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  1. I want to forbid dedicated weapons... Tools that can be used as weapons but aren't designed to be one don't count. Forbidden Usage of anything as a weapon outside of self defence is the key
  2. First of all: Thank you for the feedback Looks like optical polishing needs to wait, I will first need to optimise the system itself No, it may not be clear, but police, military and explores will obviously use weapons. I only want to forbid any private acquisition of weapons. I do realise most people want to lead something, and I believe this can be archived... For example the ministers will all be in charge of their respective ministries. However, I want to avoid to create a central power figure. To complex? I can try to simplify it... But I don't want to change its foundation, which is to have no single powerful person, and in general to try to put all players on a equal position. I'd love to hear your suggestions for changes though
  3. About the weapons thing: My goal was to provide safeness inside of the country, while at the same time keeping safe zones at a minimum. Why do that? Well, to allow rouge and outlaw players to have fun
  4. What are international goals for us? First things that come to my mind: 1. Economics I. Free trade deals perhaps II. Setting up certain standards for traded good III. Finding some way of protecting small countries 2. Military I. An ideal scenario: get everyone to sign a no-war treaty II. Maybe we can at least get some rules for war... No attack on cities and civilians for example. 3. Piracy I. Formation of an international league fighting piracy (sorry guys )
  5. Considering I am not even done with school, I feel very flattered by your assumption that I might have studied law And yes, I think we can settle on an agreement. In fact, you gave me an idea...
  6. I'm sorry... I admire your efforts and work, you are a great organisation and I look forward to working with you, but that is just to risky. I hope you understand, but I will not take that on to my non existent people. And I am a strong opposer of the right to bear arms , but that's an entirely different topic.
  7. I would indeed love to see you as an ally, but forgive me, I will not put myself under a magistrate that could in theory pass any law
  8. Clearly we will never make deals with the BOO... At least as long as you guys sell milk
  9. Thanks to all of the lovely wishes If you just by coincidence see a cool logo post it
  10. Since you are here... Wouldn't you say the military is to powerful in cinderfall? Do correct me if I am wrong though... And the magistratum seems to be very powerful as well, being two major powers in one (legislative and judiciary).
  11. A mixture of roleplay and interest. You see, I'm quite into history, and I always wondered how my personal society would work. Obviously and it can and probably will be simplified.
  12. About the early game... I am already working on breaking down government, seperate stages and so on... The presented one being the final one. Media is in work... Hopefully I'll have something flashy by next week
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