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  1. Holylifton

    Realistic incentives for City building

    Close. What will really drive the construction of a city is Organizations. Particularly the large ones with >50 players. The leader picks the planet/moon and lays down a territory unit and the rest of the members lay down territory units adjacent to other members and suddenly, you have a sprawling city of bases, meeting places, space ports and residences (people love their residences). This may also drive an architectural council that may intervene if your neighbor raises a massive penis right next to your life's work. Additionally, you could coordinate defenses across the whole organization as well. It all depends on what the PVP mechanisms look like.
  2. Holylifton

    Merging Constructs.

    At minimum, a "snap to grid" option would be nice so that you can at least line up your voxels between two static contructs. That would provide a nice smooth merge.
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