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  1. Pretty much what Dhara said, but then I tend to be a builder. Add to that, regular updates of texture libraries so everything built doesn't look like it came out of the same Siberian factory. oh, and almost forgot, Breakfast served by provocative personnel
  2. I have some Peruvian Pink catnip, and some old Penthouses laying around somewhere.
  3. ......oh.....snap Watch out Cybrex! You have some competition in the peg leg and speaking with vowels organizations!
  4. I like patterns, they are pretty. They give me nice borders to color with crayons. I find that enjoyable to do.
  5. I think a couple people just decided to throw some things together real quick to show that it could be done with multiple people. I'm not going to give them grief for a quick fun video that you just throw out there. I certainly don't want NQ to think that they shouldn't put any communications out there that has not had the art department sign off on, run through a production company, and have music from the Ecole Normale Superieure Chamber Quartet. Unless people prefer that there is less informal communication and everything has been run through the local spin doctor.
  6. Whales are scary. Especially the ones that eat seals and stuff.
  7. The specifications for a Glock are the same for all people. However Person A will probably like/dislike it more than Person B. Just as Person C may be able to completely outperform Person D. Most of it will depend on training and skill. As a builder, I can let people know the specifications. If they want to know how well it works, I will give them references to speak with. If that is not good enough for them, I'm am sure there is someone down the road that will be happy to sell them a Chevy instead of a Ferrari
  8. BoB was around for a really long time though...you gotta give nods to a corp that is so large it is accused of buying off Devs for an advantage
  9. The answer is 42. The answer is always 42. ....where is my towel.
  10. I seem to recall that they will not be converting and importing meshes. There is software out there that can take mesh and turn it into a .vox. The problem is, that it would take manpower on DU's part because they want to control the IP of their game. My guess is one of the first things someone would try to import would be the large "DongOfDoom Star Destroyer" so there would have to be some kind of review process--which would require man hours and I am sure *drama*. Not mention people attempting to bring in X-Wing Fighters or Starship Enterprises and DU having to deal with IP issues. Personally I would love to have the option, or the option to bring in my own textures, but I have done 3-D work and have a huge library of textures. That would also give me an advantage that many would be unhappy with I am sure. If DU allowed imports, but with a fee to cover the expense of the review process, then people would complain that it was "pay to win". Sooooo.......all in all....it probably has the chance of a snowball in Miley Cyrus's....um....nevermind.
  11. I'll be building. Structures, ships, vehicles, whatever people need. On the side, probably have a nice little cantina for socializing, people to meet and trade (either above or below the table), inconspicuous meeting place for people, good music, drink, waitresses with questionable morals, you know, the usual Someplace that if there is an RP community, they can hit as well to do what they do.
  12. Damn....after seeing everyone in the video, I'm feeling really old! LOL
  13. Very true. I just don't know of anything else that might even come close to what DU is attempting.
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