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  1. discordauth:dfL-POWGeDnBTsf0roXezwpewpWmFzyqhAf_Sj_eD-c=

  2. Yhelloww.... , So i backed-up this game back in november 2016 for 60,00. (what is like normal cash for any AA title, right ?) Received backer number 8229. Back than i was told estimated play of BETA was like first half of 2018. Right.... I understand that the game needs more testing to bring a better game to the market to get it to a later stage of testing but: ....is it just me, or are there new "contributor" packs available for 60,00 that give access to Alpha 2 ?
  3. Lier ! U are UniversalG ..... Will the real "Last Post" stand up ?!
  4. Who is Last Post anyway ? And what did he win ?

    U I scale

    Hope the game will also support 21:9 resolutions for the uwhd gamers out there, including me (3440x1440 34").
  6. Thanks all for the reply, i ques i'll just wait and see what happens.... No reply mail yet tho
  7. I dont know if it been discussed already, i log on to kickstarter with my facebook account and it has a different email adres than ive used on this forum. Is there going to be a problem to my kickstarter goodies to my forum name ? (already send mail to DU about it a couple of days ago, no reply yet) Thx in forward.
  8. Great idea, livestock breeding for consumption. Boil or grill the meat before consumption in addition, boil water for consumption etc... Makes the game so much more real. Grow crops for vitamines and buffs. Grow weed (cannabis or ganja for a more accepted name, less disturbing) for healing of buffs. This would bring complete different industry to game..
  9. My biggest concern after reading all of this is; When u reed the history books, people in history (and still now in the poor regions of the world) were always fighting for control of land (for example romans etc), believes (for example holy crusades), minerals or trade wars, or just crazy ideas (ww2). Now my point is that when u have a clan of just a few, and they are having a good time...mining their resources with simple mining equipment, flying their little, but unique spaceships etc etc.... And than a big blob of a clan of 250+ players just comes and steamrolls the freaking planet like weed (the one that grows in your normal garden) !! Do we just say Hail emperor, work like slaves and sit it out until a server wipe comes along ? Cause the idea of playing civilized humans feels like utopia for me, and this game is called Dual Universe, its the same as our Earth, just in space and some gadgets, so it ain't gonna happen...
  10. Your link: ERROR 404 OPPS THAT WENT WRONG. YOU HAVE REACHED THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE The link might be broken or the page may have been removed, please return to the correct dimension
  11. Uhm, i ques your best change is to sign up for the news letter, u can do that on their website http://www.dualthegame.com/#latest-news. I copied this from their website u can find it in the latest news section, at kickstarter goal reached; We’ve received lots of feedback from people wishing to pledge after the Kickstarter campaign. Thus, a new crowdfunding website is currently in development to help us reach our stretch goals. It will also feature alternate payment methods, including PayPal, and will provide backers another way to access similar pledges to the ones on the Kickstarter campaign. To be informed of the site launch, sign up for the newsletter. Good luck !
  12. First thank u all for taking time to reply and your invites But.... I think i'll hook up with DaSchiz for obvious reasons Feels like home already ! Hook me up bruh !
  13. Nicks ive used are Shiznit, Shiznit_NL, Shiznit78, Shizle etc... And the 420 (chronic ), well it must be magic bro' I was not plannig to kill u man, but more to join your clan
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