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  1. Thank you for the quick answear. Unfortunately it’s bad to hear, so I guess I’ll pass on getting the game - I really don’t want to see flying ponies everywhere... o7
  2. Hello everyone, I’ve been following the project for quite a while and despite my initial concerns I find it very well thought idea of an (almost) ideal sci-fi MMO, however I have one important for me matter I’d like to ask about, but before that some history. I’m a long time MMO player since the days of Ultima Online. Over those years main things that kept me playing those games, apart of gameplay stuff was immersion. This is the key factor for me and to name one game that trully achieved a master’s degree in this area is EVE Online. If some of you played the game you surely h
  3. Don't want to start a new topic and that information somehow slipped my mind - is there already release date planned for Dual Universe or it's going to be released "when it's done(tm)"?
  4. Anyone tried some voxelmancy from Landmark in DU pre-alpha and if they work in similar/same way? (i.e. something like you can see in Bryde's tutorials -> https://www.youtube.com/user/howtovoxel/videos ) PS. Sorry for waking up the topic that wasn't commented on for the past couple of months - I've started catching up on DU's forums lately
  5. Mmm...Landmark...whenever someone mentions it, I get this nostalgic feeling. That game (erm?) made me feel like I was reinventing my gaming - the freedom of creation, the tools that were being improved over those two years, the feeling that we (the EQ:Landmark community) were a part of something big that was being created - that was just pure epicness. Ruined by Daybreak (the name stands for itself...) and it's lack of vision and resources to continue creating Landmark and Everquest:Next. Sad... but it was one hell of a ride when it lasted That's why I'm still looking forward to Dual Univ
  6. Oh, I thought I've seen that feature somewhere, didn't have the time to look for it though, thanks for the link.
  7. One thing was nice (comparing to Landmark building) - there seems to be some kind of delete/cut tool, which automatically deletes only terrain and not voxels used to create stuff. Bad thing is that there seems to be lack of paint tool at the moment - to change the color of wall, builder had to delete some parts of voxels and replace these parts with voxels with other color/material. Overally, finally a better video to watch comparing to i.e. building spaceship movie...
  8. No, it's you who do not understand how really successfull campaigns work - releasing 1 minute video that shows practically nothing doesn't do good. It gives the opposite effect (and believe me, I know what I'm talking about, I've been working in PR/Marketing departments for the past 10 years). I can understand it's the pre-alpha gameplay, but it's a kind of gameplay you don't put as an update to KS campaign, because it updates nothing - it shows nothing new, it shows nothing impressive, in fact, it shows the lack of what it really should show - the ability to trully build whatever people want
  9. 4 days till the end of KS campaign and you release this (can't call it otherwise) crap? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg/posts/1700295 Come on, you can be better than this! I've withdrawn my money from KS, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't be backing the game up again, but I need to be convinced! I need to feel that you know what you are doing, but I can't see it at the moment. You show a video of three people building a spacecraft...great idea and all, but one person built like two lines of voxels (how sophisticated...sigh) and o
  10. I'm sorry, but what exactly NQ fixes comparing to EQN in terms of voxel technology? Because the way I see it (judging by what I've seen on some devblog movies), DU is at the stage when EQLandmark was in 2014. I hardly see any fixing at this stage of development. So, could you elaborate please? Also, it's completely fair to compare SoE devs to NQ devs - both teams were/are pationate on what they are doing and (were in case of SoE) trying to create something unique in MMO genre that has never been done before. Except that initially SoE had way more funds to put into EQN/L... PS. Correct me
  11. Actually it's $124.5 mil at the moment (subs aren't counted) and it's weird, but I remember Star Citizen's campaign way different than you... From what I remember they had to quickly invent new target goals, because money was flowing smoothly - this is something I just don't see in case of DU. Anyway, people like to pledge on virtual things when they are promised to get something unique during Kickstarter campaigns. Diffirent level pets for backing are just...meh, especially when there was just a lvl 1 pet shown on early stage of development - looks cute, but.... How about The Devs give s
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