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  1. Monthly fees are the best way to go for a game with a scope like this one and it is priced pretty fairly
  2. Will there be an option to use an outside modeling program, like blender or will it be all done though the games client ? not sure if this is the right place to ask
  3. SL - 7 years ESO - 1 year Destiny ( on and off for about a year ) World of Warcraft - 3 years
  4. As a result of a genetic experiment my character was too valuable to leave on earth so he was snuck onto an ark-ship in a hidden cryo compartment set aside for the other experiments scientists wanted to preserve from earth. The energy heading to earth certainly would wipe out all human knowledge so some of it had to be preserved somehow with this knowledge stored on advanced crystalline shards ( future computing tech capable of storing teraflops of data ) . when the arkship reaches a hopefully colonizable world all the systems rebbot but something goes wrong the ship explodes the schilding of the cryo pods somehow protected the slumbering humans and in the hidden compartment the exploding shrapnel and heat of electrical fires causes the halon system to activate and jettison all the cryo pods that automatically revive all the humans and Me, looking up at the sky for the first time i see the outdoors being locked away in a science laboratory all my life i never experienced the breath of unprocessed air the feeling of the wind as it whispers though my fur and feel a single drop of liquid as tears roll down my face what lays in store for me now....
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