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  1. I hereby proclaim GaugeWraith and TheBallisticBlender to be pirates! Welcome to the fold, and make sure you join the Discord server!
  2. Also I will show my gratitude to GeneralH who has decided that The Brethren is a place for him! Welcome GeneralH
  3. I am proud to welcome Eminio to The Brethren! He has been searching for the right organisation to join, and I am happy to see him Choose the Brethren. Welcome!
  4. Well, I know you have already visited our Discord Eminio, and I can only say I hope to see you hanging around there some more
  5. Exactly. There is something for everyone, and clearly The Brethren is something for you. I am looking forward to talk to you later
  6. I disagree, and let's put off the me. This has nothing to do with me, I am not going to be a captain. That is up for everyone else. Ohh it is freedom. You choose to serve under a captain only if you want to. That is freedom of choice. It is freedom to choose to be in a pirate crew, that is your choice. no one elses. If you disagree with a captain. Mutiny, that is your choice. And remember every choice has consequence for the better and worse. And what is this "System" nonsense. That is not freedom. That is letting something else decide for you without having a voice in the decision. Why is it hard to understand that this is something unique? All you want is some kind of smart system you use to rule as an excuse for anything that might go bad. "We are not in control of that, the system decides.. nonsense..) People decide. A captain of a ship can only become a captain if he truly proves he has the strenght and power to do so. Crewmembers will only follow a captain who can show this. If not they will leave. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. That is freedom. If you really believe teamwork is only relevant after launch, then why are we all here? Makes no sense to me. Last point, you clearly misunderstand: Captain has the LAST say. This means the crew can discuss as much as they want, create arguments for a case and so on, and the captain will then decide what is to be done. If you disagree, you can choose whatever you want to do from then on... Serving is a lie. No one is serving anyone but themselves. The point is to realize that it is easier to serve yourself, by working together. But thank you for your feedback, and I am only glad that not all have the same opinions. It is your freedom to choose not to join us, so fair enough
  7. Ehh, That is just ilogical?
  8. I can see what you mean, but let me say this: I am not talking about being a hero. I am talking about being a legend. Now a captains duty is simple. He has the final say in all the decisions of a crew. He is the leader of the crew, so it is his job to accept crewmembers, it is his job to make his crewmembers work together in the best way. He decides how their loot is split between each crewmember, and most importantly, He is the pilot of their ship. Now all these things means that not all captains will become famous, only the best ones.
  9. I doubt it. You don't have enough respect for the game and other players in my view, so no thanks.
  10. Well I'm glad, but you can see we might become competitors one day maybe! Who knows
  11. Okay, Welcome Nostromo! You are very welcome indeed, and thank you for joining the Discord. Frankenstein and Kaladin, you two are welcome to join us as well, if you have questions or want to chat!
  12. Okay, that went fast... :S I would very much like to welcome - Frankenstein and - Kaladin to The Brethren! I am surprised to say the least for the fast apply! Thank you for believing in this project!
  13. Apply on the community Website today! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-brethren
  14. The Brethren Honor, glory, freedom. Who owns land? Simple diplomats, autocrats and democrats. Who owns the sky and space above? We do. Pirates don't need to meddle with paperwork or long boring discussions. We are free to roam where we call home! The sky above us, and any who dare enter our home will know the risk. We take the pirate way back to the old times on earth. Pirates need captains, and captains need crews! Have you got what it takes to lead a band of pirates? Or will you instead be a loyal member to your crew in your journey for glory? Will your ship be feared by all? Will people tremble at the sound of your name? Perhaps one day they will. It takes a lot of work, it takes a strong captain, and an even stronger crew, but who is to stop anyone from becoming legend? Crews: After that amazing speech, I know you want to know more about how this works and what YOU can do to become part of it. Firstly, offical crews exist of at least 1 captain and 4 crewmembers. Why is that you might ask. To truly become a legend you need to be more than one person. A captain needs a crew, and a crew needs a captain. When becoming an official crew you can name your ship and you become an official Pirate ship of The Brethren. You are always allowed to pillage and plunder even if you are not an official crew. You can do this to create a name for yourself and through that you can gain new crewmembers. Remember, people want a strong leader! There are no limits as to how big a crew may be, just know there can only be one captain per crew. You are allowed to work together with other pirate crews and their captain. But you will always be seperate entities, as there can only be one captain per ship. Think of the possibilities! There is nothing stopping you from becoming the greatest captain that ever lived! You might become as famous as Blackbeard himself, who knows. No one will stop you from commanding other pirate ships either. You can have other ships with their own captains under your command, just know it is up to you to negotiate terms of such an agreement. What do I and my fellow admins do in this organisation? Not much game related stuff. We are in charge of PR, recruitment and such. If there are quarrels we will not necessarily intervene. You should all be able to handle quarrels with eachother. What is in it for you? A pirate community that wishes to create the most hardcore pirate crews in history. A place where you can be yourself, but you don't have to be scruffy or say Arrr all the time. This is not about pirates as we see them in most movies. We take freedom seriously and we know what freedom truly is. Our freedom does not come at the cost of others freedom. We will not attack people in their homes, we will let them know, that they will get plundered if they tresspass our home. You will be with a crew that all have the same goal. Plunder and pillage. A Pirate ship and the captain decides how treasure should be delegated to the crew, but know that you all fight to become rich. (And to pay that monthly subscription). Join us and the rest of the crew at our Discord, where you can ask all the questions you like: https://discord.gg/NkB8EQu We are searching for Crewmembers! Community page: https://community.du...on/the-brethren Sincerely A fellow Pirate
  15. Hello everyone! I see patterns forming, and I don't like patterns. I want there to be something here that is truly enjoyable to do! Let the suspense train start going, and wait and see. This new organisation will let you become a legend if you are good enough! Happy waiting!
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