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  1. I dont mind all that much the whole schematic thing, except one part of it. Its all bots provided, so all it achieve, is move the cost from player product, to magical bot product which id disgusting. And offcourse.... the fact that it means well need to wait for yet another server operation whenever we setup industry, item transfer are SLOW. doing it once or twice is all good, but having to do it 300 times in a row 1 unit at a time is soul destroying.
  2. Wed be alright if the default setting wasnt "show all" but "show past 24hours" kind of thing. I dont even know how many notifications i have anymore since my game simply crash whenever i press N.
  3. that would actually be a pretty good idea to stop most of the possible abuses easily. nice one.
  4. ** this was a stopic started on NDA forum, but well its not really an NDA thing as it still applies now ** As most of you know, right now if you log off, your construct will freeze wherever it was. This is due to the fact that the game client is the one computing / handling construct movement and a limitation were unlikely to ever see completely vanish. So heres my suggestion to counter the abuse it bring (free instant brake) Save the velocity in the construct, so that a frozen construct, will resume its previous course once "activated" again by a player sitting in it. There would still be some potential slight abuse from it. but it would be much less impactfull. it can also be improved to consider the mass of the construct when applying velocity back (if its heavier, apply less off it, following a simple implementation of f = ma. just dont allow the other way around or bad surprise could happen i guess (as in light ship starting faster than they were xD). it would not be a perfect fix by any mean, there are still ways to use such system to your advantage, but at least it would be an improvement over the current status, and would not require any major rewriting of mechanics for it to be applied. Ideally later on we could have construct wake up on a new client computer whenever a player enter an area around it or something, but at least, this suggestion would improve the situation / reduce abuse with minimal actual core mechanic changes. Edit: An interesting and also simple fix to cargo related abuse with this change (where you could unload cargo while frozen etc), would simply to lock container whenever the construct is frozen and has a velocity magnitude of something higher than like 50m/s. this wouldnt affect messing with cargo of a normally parked construct even if the owner crashed or server crashed or what not, but would prevent high speed abuses.
  5. uh... outbound is literally nothing xD. all it mean is that equ8 didnt want to be blocked when sending data to the server. In most setup, you dont even need an outbound rule to send data. its just the most agressive firewall settings that will require it. So im guessing its merely there "in case" its needed.
  6. those mmo normally are clear on the number of connections allowed by IP, or if its single connection per network or per machine (well, per machine is obvious as i said and is pretty standard, per network tho is rather rare due to the whole shared connection thing with family or dorm and whatnot. but the ambiguity in this case is annoying. Id rather not discover it being 1 per network on the weekend we plan off to game all day (happened to us on Path of exile and well that pretty much made it so we never played again lol). If we know in advance, its fine even if its 1 per ip. Were not computer illiterate, we can setup proxy server on some high quality networks and still each have an ip, but knowing if its needed or not is rather important.
  7. Id like to know what the official stance is on multiboxing (which is basically the same as having friends or family play on the same connection from server point of view). Running multiple accounts on one machine is a no go and is obvious, but id rather not get myself and friends banned for hosting a lan party over a weekend or something lol.
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