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Found 3 results

  1. It would be nice to have an Item to split links since Elements (Hub/Containers) can only have so many links In and so many links Out. I have been working on a compact early factory and have been running into this problem where I can not have all my pure metals in one large container that go to all other industry that require pure metals. If we had a Link splitter, all my metal works could have an input from the splitter and the splitter have one input from the container then i could have more industries connected to the one container to pull from. Alternatively if we could have more links per container/hub (albeit it is probably performance heavy so less desirable by the Devs) that would be nice. Or the Hub could act as either the input or output and we can link the containers from the industry allowing us to reuse some of the same containers. Any other thoughts or comments would be nice.
  2. Hello dear NQ Team, I would like to discuss a problem, that I am sure many others would agree with. I ask you to share information about restarts, updates or problems with the server here in the forum. For example, you could create a new category for this (mayxbe something like: server status or server status messages). But this would also be possible in the area of announcements. I have already received a lot of feedback on the Discord Server and I also share the following opinion. The DU Discord server is way too confusing and restless. It is very uncomfortable for me to even bother with it. If you create an area for such messages on this forum and make sure that no one can reply, only the information can be read, everyone can relax and read the information they want to have here on the forum and see what's going on. Personally, I think communication is a major weak point at Novaquark, and this is able to create a lot of frustration and anger. Let's fix that together. Thanks and Greetings, Luukullus (Sorry for my bad english, i hope you all are abe to unserstand me correctly)
  3. On the recipe screen I would like to have a button to craft the maximum possible amount next to the batch size counter.
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