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  1. I can see Jimmies house from there. That picture is a good example of how we would think a city would be. But my point from earlier is if there is no encouragement for personal accommodation, it's unlikely they will look like that. Pretty much every building you see in that picture is residential. Will there be enough industrial and commercial buildings in our city's in DU to look as dense as that, or will they look more like villages or small towns?
  2. Well there was a thread on transporting items, there was a question on how to transport other people's ships, as it would be difficult for a transport company to move a customers ship on an off his freighter. Also I was reading an other thread where a guy wants to build a train service. So when I saw this it caught my attention. With the ability to tow or link two constructs together could open up both of these possiblitys, probably many more. Would have to be some kind of permissions system tho because of "Dude where's my ship!"
  3. Sandomut, I think you are getting confused with what I am suggesting. When I said What I meant was, I know it's not going to be easy (and maybe not even possible) to calculate the "PERFORMANCE" of the whole ship and display it, so that is not what I was suggesting. What i am suggesting is that the max outputs and capacitys of the "ELEMENTS" fitted (that's the parts you fit to your ship, not what you make out of voxels) are displayed when looking at information on the ship, and available to view through the market tab. Hope this is clear now????
  4. I copied this post from the devs How can one sell a ship Every Market Unit is surrounded by a visible bubble whose size depends on the market level. This bubble is called a "trade zone." Trade zones cannot overlap. For any construct inside the trade zone, it is possible to interact with the Core Unit to request a sell order that will be affiliated to the Market Unit in the trade zone, and the usual Nanoformer integrated Information Unit UI opens to set the price. When the sell order is validated, the construct then enters a frozen mode: it cannot be moved or interacted with in any way. Buying a construct from a market simply unfreezes the construct in the trade zone. The player can then simply go and retrieve it. We have plans in a future expansion to introduce Hangars, which will be large areas that automate the process of parking ships and constructs, in order to avoid the difficulties of avoiding obstacles when moving in/out of crowded areas.
  5. Atmosph3rik, wow Somone who understands my point entirely thankyou.
  6. Sandomut, I appreciate the input and welcome to the forum. Maybe I didn't make myself clear in the last post. I don't expect the "performance" of the ship to be shown as it it not possible and I understand that. What I was suggesting is the atributes or outputs of the elements that are used to be shown. Heliomants description of a ship with 5 engines pointing in different directions for a perfectly valid reason, is valid and I understand that. But what fuel do I need to put in it? how much fuel does it hold? Does it have storage capacity? does it have the same size storage capacity as the other ship with 5 engines pointing in different directions? It has 5 engines but are they 5 small or 5 large engines? Maybe it has 10 engines in 5 pairs doing the same thing which would increase its performance maybe more than I require and it becomes obvious it's going to be a real gas guzzler. I would have to read through the sellers description of every ship for this information (if they include it). Assuming there might not be a way of telling who's ship or item it is you are buying a text description written by them, won't mean that any of that text is definatly legit either.
  7. But where to leave my level 3 pet!
  8. As NQ are making a method for more crowd funding post Kickstarter, I thought they would have saved the 60k and given us a chance to make up the other 40k towards CvC. As CvC forges the game mechanics and character customisation won't have an effect on game play. Was really hoping to make that goal but I have spent all I can afford this month to pledge on Kickstarter, next month I can pledge more. I'm sure a lot of other people are in the same situation as me. But they know what they're doing so I trust them to make the right decision for the best
  9. I agree. I'm all for anything that makes another activity or career for someone
  10. Yes I agree. I imagine the area round the arkship will look pretty messy for a while There is already mechanics on building rights so not too much to worry about there. With the suggestion of personal locks on doors why not fill these empty spaces with personal apartments for members. You want somewhere to store all your stuff right?even if nothing else.
  11. That would be a good idea. Basically I'm getting at having more reason to build massive buildings to accomodate members personal living quarters or even like you suggest hotels ect would just add to the density of cities as a whole and make it appear more impressive.
  12. Question. Apart from obvious reasons to build a city like services, market hubs and just the plain old "why not" factor, would the population of these cities have apartments or private quarters? My reason for thinking this is in the teaser video you see great skyscrapers but what's inside them? Ok I assume they are probably solid in the video or just for show. If we're talking about making cities, are we really going to waste resources on building solid structures just for show or would it be viable to be building functional abodes. Again they probably won't really have any function apart from inviting your friends in to teabag each other and other silly shenanigans. With more reason to build personal accommodation we might see cities looking a bit more like the ones intended in the video. Maybe some "rare items" or social activities could be a good reason to encourage blocks of huge skyscrapers in cities or even items like weapons cabinets and trophys to put on show. Also at some point there will become some very rich people that don't know what to spend their money on, this could be a way to show off. I know this isn't really the main point in the game but could this harmlessly add some extra quality to it if not just for a bit of added fun for fairly little expense.
  13. Assuming there will be nothing to stop you making more than one stargate to a specific system? I hope they don't become camped out bottle necks just like in eve, that tactic is so laim and tiring. If we are able to destroy them it might be a deterrent for parties to camp them because it might lead to people destroying their stargate from the other side
  14. Slightly off topic but I hope there will be an option to automatically renew my subscription and cue my skill learning as long as I like. If I have a 2 or 3 month break its good to know I've been learning skills for those months I diddnt log in and manually pay my subcription. My eve account was set up like this so when I came back I had learned like 3 months worth of skills without even logging in. It's a waste not playing the game I know, but I was thankful that I came back to being able to do something that would have been a long and frustrating wait for
  15. We have to apreciate the game isn't finished yet. That's why we're pledging aren't we? I'm very grateful they posted another video and I'm really hopeful they might post another little teaser tonight.
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