice smooth merge.
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