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  1. GTFO here with your spreadsheets! *bonks on head* No but seriously this is one of the things im excited for when it comes to this game, a game like EVE with building WITHOUT the damn spreadsheets
  2. Also think it would be nice with some window elements.
  3. Your character will have a jetpack so yes you will be able to fly while building.
  4. Not that there is any rush with this one, but something that is really important that they get in there before we can start playing the alpha next year is a FOV slider, right now it feels really low.
  5. When it comes to the business model it's going to be P2P, the game it self will be free. And as said above noone really knows the specs needed yet.
  6. I just watched it and omg i love everything i saw, the avatar even has a shadow...the details people, the details!
  7. I really want to see heat/cold, and oxygen mechanics.
  8. Got to love JC, dares to do a livestreamed interview and never dodges a question and from the looks took the time to do the the interview from home after work hours.
  9. Big congratulations to the entire team of Novaquark for making the goal
  10. Not there yet in euros, stand by currently at €499,145
  11. ^ interesting, i thought we all saw the kickstarter in the same currency for me it's in euros, makes sense since im in europe just though it was a global thing and you had to do your own math, anyways..almost there
  12. No reason to not pledge right now, they're not going to charge you unless the kickstarter makes it
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